Prayer. It is that thing we all do… kind of. The concepts around it, what we were taught as children, do more harm than good. Instead of seeing the positive outcome from our conversations with God, we are left questioning.We need to see how we can realign our prayer with our goals in life. How do we make it effective? How do we pray?

Maybe there is a reason behind our doubt in the effectiveness of prayer. The Dalai Lama has spoken out recently declaring his concern around prayer and its effectiveness. Not that talking to God isn’t important, but our current paradigm around how we pray… or interact with the energies of the Universe, are what comes into question. How do we pray reach our needs, wants, and to empower ourselves.

His comments… “If you want to change the world, first try to improve and bring about change within yourself. That will help change your family. From there it just gets bigger and bigger. Everything we do has some effect, some impact.”

As Deepak Chopra claims… “Words become molecules.”

Word I am Word.


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That being the case, approaching God from the place of our traditional ramble proves to have little or no effects in bringing to us what we want or desire.

That’s it, right? We call up God, and we complain and vent. We reiterate our worries and concerns… over and over. In our heads, in our conversations. We know them. We know them backward and forward. We can recite them verbatim.

And we do… to anyone that will listen. SO how does this help with where we want to be? Or with our goals?

Florence Scovel Shinn’s words are fitting at this juncture….  “Worry is our strongest form of prayer.”

We definitely have more clarity around them. We have memorized them word for word. Each time we say them, we are honing them into their most concise and succinct form. All wasted words are discarded.

Until we have a fine tuned prayer, the outcome is chaos.

Be careful what you wish for!

Our prayer?

Could you repeat it back? Do you have any awareness at the end around what you said? Or did you spend this precious time talking yourself into clarity? Then you hang up and go your own way again.

If you were going to have a chat with the President or the Pope… how much energy would go into the words that you would want to share, or the cause or passion that you want behind your words?

I mean… let’s be real.

It is almost as a child does with a parent. We ignore their advice and wisdom and then blame them when things blow up in our face. It is a no-win place to be.

And we all know is that in the end when things do work out, the credit or acknowledgement is diverted away from the magic/miracles that occurred for things to line up in your favor… or do you take credit for that too?

The only way for the other side to gain traction (And be sure there is the other side, without contrast we would not see.) is to distract us. Get us tangled in the minutia…

The opposite of traction is distraction. Right?

When we turn our attention to a thought… once we entertain it… it grows. We get ourselves invested in the building story until it has reached a proportion that touches the morphic field of like kind. And from here… combustion.

Suddenly our cause becomes about the whole of all humanity that has ever or will ever experience and injustice similar to our circumstance.

Boom! And the next morning…regret.

Emotion rarely equals truth. Things are said that we wonder how, and why, that was allowed to pass our lips.

Doubt is the denial of “That” …that power that we call God.

The world’s greatest distraction… Doubt!

“One drop of light into the dark has little or no effect, while one drop of dark into the light makes it gray and murky instantly.” … Jesus

Lazarus didn’t walk with a “maybe.” Water didn’t turn into wine with a “don’t you think that might work.”

Our words create the world with which we choose to live. Prayer needs intent.It needs clarity.

Word I am Word.



Here is a great comparison: If you can’t give it to Google, you’re probably not ready to give it to God.

We all know the necessity to formulate the questions that we give to the internet… Google is such a way to give us the information that we desire. If we get tangled up in the words and talk ourselves in circles, Google’s search for helpful information is less than desirable. Right? SO is true with the intent, clarity, and focus in the way you pray.

The question has to be pared down. All throwaway words deleted. The question assumes its simplest form… then Google is happy to fulfill our wants and desires.

Well let me tell you, do you think the universal internet deserves less attention than this man made version?Pray with intent.

The idea that God already knows what you want and need is (while true) has little effect on our lives. What creates change is taking an active role in our circumstance.

Ask and you shall receive…

You have to ask! You have to want it! You have to see it as a true possibility!

You have to be in absolute alignment with the outcome you desire. Doubt throws you into the wake to be tossed around.

So the real question in all of this is… What do I want? You have to be mindful in what your wanting…be clear. Then make it know to God and the universe. Know, be clear, have intent…have FAITH.

You have to know first. Much like the GPS in your car, the destination goes in first. Where you are standing goes in next…

What follows requires action.

She stays silent until you begin to move out of the parking lot. There is no judgment around your choice of direction. She just guides you back on course gently and easily.

No right or wrong… just new and different experiences.

Secondly remove all contractions. All shoulds, woulds and coulds… toss them out too.

Aligning ourselves with the law of vibration, sing or chant your prayers out loud.

Word I am Word.

We reap what we sow, and our words and thoughts are the seeds that create the life we live.

You are the Creator!

I think another powerful piece around prayer is coming into circle or community of like mind to recharge and support. When two or more are gathered under one unified thought… change happens.

When praying for others, be aware. Many want to know how to pray for others, but it is a fairly narcissistic thought to presume that you know what another needs. Our circumstances in life are present for learning. So is it really in the best interest of an individual to wish it away? Instead, I like to pray that the highest and best will be served when dealing with this circumstance to the advancement of all of those involved.

Word I am Word.

So… be aware with whom you share your worries. Make sure they are trustworthy, with your highest and best at the heart of their service. Pray with intent, and if worried, figure out the best way for you to pray for healing. Be diligent over our thoughts and words. Be conscious of how you are being received. Words are used wisely to create forward spoken motion.


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