January 6, 2017By Cherie Doyen

In our world of chaos and dysfunction we are constantly being bombarded with talk of the need for boundaries… the need to create walls big and small. We must protect ourselves, and our personal mental health. We have to keep the toxic people out of our lives or build rules around our interactions with them.

I’d like to put a slightly different bent on the boundary conversation because to me they seem more like personal growth barriers.

If we are creating walls to keep people out… these same walls are keeping you trapped inside. I’m not sure this is helping you from a spirituality and mental health standpoint, or with personal growth.

Take the castle and the mote. How lonely the castle becomes. Once the bridge is lowered to let yourself out, the castle is left vulnerable. The two sides are then connected. What change has happened?

Nothing? Just you on one side with your story and them on the other side with their theirs.


You Are That

December 30, 2016By Cherie Doyen


When we think about our Spirituality and religion, or our relationship with God and our daily life, I find that many of us have a vast canyon between the two. Our God falls into a rhetoric from childhood and our life runs with a different set of rules. I think we are seeing that clearly in the ongoing saga of our world. Unspeakable acts are being performed with “God” as their motivation. We are operating with a leader whose words slam hard against any sort of religious or spiritual beliefs.

Yet we stand behind him… Claiming God as the backbone of our/his philosophies…Religion and politics.

Collectively we make excuses for his disrespectful behaviors. We giggle at his elevated thoughts about himself. We are quiet around the ideas that create division between us… The honorary white people and the rest of the world. Walls are talked about: designed to keep people out. Talk of bigger bombs. His cabinet… ummm… White supremacist and Russia supporters.

So here we are in a time when we are called to examine what we believe and why. We are called to fill the gap between life and God. To integrate these beliefs into the fabric of our reality; a spiritual awakening of sorts.


Getting Out of Stuck

December 16, 2016By Cherie Doyen

Is that you? Are you feeling like no matter which way you turn doors are closing? Are you in quick sand up to your knees? If the answer is yes, then listen up!

Energetically, stuck, is the infamous lukewarm that we grew up hearing about. Stuck is a deep inner choice not to choose… or a choice to not make a different choice. Leaving us wondering how to find hope again.

I think most of us can identify with at least hitting pockets in our lives where everywhere we turned doors were closing. Or we are going about things our same old way and ruminating on how stuck we feel. Our lives feel stagnant. There is no flow. It’s okay, nobody’s perfect; it’s the spirituality of imperfection.

Well the funny thing is, the idea of life in a calm pond sounds nice on one hand. Our lives today are nothing but constant movement. If we are not doing, we feel we have no worth. So, the idea of climbing on a raft in the still waters of the pond has appeal… Until you are there for a second. Then the anxiety sets in. Cause here is the deal. The pond is of your making. A placid pond of your muck. So, this inner not choosing just really has us sitting outside of the game for a spell. Nothing grows. Nothing Moves. It brings you to the land of unknowns between spirituality and depression. Your yuck… Well it’s still there.

Sameness.  (more…)