imgresWhat if the words spoken were true? What if when Jesus told the people that they could do all that He could do and more He meant it? Not just a metaphor… Not just a concept.

Come follow Me…

It’s interesting how we as a society have together chosen to believe some of His words. Others we pretend not to hear. The ones that tell us of our potential for greatness that require us to step outside of the structure and play the game for real. The ones that require us to become…

In our structure, the way it’s set up, Jesus as our Savior, its sort of a cop out. Sets us up for under achievement and mediocrity. If Jesus is God… If Jesus is our Savior then there is no way I can be like Jesus. Achieve His perfection. It’s almost sacrilegious to even think the thought. Yet inside the thought of this framework He was sent here to be with the people… sent here to be human… to show us how it’s done. To be an example of right thought. We were put here on this earth to learn. To strive to achieve all that He accomplished and more. The mastery of thought and word.

Created in His likeness and image… are we not gods also. Lazy gods with many latent abilities… not growing… just following. Doing what we are told by the very men that Jesus challenged… within the structure they set up and call God.


No one commanded the elements as Jesus… the manipulation of matter. Healing the sick… creating wine from water… breathing life into the dead.

The instruction manual?

images-3What if He came here to be an example, a pattern to perfection. To show us all that was possible. What if He came to this planet to give us a glimpse into our capabilities. Instead we are caught in the gaping in between. This book we hold so sacred… Few have even read it. We only know what others tell us. We are taught to follow. Not to question, not to earn. When in reality Jesus questioned every known boundary. He pushed the limits of religious structure. What if when we were told to either be hot or cold rather than lukewarm we were being challenged to question? Challenged to take what was and expand upon it… grow it. Like his story about the rich man giving three men a sum of money to care for. The first two make it more than the initial sum by taking action, while the last hid the money away for safe keeping… not growing… hiding… no action. This is where we would be found. Hiding behind the skirts of others. Others that think they know. If they really did… if they had it all figured out… we wouldn’t need God at all… right? We could just follow them… Oh wait… thats what we’ve been doing.

In life we stumble upon scenarios where we have been told so much about a person by another that we feel we know them inside and out… say celebrities. In reality you have never met them. You may know about them but you don’t know them… You have never experienced them. We only know, for sure, without a doubt through personal experience. We don’t experience listening to the experiences of others. We experience by doing… by taking those steps onto the water’s surface. By putting our awareness into the arena and allowing our curiosity and imagination the freedom to roam… to ask the questions. There are no wrong questions. Each question points us towards the next clue. Each clue when allowed to incubate, grows and sprouts continuously, ever changing. Once a thought stops, grounded, growth has stopped. Game stops.

Dr. Duncan MacDougall’s research shows that a person weighs 21 grams less after death than prior.

Jesus points us to within… always to the Christ within. He points us to that undying part of us. That 21 grams that is eternal.

The treasure hunt…

In the Aquarian Gospel the author speaks of Jesus’ life before. His travels… His challenge of structure across the lands in search for Truth and Learning. His time In Egypt, India, Greece, Persia… studying with all of the great minds. Until the day came that He pushed the boundaries of their structure of thought to the point that He was pushed out. He moved on. Always questioning… always learning… always sharing. Expanding the thoughts of others… leaving them with possibilities… with the thought that through mastery of self we touch freedom.

Enlightenment. In India Jesus is depicted sitting in lotus…

imagesI have read anything I could get my hands on through the years… the remaining pieces of the lost scrolls, the Gnostic Gospels, the Course of Miracles… Trying to understand and know this Man of perfection. and bring some congruence between what I was taught and what my mind bounced around. In all, Jesus points us back towards ourselves. He urges us to imitate Him… allow Him to be our guide. He urges all to listen, to jump in the arena and begin playing the game in earnest, the instructions laid out before us..

I got my first glimpse of this Jesus at one of my meditation retreats. My mouth fell agape to hear Mr. Chopra talk of Jesus. Talking from the perspective of action and the energy behind the words of this man. Looking through this lens I see a scientist… I see something that I can work with to achieve more than the status quo. Taking all that I knew from the plane of concepts to the realm of action. Action I have control of. Not the willy nilly action of my past. From this place the game of life can be played with earnest.

Only with total congruence of thought, word and action. Simultaneously… Miracles… Magic happens.


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