I am your Mother…

“everyday getting to know you and calling it my “job” as a Stay at Home Mom. This isn’t a job. This is something like God’s work. Something spiritual. People aren’t their jobs. I am your mother. It defines me in this life. You define me. You have given me meaning. You are more than a child. You are my teacher, my inspiration and my guide.”

-badass breastfeeder

Wow… Thank you…

“What did you do with me?” That will be the question. Not what did you do? Not what was your net worth? But what did you do with me?

Here at Christmas time we will hear the story of the virgin birth replayed over and over. Our thoughts glossed over by time and the interpretation of man. But listen more closely. God reached down and placed His Son in side of a Virgin. The miracle in the story is that Jesus came here untouched by man.images-5

The cord ran …                                    God ~ Mary ~ Jesus

The story points to us. Mothers…  Her body created to nurture. The cycle itself created to prepare every fiber of her being for the responsibility of this divine creation. Physically and spiritually.


Nothing we touch will leave more of an impression on the planet.

We have Eve turning away from the tree of knowledge. Or responsibility? The price? Pain in child birth. We have the mustard seed? the story of neglect? What kind of roots has He been given? A hard rain washes Him away? or has He been nurtured so that His roots run deep and sturdy? The rich man and the three bags of gold. Three mothers… What did you do with me? Did you bury me? How long did it take me to crawl out of the hole you put me in? How deep? How long did it take for me to begin? Or did you invest and nurture me so that I could be what was intended?


Being a mother is not something that just happens. It is a choice. Everyday…

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