imgres-2If we hold to be true that each of us has a little piece of the “Divine” inside… Each created in “Gods” image… Where does that leave the multitudes of hurting children? Where does that take our level of responsibility? Did we spend more time and thought with our car or house purchase than the life that lives in the next room?

We must then hold to be true that Woman is the direct connection to the “Divine”. We are the direct tie to “Universe”, ultimate Creators. We are the creators of life. He empowered us with that. With power comes great responsibility. As in the parable where the rich man gives three men a bags of gold… Do you not think, in the end, that we are going to be held accountable as parents… and Ultimately as Mothers… as to what we did with our charge. These pure beings that just came from God, that little piece that’s been split off and created into a life… He placed the charge of this treasure inside of our body.  Entering into this contract of creation comes great responsibility and in the end its ours as women. The contracts we enter into with man will pale in comparison to this contract we enter into with God. images-5

A shift in awareness is necessary. A woman standing in her power would fight ferociously for the safety of her young no matter what the label above the perpetrators head says.  We are the only species on this planet that cowards and hides their heads and allow the male complete access. We are the only species that can be coerced into participating. We are the only species on this planet that will stand by and watch… to make excuses for the perpetrator. Our power handed over.

images-2It is time as women to turn our bag of gold into riches. The responsibly is ours. We have given birth to and have raised every human being on this planet. The Ones that do amazing works and the ones that are hurting, raping and killing our children. As a collective we have to rise up above the chaos and look around and assess our priorities. Are we chasing the fleeting illusion of what the world deems success or are we putting our energy toward the one lasting impression that we will leave with this planet… Our children.

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