Women Respecting Women…

November 13, 2013By Cherie Doyen

sisterhood-in-theoryIt’s all just churning in my head. Needing some direction. There is so much pain out there. Women and children. Without strong healthy women how will we have healthy children. My brain traveled in this loop of circular logic. Broken children, broken weak mothers.

I’m in Baltimore of all places. Not the place you necessarily expect to see a medicine man. Right? I’m in town for a long weekend. It’s been cold and rainy since I got off the plane. With a break in the weather we decide to get outside. A good hike. There’s an amazing park nearby. Patapsco Valley State Park. It’s my first time. As we drive in my jaw drops, the landscape is dripping with life, literally. Vines, wisteria hangs from the tall straight trees. You can hear water moving in the distance. We swiftly find a spot to leave the car. Her four legged companion is bursting at the seams to get the show on the road. People, they take forever… (more…)

The Energy of Word and Thought

November 8, 2013By Cherie Doyen

words-have-powerOur world is constructed by the words we use in our conversations and in our thoughts. The word made flesh… from thought to spoken word…  solidifies. The words that are spoken the most often are the words that build our story. On this concept I stand.

The biggest hurdle I faced in writing Junebug, my first novel, was myself. The worry about the truth and who’s truth to write. I skirted around the words for years. Telling and retelling my story in hopes that someone else would take the responsibility of putting the words on paper, after all, I never claimed to be a writer. With all my upheaval at home I feel lucky to have actually graduated high school. No college or fancy letters behind my name. In spite of all that, every time I sat still, that old familiar voice would ring loud and clear… Write your book. (more…)