I think so many of us have began our lives from a place of some sort of dysfunction. Much of our doing revolves around the struggle to appear normal. So as a result, life becomes more about the picture the world sees rather than the life we are actually living.

And then we add marriage and children to the mix. So now we are not only trying to look normal to those on the outside, we are striving to make that appearance inside our homes as well.

I lived in an absolute state of overwhelm…

I found that before I could reach down and remove the stuff buried under the rubble, I had to begin with what was on top. The little things that occupied so much of my time and thought.

What are the immediate things that can shift?images-5

You know the beautiful set of dishes, the gorgeous set of glasses? The cathedral cherry furniture… the fabulous white carpet? Oh, and lets not forget the maltese yellow sofa. Everything in its perfect lined up place. Open any cabinet… perfection.

How much stress do you think just that small paragraph holds when you live with a husband, two small children and two dogs?

images-2Well here is what I did… The next glass that broke I carried myself out and bought the brightest colored, happiest glass I could find. Oh… broken plate… the same. Pretty soon opening the cabinets became an adventure for everyone instead of oh… another broken set.

The carpet was eventually replaced with tile and rugs that could be thrown out. The shiny furniture with nail polish infused cotton balls stuck to the top were replaced with vintage pieces that began with an imperfect finish. Another glass ring, who would know? A picture that just won’t stay hanging straight… tilt it a little more along with the one next to it.images

The energy of the house shifted with each step I took towards declared imperfection. Now to be clear, the shift didn’t happen physically overnight but it was like a light switch in my head.

If everything in your home is a little jabberwocky to begin with… then who’s gonna know whether it was intended or not? 


  • Switch to plastic plates and cups! PLEASE! Safer for everyone without shards of glass and ceramic shooting all over the tile, waiting to embed in feet and paws. Place them in a cabinet at child height and kids can help with table setting, unloading the dishwasher, and helping a grown-up or older child load or wash.

    Add an OtterBox to your tablet and phone to minimize accidents and the stress that naturally flows from them. Put return address labels on chargers, Otterbox easels, phones, tablets, knitting projects, e-readers, glasses cases, handheld games, and anything else that’s easy to lose–if you’re concerned about privacy, try stufbak.com or one of the other sites that offers stickers with toll-free numbers that someone finding your item can call to log anonymous codes.

    • Great thoughts for little ones, for sure. Thanks for sharing. I personally like my pretties and enjoy setting a pretty table. The kids enjoyed as well. I felt we all had to learn to live together. Most of the breaking seemed to happen when my kids were a little older. I actually would choose plastic ware carefully when eating hot food from plastic. Plastic tends to breakdown with heat… microwaving and the dishwasher.

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