The Power of We

November 15, 2016By Cherie Doyen

I have sat to write this numerous times. As my shock moved through stages of outrage I have realized that collectively the mirror is turned on us. Displaying back to us what it sees. The only way out is to see and make different choices, each one of us, with conscious intention. We can work on making better choices in life.

My visceral response is that we now have a version of what I see out of sync in our country leading us. The self-inflated white man in all of his glory. Spouting bigotry and hate. Almost a cartoon.

We have been forced into a position, where, for maybe the first time in a very long time, into a position where there is no way out but to examining our beliefs. What we deem important? What are our core values? (more…)

How Are You Showing Up? 

November 5, 2016By Cherie Doyen

When our awareness moves away from victimhood or struggle towards “Show me how”, the Universe shows up to meet us! When we are standing in victimhood or survivor space we have our attention focused out and in at the same time, in a weird way. While on one hand every sentence expressed has an “I” in it with a “so and so” did this to “me” on the other we acquiesce, we play nice. But we search our environment for validation. This is typical behavior for those dealing with trauma from abuse. We have allowed our abusers to own our identity. Unless we choose to reclaim ourselves, and move past our abuse, nothing has room to change. We do that by being aware of how we are showing up, where we are allowing others to make our choices for us, when our voice is silenced.

Unless we choose to reclaim ourselves nothing has room to change. When do we choose?  (more…)

The Power of Mom

October 29, 2016By Cherie Doyen

It is such an amazing time in our world really. A kind of push back to the beginning. I find most often, unfortunately, life reaches cartoon proportions right before big changes show up. Much like how science is now recognizing the cellular connection of Mom and child, beyond just their DNA. Sort of life’s way of backing us out of default; forcing us into making new and different choices.

I find that we are in this exact space not only on the big issues we face outside of ourselves, but within our nest. Our families are suffering. We have adopted philosophies… or no, that’s not the right word. Ideas, as to what is necessary and important in our lives from others whom benefit greatly by our falling in line. This growing epidemic. It is not just happening here in Columbia, MO, or just the Midwest. It’s across the country. We have been told what to eat, what to wear, what to think, and how to give birth. Many of us from just a few weeks old. (more…)