What is Cherie's Signature "Road Map To Joy Program"?

Cherie's One-on-One Signature Program


You are no longer alone. As we come together and join our energies through this personalized program, know that I am your partner in what will be a fast-paced process of integration. In this immersion program, you will work with Cherie one-on-one on a weekly basis for 12 weeks, with unlimited email support and guided affirmations to support your healing.

Our process will be like none other you may have tried. Here’s why: In therapy, there is talk about how to get pain and suffering out of the body. The problem with this approach is that it’s already outside of you. Through the psyche’s ability to disassociate, pieces of yourself have become scattered throughout time as you ran in search of a new and better existence. Meanwhile, the soul has been severed and trapped in a state of suffering.

The good news is that the same space of dissociation from where all the abuse was created (and disassociated) is also the space from where you will heal. Through our integration work, you will find joy, laughter and inspiration once more. You will reconnect with your will power and creativity. This process will happen quickly and effortlessly. Beyond your healing, you will learn about conscious choice making so that, going forward, you can be free to create a whole new life for yourself—a world where we get to choose who we are and who we want to be. You will be empowered to be the creator of your own life.


Throughout our lives, we are hit with situations that challenge our reality. This can happen at any age—be it 2 or 4 or 7 or 12 or 15 or 23, and so on.  In my work, I consider this to be a client’s personal “timeline.” By analogy, if a thread were pulled through a piece of fabric, every so often there would be a loop of thread through the cloth. Over time, these loops would “catch and snag” everything that brushes up against it. This is the stickiness that we experience with PTSD, a backward flow of “reaction.”

I see PTSD as time loops where a “version of yourself” is imprinted. In other words, molecules of our essence becomes trapped and the harmful experience is lived over and over and over again. These parts of yourself want to come home. They want to be seen and heard and validated. They will constantly vie for your attention for they hold information that you desperately need to prevent future cyclical choices. Just as importantly, these parts of yourself hold the desire for joy, the ability to play and giggle and sing and dream.  

So my work on a client’s timeline becomes a process of smoothing these loops back into the fabric of one’s life. The loops remain because they are woven into the cloth but they are diffused, and no longer hold an emotional charge. The client is now able to detach for the emotion of the event and instead, access this information without the constant experience of the pain. Through this process of integration, I utilize your innate ability to disassociate or astral travel to other (or multiple) realities. Once there, we recover the scattered pieces of yourself and bring them home once more. With each loop of reintegration, not just the “traumatic” thing but also the good things that were lost or abandoned “come home”, as well.

The medical world has not explored where a person goes or what they do when they dissociate. This is what makes my work with personal timelines quick, precise and effective. We essentially jump to a similar yet slightly different version of the reality we tried to escape, and we start over from there. For example, let’s say an adult who experiences a terrible car accident wakes up to a world where people are standing around his bed, claiming to be his family. His world may have some familiarities but the attachment to the relationships is not present.

This timeline cleanup process essentially brings all “versions” of oneself in to wholeness, all present in one reality. The individual is once more able to dream, to play, to create, to experience joy, to LIVE again.

What to Expect

Immersion Day

Spend a day with me in the magic. Together we will plan your day around what is showing up specific to you and your circumstance. Lining up with magic, change happens quickly. Lunch is included. (Travel to your location: additional cost)

Weekly Transformational Sessions

In these combo sessions you not only learn to mindfully approach life and emotion. We will cleanse and balance each chakra. Intuitively we will gently release trapped energies from your body. We will move the energy from any given memory down the scale in intensity to zero! We will charge your electrical system. You will come to know what your body feels like and what it is striving to tell you. We will open doors to higher levels of consciousness.

Goal Intensive & Guided Meditation

Delve deep and find out what you really want-- then set a course to achieve it! Learn how to view yourself and your goals from an objective space in order to reach beyond yourself to achieve your goals.

Resource and Meditation Library

Gain access to my library of resources including worksheets, meditations, and your personal journey journal!

Unlimited Email Support

Don't wait for our next session, get the support you need when you need it.

Community Support

Don't go it alone. Get paired up with a mentor who has been in your shoes to celebrate wins and learn from losses.

Do You Want To Dip Your Toes In The Magic For A Day?

Immerse yourself in a Day in the Magic.

During our time together, you will learn how to consciously and mindfully approach the emotion that keeps you trapped in struggle.  Intuitively, we will move through your timeline to unearth those things that you are ready to lay down. We will travel back to when the cycle began, and release not only the stagnant emotion, but also the Wisdom and Magic that has been trapped. Here is where life-long change can take place.

You will have the opportunity to integrate your wisdom and courage ... and move it out of your body... For Good.

You will feel what it feels like to have your chakras and energy systems operating properly.

You will feel what it feels like to be charged and energized.

Together, we will transform your energy and help you discover deep-seated joy, the kind that rides with you under every circumstance.  

(To ensure integration from our romp in the Magic, you will also receive two additional 30-minute followup calls.)