IMG_0067I read a blurb spoken by a little boy in reference to his recently departed four-legged furry friend. The vet and his mother are trying to comfort the boy and explain to him why dogs don’t live as long as people. In the end, he explained to the grown ups, “ We come here to learn how to love… Right? They already know how so they don’t need as much time.”

That’s a different thought. They, our pets… The ones we claim ownership of… ahead of us in this game. The game of life. The end goal learning how to love. Love without co-dependency. Love without wanting anything in return. No strings attached.


Wow… Most of us, if truthful, have only truly experienced this kind of love with them. The angels that live in our homes. Perfectly content to let us claim dominion over them. Perfectly content to let us have our experience of superiority. Their kind deeds… kept to themselves. No need for the glory… they leave that for you. Their ego is in little need of stroking. Again sounds like the prize for the work here on this lonely planet.


Oh wait they do that too. They need no coaching… have taken no classes. No books. Each and every moment milked of all it’s nectar. They go through life gracefully dealing with our blunders and inadequacies.  Never pointing blame. One moment… One experience… One disaster at a time. I think the yogis call that enlightenment.


Their minds never jump to how their loving you affects them. They comfort. They guide. They love. Never a complaint. They give all they have to create happiness for others. Giving… their purpose here.


Having assumed the role of complete humility they have entrusted their next meal… their safety and well-being to us. Can we even dream of giving anything breathing that much power. They enter into this contract with absolute trust. The slate wiped clean each day… forgiveness another lesson they have already learned.

Guardian Angels?

It sounds like a perfect God move to me. He places our closest guides… Our guardian angels directly under our noses… in our homes. They sleep in our beds. Lay in our laps. Oh and wait of course He would have us unable to speak. Unless we learn to shut up and listen. Really listen. Listen with our hearts.

01091362fd649e53e92bac5a2c8a98d0ee180f6ea9My dear sweet Ruby went home this past week. The world is short a beacon. Rubies purpose here on this planet was to give comfort. Love her middle name. She gave love. That’s what she did…

We were out walking one afternoon… Ruby loved her walks. She liked the companionship and conversation. We talked the whole time. Off leash… up ahead… Ruby on a mission… head down. She hadn’t really paid much attention to any one that we came into contact with until… On the way out we are crossing a little metal bridge that spans the width of a creek. We had just come up from a swim after our romp in the woods. As we reach the other side Ruby pauses knowing that I plan to head in the direction of the car. She looks up at me… looks towards the car. Then… towards a frail little lady on a bench to the right. Sitting with her care taker, her pole with all the tubes standing sadly next to her walker. Before I could say a word Ruby is beside her giving her a hug. Leaning in, head in her lap. The lady lifts her hand and begins to stroke Ruby’s head. Ruby sat there until she felt the woman’s weight lift. A smile crosses her lips… Ruby then sits up, shoots the lady a smile and walks back to the car. No big deal. She was smiling the lady was smiling…. That’s my Ruby. Always spreading a smile.

01c986cd18ea8d0c216752fc088d4c681a63bb15abMy sweet Ruby is off to another life… Swooping in and propping up another soul for a while. Spreading her love. New costume… same sweet love. Her work with me done.

I will miss your smile everyday my sweet, sweet Ruby. Thank you for sharing these amazing years with me.

Good bye for now…


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  • Well presented and I agree. Of all God’s creation, we choose the dog (alright cats too) into our personal sanctum without fear of sleeping. I know that my dogs would defend me to the death at the first threat. They might eat the last bean but I won’t begrudge my friend that.

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