Gratitude Creates your Attitude!

December 9, 2016By Cherie Doyen

Well, I have to admit I have been in somewhat of a funk lately. I learned as a very young child that keeping up with what they are saying in the news and the horror that happens daily in the world is not so great for my psych… yet here we are. It’s a time when we need to be abreast of choices that are being made on our behalf but…

This is a big one… Is all of this outside stuff just reflective of what’s inside already. Is it drawing to the surface the ink spots that are covering up love? Maybe we have Band-Aids on things. Maybe we are huddled in a corner afraid of our own shadow. The infamous Knight in shining Armor?

Are we hiding from ourselves?

Life usually reaches cartoon proportions before big change shows up.

Life has to turn upside down.   (more…)

Cultivating Compassion

December 2, 2016By Cherie Doyen

Compassion is a state of being that is cultivated. It is a searching of self. Compassion is the ability, the gift, of being able to make true connection with another’s pain and suffering. Compassion drives us into action. Compassion creates change.

In this time of such division. We are being called back into the teachings and journey of Buddha. His entire existence was around gaining the ability to understand and know suffering. Understanding and knowing suffering allows for compassion and empathy.

His was an existence of opulence. His life was constructed, to be free of any forms of suffering. He lived his life as if in the “Truman Show”. Every experience he had was thought out and created by others. His world was free of disease, age, child abuse, the suffering of women, racism. No one was suffering in silence. Everything was beautiful and perfection was his expectation.  (more…)

I Will Never Know That

November 25, 2016By Cherie Doyen

It has been a good long time since I have been wordless. But every time I sit down to write the words slip away. It is as if the lid has been lifted from Pandora’s box. Intolerence is not just oozing out but hatred and discontent are now flowing freely. No filters necessary.

In this diverse little pocket in the middle of this Red state hordes of fearful people showed up in support of our freedoms. The freedom to be unique and who we are. Black, Brown, Yellow, Red, White, The Physically Unique, all represented… Each with their stories. Stories that are here in our “Truman Show” existence of Unity and acceptance.

Fear is what was in the air. A beautiful young Muslim woman was accosted in Walmart, rocks thrown at her car, at her children’s school (by the children), her children are getting called names; hate crimes against Muslims.

One story.   (more…)