When we think about our Spirituality and religion, or our relationship with God and our daily life, I find that many of us have a vast canyon between the two. Our God falls into a rhetoric from childhood and our life runs with a different set of rules. I think we are seeing that clearly in the ongoing saga of our world. Unspeakable acts are being performed with “God” as their motivation. We are operating with a leader whose words slam hard against any sort of religious or spiritual beliefs.

Yet we stand behind him… Claiming God as the backbone of our/his philosophies…Religion and politics.

Collectively we make excuses for his disrespectful behaviors. We giggle at his elevated thoughts about himself. We are quiet around the ideas that create division between us… The honorary white people and the rest of the world. Walls are talked about: designed to keep people out. Talk of bigger bombs. His cabinet… ummm… White supremacist and Russia supporters.

So here we are in a time when we are called to examine what we believe and why. We are called to fill the gap between life and God. To integrate these beliefs into the fabric of our reality; a spiritual awakening of sorts.

All around the world God is brought down to fit inside our structures. We stuff Him in, we gag Him so that He can’t speak, and we call our tiny thoughts and words God’s.

Horrific acts are perpetrated in His name.

If we believe that God is in everyone, and that God creates Himself over and over again in humans, and if we believe every life to be sacred, then the rest of this conversation is about our smallness and has nothing to do with God.

I have read nowhere of God calling us to violence… in any religion. I have read nowhere, that I, as a white person was better in God’s eyes. Quite the opposite; that we are to find God in all things.

Yet here we stand with division in every direction. Race… Gender… walls… nuclear bombs.

And we rejoice… In our honorary Caucasianess. We just happen to believe in the right God and  we just happen to be wearing the right color of skin… This time.

This is not God. The gap between our life and our God must be united; we must find God again.

Instead this is mass… collective narcissism ruling our humanness.

Here is the thing, if you or I had all the answers there would be no need of this God.

What would our relationship with God or Spirituality look like if fear and duality were removed from the conversation? When we begin discussing the concept of our relationship with God I feel most of us go into the rhetoric that we were taught as young children about spirituality and religion.

Even though we intellectually know that it is not true, we speak in reference to a father figure and bring God down to us; conveniently relieving us of the responsibility of reaching.

gratitude creates your attitude

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God becomes something outside of ourselves. We struggle. We want to believe it. We want desperately to have absolute certainty around this God that one can’t see. Our life seems then to split.

We have Life… And we have God. They unfortunately are two very different and separate conversations.

Enlightenment… Healing physically… Healing Emotionally… all end up in the same place. We can’t achieve one without the other. Any breakdown in any of these areas is ultimately a spiritual crisis and meant to bring us back to center; to give us a spiritual awakening.

So, the process becomes a reaching up instead of a pulling down.

As we were told. anything I can do you can do more… You have the ability to move mountains…

The energy that we call God is real. Is it a man in the sky? NO! God is an energy… a measurable energy.

I love that Jesus interchanged the words God and water. Water is God on this plane. Anything we see devoid of water would turn to dust. Water is the mainstay of everything… living or non-living. It is separate from us, but we are not separate from it. We can find God in the waves.

So, think in this way with our God and spirituality.

I like to think in comparison to electricity. So, we are the lamp and God the electricity. The lamp is just a shell unless plugged into the source, but the source is still intact without the lamp.

We breath because of this energy. It breathes us.

You are that… That is you!

Each fear we create becomes an ink spot on God` s beam of light. Each of us are connected. Each of us have the 21 grams that is That… the electricity that creates the light through us.

Until the light can barely seeeeep out. Like a soaker hose. You know the hose with all the little pin holes.

Filling the gap becomes about removing the ink spots. Releasing the light. Finding God in all things.

Each ink spot removed paves the way for transforming the soaker hose into a fire hose.

We are deconstructing not learning. We are removing all that is solid…. breaking down everything we think we know at this point.

We examine the continuity of our beliefs.

That’s it, right? Discomfort is found here. We can carry a belief to a point and then it starts breaking down. We follow the belief right up to the moment where they bump up against our choices around a business deal or the color of a person’s skin. And we say that’s different. We feel uncomfortable and without our ground… hence the saying… without a leg to stand on.

Spirit is playful and respectful.

Living in unity with God means recognizing the truth. Means clarity in what you believe. Means these thoughts and beliefs are activated in your life creating action in your personal growth.

Spirit takes a bow to the Godliness in each one of us over a select few.

We have been living by the Spirit that fits at the time. Throwing and manipulating verses to support our stance. We conveniently leave out… Love one another as you love yourself when we want to rise above. Forgetting to find God in all things.We make exceptions and ever so gently step on or brush aside anything in our way and feel freed from our inconsistence by a brief visit to church on Sunday.

Have you ever noticed… The more words one uses, the less clarity one has.

Integrity… When thought, word, and action are in alignment. This is our charge. To take our Spiritual journey seriously… In a playful way. Right? Like a treasure hunt. Ink spots of fear wiped away means more light can enter.

Be careful building rules around my teachings for you will then be trapped inside… The Great White Wizard… Jesus

What did we do but begin immediately creating rules and regulations? Bringing God down to fit our comfort levels.

We worship over becoming.

What if instead He came here to be an example. To show us what was possible. The magic that we have access to. What if He was here to give us a roadmap to the union between humanness and Godliness; to bridge our spirituality and religion with our everyday lives.

Did our insistence in naming Him a God erase our responsibility for becoming? It has become almost blasphemous for one to search and learn about spirituality and religion… to test the boundaries. Yet this Man that we claim as our God traveled and studied. He studied in Persia, Egypt, Tibet, India, Greece…. He studied with all the great thinkers of his time… Until the day that he asks that question that stretched the ideas of man too far. They pushed him out and on to the next adventure. He pushed at the church walls. He pushed at the piety of the clergy. He pushed at the governments treatment of people. He pushed at man’s treatment of one another. He called out what needed to be seen. He stood next to those the world saw as dirty. He saw value in those that were different.

He saw what was behind each human… no matter the color of their skin… their gender or the path they chose to reach God… He saw that 21 grams that was the same in each one of us. That part of us that if ignited could raise our humanness to Godliness…and find hope again… here on this plane.

In this space of worship, we released ourselves of the push. We live with our elementary school learning and never think to ask another question. Here’s the deal: growth requires participation. This man came here to show us how to play. He showed us a glimpse of our capabilities…

This is our journey. Spirit is simple. Spirit is respectful. Spirit is playful.

Any deviation from that is you. It’s all human.




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