Choosing to Choose

10-week 7-minute meditation bundle

The Choosing to Choose bundle is the perfect way to begin your journey into mindful living. After all, we make hundreds, thousands, millions of decisions every day. Just imagine the power we can leverage in our everyday lives, just by taking back control over our choices!

The meditations in this bundle are meant to be listened to in the order listed below--one meditation each week. For maximum effectiveness, listen to each meditation daily for 7 days before moving on to the next, as they are meant to move in a progression.

Each meditation is laden with powerful affirmations. Take them with you into each day. At the end of each week, scan your body and mind as if you are on a Treasure Hunt. Without judgment, determine what is new and different week to week as you move through each meditation.

This Today I Choose meditation bundle includes:

Today I Choose to Choose
Today I Choose What is Acceptable
Today I Choose to Move Into Action
Today I Choose to Create Change
Today I Choose to Step Out of Emotion
Today I Choose Who I Am
Today I Choose What I Want
Today I Choose Gratitude
Today I Choose to Smile
Today I Choose to Be Fully Present