Thoughts become molecules… Deepak Chopra

What we speak is where we live. Every thought we entertain becomes a molecule. Like attracts like. Hence, if most of our thoughts are negative, our life becomes a big tumor of yucky cells with a destructive purpose. If not destructive per say at least in rebellion against our highest and best.

Words carry their own energy with the ability to alter our reality. They crawl around our world like insects. Some good, some bad. Some with the magic of creation such as our honey bee, others with the energy of a tick, attaching itself to you, burrowing in to set up camp… ready to enjoy its feast… vampires. You may not even know it’s there for awhile, until everything around you has a slightly grey tint.

1236147Some day we’ll be able to measure the power of words. I think they are things. They get on the walls. They get in your wallpaper. They get in your rugs, in your upholstery, and your clothes, and finally in to you.”  –Maya Angelou 

What if we gave the other side equal play? What if we spent equal time, or maybe tip the scales a little bit? And strategically begin  building the stories of what we “DO” want to see.

Let’s do a little experiment…  in a minute I am going to propose a writing exercise. You’re going to write a paragraph or two on the stories you tell yourself. images-3

Let’s take relationship as an example. I think many of us enter adulthood with a picture or a story around what relationship should look like. We have struggled to fit within the stories our parents were creating for us. Maybe your career was decided for you by the age of 12. Or you are expected to follow in your father’s footsteps and become a doctor when all you really want is to paint pictures or make music. We wiggle in-between their stories and the dreams they missed out on. Some have alcohol or drug story on top of it all. There may be a little narcissism in there as well. And on top of all of this we begin to build our own.

For many of those especially rising from childhood trauma, relationship equals work. We are accustomed to bending over backwards. We take the blame to keep the peace. We turn the other cheek over and over again… When it takes bending and contorting to be noticed by your parents we go into adulthood attracting people who fit into our already running story. The newcomer becomes only a stand in… the script is already written. And oddly we attract a newcomer who already know the lines. Like attracts like. We pull in the exact thing we say we hate… over and over again.

So as we move through this exercise allow yourself to be uncomfortable… Discomfort just means that there is an opportunity to see something new and different.

Here are the prompts, just begin by jotting down a paragraph about each “story”. Let it flow, it doesn’t have to be perfect:

1. relationship story

2. childhood story

2. relationship with parents and siblings/ story today

4. relationship with husband or significant other/ if applicable

5. relationship with children/ if applicable

6. career story

7. money story

Now let’s go back and read this back to ourselves silently

How does that feel? That is your story. If you are honest and true with yourself you see that how you experience life parallels with these thoughts. For example: This is why some with lots of money hoard it away. They can’t enjoy and become obsessed with acquiring more because they have so much fear around losing it… or someone taking it. We have a person feeling alone in a crowd of people or the waif~ish girl feeling forever overweight. We all have places in our lives where our experiences are colored with past pain. The suffering separates us… or has us looking in a particular direction. Remember everything is happening at once. Like the frames in a movie. They are just moving so rapidly we experience fluidity. We have the choice to choose to look in a different direction. Think a new thought. Create different scenery. We are the creators of our lives.


Okay now then let’s move back through your story and let’s write a couple of paragraphs on what you would love for those to look like. What would make you feel safe and happy in each one of these areas? What are your ideal relationship “stories”? I am asking you to spend some time and energy and do some soul searching.

The Universe… God… LOVES CLARITY.

Once your story is completed let’s read your story again… Preferably out loud this time. Put some music on. Movement adds another layer of solidity. The more senses we bring into an experience the more powerful it becomes.

When what you think, what you say, and what you do are singularly focused… life will change one way or another.

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