Do you want more happiness in your life? Are you tired of just reacting? There is no room for action in reacting. When operating from the energy of reaction we are just putting out fires.

Thats what it feels like too. Right? Little and sometimes not so little fires continually erupt around your feet. There is little or no time for thoughts of proactive action.


Maybe it’s time for a different approach.images-7

Number one right off of the top let’s remove the contractions from our vocabulary, It’s interesting when you undertake this seemingly simple little task how often we are focussed on what we don’t want.

What if we put the same amount of energy into what we do want?

We are creating all of the time. With every thought and we allow our words to build a story around. The conversation with our God. We ramble. Our thoughts wonder around a multitude of directions. In reality we are trying to figure out what we want to say while we have God on the line.

Let me ask you this…  How many of you could repeat back your prayer? Do you have any idea after all of the rambling what you ask for? What you want? Was there any structure or forethought put into the recipe for what you want to see? I feel pretty certain that if ask you could recite your doubts… fears… and worries with ease.

If you were going to call to ask your doctor for something. You would be very clear about what  you needed to have happen and would have plotted out this conversation ahead of time. Your senator the clarity becomes more important. The President or the Pope? You get my logic here. God we dial up and ramble. It is not a two sided coin.

Worry is our strongest form of prayer… Florence Schovel Shinn

It definitely gets the most play. If you notice each replay adds a layer of intensity. Right? You get to the end and start back at the beginning and you get a little more upset. The energy around it grows. Your brain begins to fill in the blanks. Its like a loop, each time around adds to the intensity. You get more and more worked up. The replay has you more worked up than the original incident.                 images-20

How much play do your wants get?

If we move out of this “contracted” state of the don’ts and into the do’s life will begin to shift. You will begin to shift.

Take action and sit for a few minutes and give yourself this test. Create a list of all of your dislikes and your don’t wants and your can’t do’s then right beside it create a list of all of your likes, your wants, and your can’s.

How we see our selves and how we are are seldom congruent. I know for myself the first time I did this excersize I was appalled. My list of yuck was a mile long my list of sunshine was well… embarrassingly short. I viewed myself as a positive glass full sort of girl. But the dialogue in my head said something different. Our self sabotage is often hidden quite well. It has become a thread in the fabric of our being. It is indistinguishable. It is just a part of who we are. It creates how we perceive the world around us.

If you don’t know what you want… what you like or what your capable of how can anyone else? God does not choose for us. Thats the game right? Freedom of choice. We are given the choice to choose. To choose what we want to experience.

The Universe loves clarity.

I like to think about talking to the Universe and creation like this…

Just for comparison. When you think in terms of constructing a recipe or say a spell… there is little room for vagueness.

Each word is chosen deliberately to create the appropriate action… each action is deliberate and exact. There are no throw away words… no ambiguity and no wasted energy.  AND DEFINITELY NO DOUBT.

images-19Jesus commanded Lazarus to get up and walk. He didn’t fish around for words. There were no questions. The words were very simple and direct… get up and walk.

Things happen for us when our want for something different is stronger and clearer than our want for what we have.

The gps does not talk if we haven’t inserted the destination.

After we create our do list let’s take the top three and create our prayers. The goal is to hone them into a very clear sentence or two. I like to write them on post-its and place them around where I spend my time. Our brain loves to read. You never miss a passing BillBoard. When you consciously notice them say them out loud. Speaking your prayer brings the congruence of thought and word. Action will follow.

You want to say them the same way each time. This way it is becoming more and more real for you. We are creating a solid path way to receive. A road in so to speak. Each time a contraction or worry about what we don’t have or don’t want shows up we “Cancel” it out with a replay of its counterpart from the do side.

What about all of those times we send contractions in the direction of others?                                                                                    images-8

If you do nothing else remove the contractions.

In understanding that we are playing this game of choice. Each choice we make, each word we speak and each thought we entertain or put energy into is creating our world and interacting and affecting the worlds of those we enter.

Your word is your wand… Florence Schovel Shinn

Ask and you shall receive… Create responsibly!

Affirmation: I speak clearly my wants and dreams and the Universe responds with ease and grace.

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