Woman Relaxing outdoors
Woman Relaxing outdoors

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I loved this book! As an actor…it read like a script. The grit of the raw savagery of her incomprehensible childhood to her characters extraordinary coping mechanisms paint such a visceral landscape of of childhood abuse. The writing is wonderful. You wanta to throw the book down at the end and run to envelope the girl in understanding. Love and support.The bravest read Ive experienced in a long time. Because it is undenialy true.

Annie Potts: Actress: Designing Women

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This is such a beautiful, nurturing book for children and those who are young at heart. Perfect for snuggling up and reading aloud, or acting out the different animals through yoga poses or pretend play. A lovely gift for families and classrooms everywhere.
Amber Sparkes: Yoga Teacher

You are not ill! YoU are a sUperhero! 

Quantum Therapeutix

For PTSD and Trauma Resolution

An evolutionary new process for overcoming C-PTSD and the lingering effects of past traumas is now available to you!

Quantum Therapeutix™ is Cherie’s own Quantum process for guiding you to PTSD and Trauma resolution by cleaning up the tangles in your timeline, eliminating triggers… flashbacks, night mares and the constant reliving of past traumatic events. Cherie’s process was born first from personal necessity in the drive to find wholeness for herself. Her passion grew with the realization that when science and spirit meet experiences and outcomes are duplicatable. Here we find our Selves in the Quantum realm. From here we can retrace our steps, Quantum Jump back through time, deconstruct the frozen loop of time and rescue you. The YOU that has been stuck there reliving your most horrible experience… over and over again!

Literally, the molecules of your life force back to this time and this space and unify them with the molecules of you… In this time and this reality… Through The QT’s own Fuzion Vortex! This process creates unity and wholeness on all levels of being!

A person in Wholeness is a person who can live Consciously and on Purpose! This process holds true to Cherie’s personal values and the values of Quantum Therapeutix™ Practitioners…  We stand solid in our passion to guide you out of your personal suffering  PTSD and Trauma Resolution opens the door to reclaiming your Brilliance. We never loose sight that this is your journey and no one can heal you but you! From a place of truth and integrity and the love of humanity and the Mother Earth we offer you a clear and direct path out!

True Love Rises out of Wisdom

True Love Rises out of Wisdom

Love… It’s a garbled word at best. We reach for what we see in the movies. Our mind longs for the ideas of the love within a family.  We look to our parents as an example of what relational love should look like. We measure the level of stability and balance in...

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