water crystals 2Masaru Emoto’s famous water crystal pictures put my mind on one of its infamous thought trains. Through these photos he explores waters reaction to external information. Later focusing on its understanding of words and its shift in molecular structure in reaction to words. The deformity of the frozen crystals after being exposed to harsh words was appalling. When exposed to uplifting or kind words, the crystals would be intricate and extraordinary, beautiful crystals formed. Gratitude… the most flamboyant of all. He became convinced that the quality of the water improves or deteriorates according to the information it is taking in.  


Can you imagine the ramifications if for one second you thought this to be true? Our bodies, as adults, are 70% water, an embryo at conception 98% water. The trees… We see what happens to the earth after periods of drought. Everything on this planet is made up of water. Without water the whole universe … dust. I could barely comprehend the significance of this in the world at large, but personally, in the realm of my healing, it makes so much sense. These words, spoken when we are young, are the foundation on which our sense of self, our existence is built. The words are embedded so deep. Like one of those viruses that bores away and hides until the barrage of antibiotics retreat.

Only to emerge stronger.

3 crystals

The words of our story.

My love of children’s movies arrives front and center with a visual… the evil queen arrogantly strides down the street through the open air market. The street is active with the lowly peasants, living their lives, making their trades.  Flowers are in bloom, birds are singing. The sun is shining. At the sight of her, activity in the street stops. Everyone frozen in fear.  As she passes, the life is sucked from everything around her, blackened. The grass blackens. The flowers wilt instantly. The food begins to rot.amazing grace

We have all seen the life drain from the face of a child because of the words of an adult. An adult wearing the hat of the evil queen. A teacher… a parent.

What if these words are really affecting more than just the outside? More than the drooping face and shoulders? What if these words are changing the molecular structure of the water that makes up the child’s body? What if we could actually see the beautiful cells turn cancerous before our eyes? What if we could see, with the naked eye, the deformities to our surroundings and unsuspecting people as the continual stream of words flows from our lips. Words spoken with little thought or awareness. What if we could see life begin to deteriorate around us, with our barrage of complaints and insults? What if we could see the world wilt before our eyes? The water of life… as Jesus says. The man that many claim to be their savior, interchanges the word Water for God often. Water permeates everything on this planet, animate or inanimate.

If this is true, can we rewrite our story? Can we delete the outdated useless words?

5 crystals

Meditation was a huge step for me. In the sitting… still. No doing. Watching as the thoughts ran through my brain. I found that I was unaware of the amount of negative words circulating up there. For me it was aimed at my value. The words spoken to me when I was young, seemed to color the words playing in my head now… Worthless… insignificant… stupid… frigid… Some of the words evoked feelings that were twisted up. Love… Sex… Intimacy… I found the words I spoke of myself, out loud, equally as lame. Tired… sick… unlovable… weak… uneducated…

It takes vigilance on every level of our consciousness.

If our brain is our God given computer… Delete? I have read that our left brain is equated to the hard drive of our computer while the right is the internet. The hard drive has to be cleaned up periodically, right? and rebooted? Through meditation I worked diligently deleting words that were hazardous to my success out here in the world. Delete… During the day as doubt would emerge… delete…delete… Reprogram!

you fool crystalsRecapitulation of my day became essential. Before sleep each night I watched the words play out scene by scene. Realizing each scene was the words. Word becomes flesh… solid. Everything we see our brain turns to words creating the story of our life. Watching from the outside I am able to see how life could be different. I have the power to create something different. Cast a different spell. Say a different prayer. The clarity of my thought brought clarity to my word. Bringing clarity into creation. I replace the worn out reel of words with new… “Speak the Word.”

Jesus didn’t say to the lame… Hey I hope after we finish up here you might be able to possibly, well, maybe you might want to try to pick up your mat and walk…

So each morning, before the rising of the sun, I spin the words creating my day a little differently…water crystals

I move my awareness into the realm of action. Can I change my reality with the words I speak? Speaking health versus sickness? Speaking accomplishment versus defeat? By speaking encouragement versus criticism? Deleting all that is not in forward motion… room for change. Slowly from the inside out I begin to feel change. Strength and Confidence grow with clarity. I can feel a difference in my body… in my environment…  I see my relationships, my world, begin to shift with the quality of words I choose. A whole new movie. After all we’re just telling a story… Right?

We are creators and our word is our wand!


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