Is that you? Are you feeling like no matter which way you turn doors are closing? Are you in quick sand up to your knees? If the answer is yes, then listen up!

Energetically, stuck, is the infamous lukewarm that we grew up hearing about. Stuck is a deep inner choice not to choose… or a choice to not make a different choice. Leaving us wondering how to find hope again.

I think most of us can identify with at least hitting pockets in our lives where everywhere we turned doors were closing. Or we are going about things our same old way and ruminating on how stuck we feel. Our lives feel stagnant. There is no flow. It’s okay, nobody’s perfect; it’s the spirituality of imperfection.

Well the funny thing is, the idea of life in a calm pond sounds nice on one hand. Our lives today are nothing but constant movement. If we are not doing, we feel we have no worth. So, the idea of climbing on a raft in the still waters of the pond has appeal… Until you are there for a second. Then the anxiety sets in. Cause here is the deal. The pond is of your making. A placid pond of your muck. So, this inner not choosing just really has us sitting outside of the game for a spell. Nothing grows. Nothing Moves. It brings you to the land of unknowns between spirituality and depression. Your yuck… Well it’s still there.


And what we have to admit to ourselves is that the known horrors of our sameness are less scary than the sunshine on the other side. It’s fear of the unknown.

The sunshine on the other side requires choice. You have to choose it. You have to take action to get there. You have to choose to find hope again.

When we know that at 2 o’clock everyday a monster jumps out of the bathroom… We can be prepared. But this sunshine. This Joy. This inner peace. I’m not even sure I would know what to do with it.

There is a fear… a weird fear… of leaving our pain. We have worn it so long.

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We claim it. We name it. And then we hang on to it for dear life. Sometimes it… This label, is the only thing that validates where we have been. Otherwise we feel invisible. We don’t see how it affects our spirituality and mental health.

We tie into these external breakdowns to keep our inner struggles at bay. We have anchored ourselves in the waters of the story. No to be clear… This pond we are anchoring our raft in… resides over the same watering hole as the one we created as children.

But here is something that I would like for you to consider. If you won’t look and you won’t see? If you won’t know? Then who do you think is going to validate you, or the little girl that saved you? The little girl that did that. Well, she needs to be seen and most importantly by you! She needs to acknowledged by you for saving you from the childhood abuse, or sexual abuse, or emotional abuse, or domestic abuse.

You owe her that. She endured a lot to get you here… And what have you chosen to do with it? The pond? She wants you to stand up. Take a deep bow to her and ask her. She knows the truth. You have her so tangled up in the story you can’t see her magic. You can’t see the spiritual well-being she is standing there offering you.

What I see so often is that in locking away our pain and in living in the suffering of a story, we so often miss our heroinism. We suffer in silence. The choice to hide our eyes inwardly in fear causes us to miss the details that can change everything; that can help us find hope and purpose again.

I don’t know? That is your choice because she does! Sorry, but true. She lived it and she knows. She didn’t have her eyes closed at the time.

Our childhood stories are laden with emotion.

The deep seeded fears from childhood… We don’t even know they are there. They are just a part of the fabric of who we are. Yet they weigh us down like lead. They keep us anchored in procrastination. They keep us tied to sameness. Even if what we know hurts, and eats at every ounce of our spiritual being.

So here is how it works. I want you to take a recent conversation. You walk away from the conversation feeling nothing. Until later… When you start thinking. Then a sentence sticks out. We turn our attention there and the flow stops. Then fear begins to seep in around the edges. As soon as you stop the flow the story starts to build. Our mind begins to ask questions. What did she mean by that? Right? And then we answer. It doesn’t take long before that one sentence has turned into a full-fledged story.

Now take note that emotion wasn’t present until we started creating. When we are standing in truth. Nothing. The anxiousness comes in the extraneous self-created information. Is it possible our anxiety and depression are coming from within ourselves?

What if instead of a place to reside, emotion was intended to be a notification?

Modern Science says that our brain is taking in 200 billion bits of information per second. The average brain is capable of opening only 40 bits.

So right there is a reason to be nervous. I like to think of the swarm of incoming emails and how bogged down we can get when we feel we can’t get to all of them. It can be almost enough to cause an anxiety attack on its own! So, what do we do? We create a strategy on how we can get to the most important. We skim over the top and open the opens ones that yell at us. So, it stands to reason that we were created with a similar system in place.

We just forgot!

So, what if in its purest state emotion was a ding-ding-ding! Look over here something is happening.

I like to think about children. Emotion comes and goes. Shifts on a dime. They never live there. They don’t wake up tomorrow still angry about yesterday. They don’t wake up with a worry around yesterday’s belly ache. Each moment is clean and pure… With no residual emotion… Until it isn’t. Then they become us. Right?

Fear creates ink spots that cover up our spiritual light… Our connection to the Universe. Fear on top of fear leaves little room for the light to seep in. Fear keeps us trapped and alone.


Jesus says that “One drop of dark into the light makes it grey and murky instantly… Protect your light!”

It takes diligence over our mind… Our thoughts. It takes an examination of what you believe and why you believe it. It takes analyzing our stories for their strand of truth. As we brush away the falsehoods we find that the truth doesn’t waver.

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Move into this time of change boldly. A new year. A new beginning. New leadership collectively. It is important to look inward. Remove those ink spots. Understand why you think what you think. Why you believe what you believe. Big and small.

As we are told… it is your belief that heals you… Jesus. If one had walked away and entertained a story filled with doubt instead of on the healing their ailment would rebuild itself, one thought at a time.

The ink spots of fear have our systems blocked. Our energy low. They have us operating at a soaker hose level. The light seeps out here and there but with little affect. With each ink spot removal, your power, your energy grows. The goal: a fire hose!

Here is where joy, hope and gratitude resides. They have no beginning… No end. They are a state that has the ability to ride under every experience…. Happy or Sad.


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