Reclaiming Our Wonder

January 8, 2014By Cherie Doyen


I recently went to see the newly released Disney movie Frozen. So many beautiful little faces, eyes a-sparkle as they watched the pictures click across the screen. They have no worries of the reality of it all. Not a sign of the inward battle, the fight with their brain to be absorbed… to buy into the magic. The wonder…

Unfortunately all the things we work so hard to squash out.

We can all identify with that moment when a child asks the question that stretches our belief system a little too far. We possibly bristle… no comes quickly after. What if instead we watched and learned and remembered? What if we validated and accepted their experiences humbly? Us… well, too jaded and cluttered to be able to see clearly. We have been cut to fit the minds of others. Imagination snipped here. Oh, wait, maybe that dream needs some down sizing… Right? We as parents need to remember what we could have been had we not been doused with that wet blanket. What our potential was with our wonder still in tact. We all can remember having our bubble burst, for sure, by do-gooders.  Good intentions…They just want to keep us from being embarrassed… from getting hurt… from experiencing. Right? Little by little all sparkle is gone, all imagination. All creativity. What’s left? Look around. A risk free… dull… boring existence. We can’t even call it life… existence.

A different thought… (more…)

Be Careful What You Wish For

December 30, 2013By Cherie Doyen

images-4 Worry… a state of anxiety and uncertainty over actual or potential problems.

Florence Scovel Shinn was an amazing teacher of the power of words. She wrote in the 1920s. She believes in choosing our words very carefully. Never to say aloud anything we don’t want to see appear in our life. And by all means check your worry.

What gets more play in your life the worry talk or prayer? Do we spend more of our time consumed with our thoughts of worry or do we spend more time in our conversations with God… the Universe… the Creator… whatever the term is that feels comfortable to you for that energy that I call God. (more…)

Naughty… Nice… or Kind

December 23, 2013By Cherie Doyen

imagesWe as women, especially Christian women, are taught to be nice. We are taught to smile amiably and be pleasing…agreeable… nice. Nice comes from our brain. Nice is something we are taught.

Kindness, on the other hand, comes from the heart. Kindness comes only when thought, word, and action are in congruence. It happens instantaneously. We don’t sit around and think about it. We have no need to run and tell all our good deed. Kindness happens. Nice, we think about.

Nice is saying yes when we want desperately to say no. Nice is acquiescing to another. The energy of nice is rarely the energy that we want to leave behind.   (more…)