Changing the Face of PTSD

If you are a survivor of domestic violence and have struggled to move out of the reactionary mode induced by your trauma into the action of self-creating a healthy, happy life, you have come to the right place. Cherie Doyen is a PTSD change agent who offers tangible tools and personalized strategies to diffuse emotion around trauma and begin the process of rebuilding one’s life to not just survive, but truly thrive.

Cherie’s approach is arguably unprecedented. Why? Powerfully intuitive, she identifies and helps the client excavate long-held wounds, emotions, fears and memories that may have been previously difficult or impossible to access. A fierce and fearless warrior of the light, Cherie’s unique process:

  • cleans up the trauma survivor’s timeline to release trapped emotions and information induced by trauma.
  • reintegrates the scattered pieces created through disassociation back into wholeness.
  • clears all shadows, breaks unhealthy patterns and gives practical tools to finally free oneself from emotional pain.

Changing the System to Protect Mothers and Their Children

A fierce advocate for mother-child rights, Cherie speaks out in support of creating alternatives to the current system around domestic violence, women and children’s rights, the world of foster care, and the constant separation of the family—specifically, mothers from their children. She is a social activist who sheds light on the dark spaces that are typically shied away from and not spoken about. Cherie’s many formats for doing so include her public access TV show, nAkid trUth.

Helping YOU to Change, From the Inside Out

Cherie Doyen is a relentlessly passionate advocate for children (small and grown) who have been subjected to physical, sexual and emotional abuse, as well as for the prevention of domestic and child abuse by educating children on how to get help. Her goal is to help survivors reclaim their power and rebuild their families.

Changing Lives After Childhood Sexual Abuse

Cherie is the founder of the nonprofit Women Rising, a grassroots movement to take back the village by gathering women to collaborate on initiatives that are changing the world for the better. Through Women Rising Sanctuary, Cherie offers a safe alternative to the current system by providing a nurturing home where women and children can heal and learn tools to maneuver the world in a new and different way.

Cherie’s work is featured in this article, “Rethinking PTSD: Alternative Methods Provide Hope for Victims of Trauma.” Read it here.



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