So because thou art lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spew thee out of my mouth…  Jesus.

As is with most of these fabulous metaphysically balanced phrases it feels backwards in comparison to the way our society… our not so evolved Christianity… teaches us to live. Our existence is based on finding that place of placidity. The place where we have to make few decisions. You know… that place where we are bumping up against the existing structure the least. In park so to speak. Especially when it comes to our spirituality. Lukewarm.

We follow.

path of lifeWe take what has been given to us without a question. We accept it as God speak. We listen to others speak of the book we hold so dear. We even allow others to tell us what these precious words mean. We watch others participate in the ritual. We watch others participate in the joyous music. We watch. As if we were at the theater.



The structures in our world in our religion eliminate any need for us to choose. Their need for sameness smacks hard against the Universes constant changing never duplicating creation of new life. From our first breath we systematically put boxes around creative thought.

We only truly know through experiencing….right or wrong

In every other thing we do we know that to be true. But as is often found, our relationship with our God falls into a different category.

Let’s say you and I are friends. We spend the day together and throughout the day I talk about my husband… a lot. When the day is through do you know the husband or do you know about him? You may feel like you know him… but… you know about him.

Jesus came to this planet to show us how to touch God experientially. Every word He spoke has action. No watching. He came here to be a pattern… be an example. We have allowed ourselves to be lulled into a separateness. Jesus up on a pedestal so high that His accomplishments are unattainable.

Anything I can do you can do better.

Feed the multitudes with a few fish… turn water into wine… breath life into the dead. Are these things that you aspire to. Are they at the top of your bucket list? Oh of course not… the thought almost blasphemous. Such a prideful thought. These experiences… mystical experiences… meant only for them.

Interestingly enough, are the them, the same them, that He sidestepped? The them that took his life?

We are called to make a choice. Make any choice… your choice

I like the example of the GPS in your car. You put in your destination… Right? As long as the car is sitting still… the little voice inside the box is very quiet. She doesn’t begin to speak until the car starts moving. In which direction you move makes little difference… she just keeps rerouting you… until you reach your destination.

We are called to choose. To choose to see that there is more at stake that just this.  To bridge the gap between their Christianity and Jesus. We are called to put our car in gear and get out of the parking lot.

These are my thoughts… How about yours?



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