I have sat to write this numerous times. As my shock moved through stages of outrage I have realized that collectively the mirror is turned on us. Displaying back to us what it sees. The only way out is to see and make different choices, each one of us, with conscious intention. We can work on making better choices in life.

My visceral response is that we now have a version of what I see out of sync in our country leading us. The self-inflated white man in all of his glory. Spouting bigotry and hate. Almost a cartoon.

We have been forced into a position, where, for maybe the first time in a very long time, into a position where there is no way out but to examining our beliefs. What we deem important? What are our core values?

For most of us, we have gone along. None of it really touches us in any big way.

That we could see anyway.

Except systematically the machine has taken over our children, our families, and our time.

Money? The top 1% have that.

This one. That one. They were all cut from the political cloth. They have played the game and played it well.

But this time we have a wild card. No one really knows for sure what he is bringing to the table, we just know that it will be something different. Thoughts outside of the political arena.

Some say we are just going to sit tight and wait it out while others have taken to the streets in protest. Our county is outwardly polarized. People don’t know how to interact. Those on the opposite side are in an outrage that this material man is who will represent and display what we value as a people.

We are afraid to talk to each other.


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When our focus is on the WE the I will be supported. Not the other way around. When the I is the focus the WE collapses.

So in my prayer time and meditations images of my father rose to the surface.

A familiarity pulls at my stomach.  The familiarity of abusive characteristics.

His treatment of women, well we were dirt under his feet. We were on the planet to boost his ego. Make him feel good and then be slapped away. Prejudices. Every gay man was trying to hit on him. He was superior to any race. The depth of narcissism and fear ran so deep his clarity and judgement was like the head of a pin. He could not see outside of his I… Me… I…perception. Which is a common characteristic of an abuser.

We suffered.

In response to these thoughts the question that arose is what now?

I get an image of the elephant. The elephant embodies community. Sticking together. Taking care of one another. The elephant looks outside of herself to see the We. She takes in the lonely. She nurses the hungry. They form a circle around their young in protection. They mourn the loss the soul of another. They stand for strength, honor, stability and… Patience.

It is time… From the mouth of the great Master… to come back home and gather with like minds and actually talk about the big issues. Putting our minds together, knowing what we want, is the only way to make it happen. When two or more are gathered in the same dream… Magic happens!

The We of the people are made up of each and every one of us as individuals.

We as a people from our personal lives out have been following the train. It’s all we can do to get through the day.

No worries, they’ve got it.

They tell us what to eat. What to wear. How to give birth. They take our kids at 6 weeks old and basically keep them until they are 20… and we go along.

Well we got a new train. Good, bad, or indifferent. Change. We have an opportunity. The door is cracked.

Resistance creates suffering. So instead of trying to slam the door shut we can use this new space for something new. It isn’t the President’s choice. It is ours. We can choose empowerment and leadership.

And it begins in our homes.

I love to think about the nature of my best bud Nina. She is the calmest, most compassionate, most balanced creature I have met to date.

Her lesson to me… In the midst of chaos… Stand still. Know what you want and keep your eye on the bone.

She is a master of allowing her opponent to dance around, jump up and down, holler and scream. She stands still fully in her power. Her only movement is when they cross into her personal bubble. With a quick turn of her head she pushes them back. Usually with a smile on her face. Her focus on the outcome… her opponent on the dance. The dancer quickly is exhausted and Nina… Well she walks away with the bone. She is the perfect role model for people who want to learn to stand up for themselves.


Our attention as a nation has been outward. What do they have? Where do their kids go to school? What kind of car do they drive? How much money do I have in the bank? How much money does he have in the bank?

Life is reflected back to us in magnitude. The change that needs to occur is on the big screen for us all to see.

Narcissism? It has many flavors… little man syndrome… victimhood… Survivorhood… inflated white man… the woman on a mission to climb.

When the focus is on the we, the will be supported.

When the focus is on the I, the we collapses.


Save this affirmation to your Pin board!

Back to the beginning. Look deep. A house is built from the ground up. The result of our chasing the rainbow, our heads stuck up in the I, is creating the chaos. Our children are paying the price… We are paying the price.  People are living on the streets. Our women and children are being beaten and raped. Men are demeaned. Emasculated.

The men that are abusing, the men that are raping… Where was their mom?

I think of the story of the man that some have made God. What if He had been beaten… or raped… or emotionally scarred… How long do you think it would have taken for him to become? To climb out of the hole He was shoved into? Before He got to think about why He was here? As it was he was, feet on the ground, it took Him 30 years.

So, take a look around, most of us have spent the first 30 or 40 years just to get our feet on the surface before we can even think about walking forward

That was what was chosen for us.

We can choose differently. Invest the energy in you so that you can breathe life into your family. Our families are the cells that make up the leaders of our country, our churches, our companies… and we are their creators.

And we can even choose to help women whose families are crumbling; those who are recovering from divorce and separation.

Here’s the secret ladies…  Together Wcreate the circle. In a we all are equal. In a we, we join forces knowing that together and connected we are stronger. Each dot on that circle is equally important.

But it had to start somewhere.

Moms are designed to do it naturally. We stand still and we have the ability to see our families from a place of the we and the at the same time. We can bring the lost and forgotten into our fold, love them and raise them as our own. We can choose to empower and uplift. We can create community. We take care of the lonely. We take care of the hungry.  Strength, honor, stability and patience. Sounds like a good mom to me. Amazing really.

So rest at ease, there is no sacrifice when we are seeing for the whole. Each individual can be seen and can be heard and radiate in all its brilliance. Much like an orchestra, each instrument brings what is absolutely necessary and come together in unison to create a symphony.

When woman steps into momma bear mode. When she comes out, all forces, in defense or in support of the we…. When she chooses to make the we the focus of her attention… We will have a different quality of humans.

We regain our Power one choice at a time.

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