Intuition? What’s that?

I often get asked the question, “What’s the difference between intuition and that constant stream of words that run through my head?”

 Let’s first take a look at that stream of dialogue. I like to think of our brain like our hard drive and our access to the internet. Our left brain, the hard drive, and our right brain gives us access to the universal internet. They strive to mimic in this machine, the capabilities of our internal computer. Our hard drive is downloaded with every experience from conception. The mother’s thoughts and emotions impress on the growing cells. And from there… it grows. Every experience is stored away for future reference. This hard drive, our left brain, contains only what we know. What we have read. What we have heard. What we have experienced– all colored with the emotion of past experiences and reactions that came before it. Your reactions and the reactions of others. We have the voices of our parents. Outstanding moments with teachers. We have each bad thing anyone says to us all cataloged away. When encountered with similar circumstances, we can quickly reference back to a similar time and place. But the key is… it is referenced back. The hard drive always operates from the past. No new information can be referenced here. You have to physically enter the information.


For example: I had a teacher my senior year of high school that did not appreciate my writing style. She approached me one day after class in the air of concern for my future. She said that I should drop my creative writing class because it was affecting my GPA. So adding this, on top of events from my earlier years where doubt was placed around my abilities, I added this as validation to the list of reasons why I should give up on going to college. If I couldn’t write in high school, how would I ever be successful in college? And from there the story grew. I was given the opportunity of college in my adulthood more than once, and in the end, I reinforced the belief in not being able to write and turned away.

There was, as I see today, opinion in her judgement… but truth? Not really. Right? Yet, I inserted it into my hard drive by giving it validation. It instantly attached itself to similar previous beliefs thus created a self supported belief… I can not write.

What if, instead of adopting her belief, I would have posed the question to the Universe “Are her words true?” Do I have the necessary skills to be successful in college? 

Intuition: the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.

Intuition comes out of nowhere. A completely new thought… or an old thought looked at from a new perspective. The key here is new.

I think we all have experienced those ah-ha moments. Those moments when out of nowhere, a new thought drops in. We may be experiencing struggle and have reached our limit. We sit in a heap on the floor. Our own resources exhausted and out of nowhere a new thought enters… We know exactly what to do. Or we hear a voice giving exactly the information we need to move forward.

Often our ego is so determined to know all that it snuffs out the whisper before you can give it any real attention. For many of us, these times of disaster are the only times we are out of the way enough to hear. We have glued together numerous bits and pieces of information in an attempt to create new scenarios without results. We have woven thoughts together every which way in an attempt to write a new story. With our resources exhausted and our stream of thoughts have slowed down, now a new thought finds a space to wiggle through. We have accessed the Universal internet. In between all of our doing, all of our thinking, all of our research, we touch the “all that is.” Everything you need to know can be accessed with a question.

The trick comes back around to trust. Trust in what we say we believe. Trust in God… The universal internet. Which, in the end, doubles back around to trusting ourselves to step outside of “normal” and take action. You can be spoon fed all of the necessary information. A bazillion light bulbs or fireworks can go off in your head but without your action it means nothing. Is it the lack of trust in our ability to deduce or our lack of faith in how we understand God?

This game we are playing has one primary component… Choice. Each thought, word and action… each and every moment creates our life. With each choice a ripple is sent out that adjusts each future piece and WE were given that power. Our choices either advance and elevate us or keep us where we are, at a stand still or they throw us backwards.

We all live within the constructs of our stories. We have little houses built around every belief we have, pertaining to every subject we encounter. If you have a belief and you can define it with words… that’s your story. So let’s create one around our intuition so that your mind can begin to make some solid distinctions around what is truth–your intuition–and what is your belief or the beliefs of others that you have accepted as truth.

Let’s establish that if the answer comes to you before you have been able to ask your question in it’s entirety–that’s your intuition–you have accessed the universal internet.

If you get to the end of your question and seconds are ticking by, you are sifting through your hard drive trying to come up with a reasonable possibly even creative solution.

In creating your question, let’s look at Google. You would have a concise thought-out question, free from any throwaway words. You would have clarity about what you want to know before you begin to type. So when we formulate our questions to the Universe, let’s at the very least strive for as much clarity as we would give Google. If you don’t know what you want to know, Google won’t either.. right? Let’s take the guesswork out  from the get go.

What if instead of adopting the beliefs of a high school english teacher, I had posed the question to the Universe, “Are her words true? Do I have the necessary skills to be successful in college?”

How different life may have been, if I had had the courage to listen and act in accordance with that voice of truth… God… The Universal Internet,   rather than the voice of… well… a mere mortal?

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