Untangle Your Story is a collaborative project for women to share their stories surrounding “what was” to help spread awareness during the month of April, Child Abuse Awareness Month. We will be posting stories and reflections on your stories on Just A Thought.

Your story is uniquely yours, and please share freely. There is power in the truth and healing in releasing it on paper in a form that others can understand. The goal of this project is to open up and create a community of women that speak out for themselves and for other women who are beginning to understand that there might be another way. The first 25 women to share their stories will receive a signed copy of Junebug and a free 90 minute session with Cherie.

  • We will not sell or share your contact information.
  • Your story may be edited for grammar, but we will not edit content.
  • Please try to limit stories to 1000 words.
  • We will not publish your story without your consent.
  • You may remain anonymous or opt-out of sharing (though we highly encourage you to share!) with the appropriate checkboxes at the bottom of the entry form.

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