Sunday, April 30

11 am to 6 pm

Healing • Meditation • Coaching Mastermind


For Mothers, Mommies, Mommas, Mums, Moms or Moms To Baimed at moving you out of overwhelm and into conscious choice making


Experience the healing powers of aromatherapy.

Learn how dream interpretation can help you find the answers you seek in your waking life.

Practice QiGong breathing techniques that will improve your quality of life.

Express and heal yourself with the transformative power of art.

Walk away with tools and mindful strategies to keep you balanced and present for the most important thing you will ever do


To bring the idea of divinity back to the role of Motherhood! Together, WE… Women… Mothers will be the force that changes the world. WE--through conscious choice making--are nurturing the worlds next great thinkers. Being Mom is the most important thing we will ever do. 

Who's Cherie?


Cherie is a healer with a passion for women in transition. She offers support in creating healthy, conscious choices for herself and her children.  As an accomplished author, she shares her story in her recent release... Junebug. She received her Bachelors of Metaphysical Psychology and is ordained into Ministry from the University of Sedona. She also gained certificates in Emotional Intuition with Barbara Rasor and Medical Intuition with Elaine Woodall through Holos University founded by Caroline MyssMona Lisa Schultz Medical Intuitive certificate. Richard Bartlett and Melissa Joy’s Matrix Energetics  Level 3 certification.

Held at Belly Bliss Yoga in Denver, CO