I recently went to see the newly released Disney movie Frozen. So many beautiful little faces, eyes a-sparkle as they watched the pictures click across the screen. They have no worries of the reality of it all. Not a sign of the inward battle, the fight with their brain to be absorbed… to buy into the magic. The wonder…

Unfortunately all the things we work so hard to squash out.

We can all identify with that moment when a child asks the question that stretches our belief system a little too far. We possibly bristle… no comes quickly after. What if instead we watched and learned and remembered? What if we validated and accepted their experiences humbly? Us… well, too jaded and cluttered to be able to see clearly. We have been cut to fit the minds of others. Imagination snipped here. Oh, wait, maybe that dream needs some down sizing… Right? We as parents need to remember what we could have been had we not been doused with that wet blanket. What our potential was with our wonder still in tact. We all can remember having our bubble burst, for sure, by do-gooders.  Good intentions…They just want to keep us from being embarrassed… from getting hurt… from experiencing. Right? Little by little all sparkle is gone, all imagination. All creativity. What’s left? Look around. A risk free… dull… boring existence. We can’t even call it life… existence.

A different thought…

images-11If we take for truth that our soul, that twenty-one grams that’s in all of us, leaves our body at the time of death. And, if we believe to be true that this twenty-one grams is everlasting. The Christ that is in all of us… then the next step in thought is that we are given to care for a more evolved… wiser… more advanced being than ourselves.

You? …the caregiver of the next possible Michelangelo… Mother Teresa… Gandhi.

What if in return for their nurturing and safety we were given a personal guide to remember? An angel in our midst. We may know more about here but they know about there. There’s little differentiation for them. They just came from there. They just left God’s bosom to be with us. That is what we believe… Right? If so… Wow. What a responsibility. Is our home ready for this being… this twenty-one grams… this soul, this little piece of God? Are we worthy… We don’t own them. They are not our property. They are on loan and in our care. Us, well… humbly, the walls of the bouncy house. Inside they should have the space to run, play, fall down, explore and create… Space to formulate their questions. With a roof over their head and not a worry about tomorrow. Our responsibility… bounce them back to the center periodically.

We are operating with a brain loaded down and tired… like a ten-year old PC… They have a 2014 Mac.

images-10 Having a child in our midst pushes the game into warp speed. Their little brains are not obstructed by the roadblocks that we throw up such as  “not possible” or “I can’t do that”. They are wide open… connected to the internet at all times. Right and left brain work together seamlessly. We’re still on dial-up… stuck in our left brain. This left brain resembles that old hard drive and contains only the information that we put there. Thinks no new thoughts. The flexibility and fluidity of their internet bumps up against the inflexible nature of our hard drive. Their curiosity pushes the edges of our accumulated information. Jumps our boundaries… rapidly. We get glimpses, but our dreaming is often cut short by our spotty connection. They say yes to the world while we are more comfortable living in sameness… in that place where we feel in control. That place where things are repetitive and the same… boring.

Remember when everything was a game, there was magic everywhere. The only time you felt weak and incapable of being anything and everything was when someone told you that you couldn’t. Remember the joy and the need for stretching… learning. Remember when you could think something hard enough and it would happen.



Children have no constructs for God to work within.

No constraints on their imagination.

Unless we put them there.




These are my thoughts… How about yours?

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