I Know that you are looking for Freedom.

Are you in your Body?

Get a sneak preview of my new program! This collective of simple little exercises will change your life.

Module 1: Dissociation is a given for so many of us, but what is that and where do we go? “Are You in Your Body?” is going to guide you through the process of discovering where you have been your whole life while teaching you to know the difference. 

If you are feeling lonely, empty, isolated, alone…

If you feel like you have spent your life watching yourSelf live.

If you feel overwhelmed, confused and anxious!

You are NOT in there!

Are you Ready to leave illness and dis-ease behind? Let’s Play!

Trauma to Enlightenment Academy

Built on the Principles and Methodology of the QT Matrix™, an evolutionary new process for overcoming PTSD and the lingering effects of past traumas is now available to you!

The Trauma to Enlightenment Academy is a 3 level learning journey into yourSelf! The Academy has grown from my personal needs and wants out to the wants and needs of those that have chosen me as their guide. Trauma leaves cracks in the structure of our 3D existence, and through those cracks seep in glimpses of what is possible.  PTSD is the result of our magical or quantum reaction to the traumatic events, we get tangled up living in these moments on repeat. In our need for survival we have gained access to outr superpowers. Have you noticed that most of the superheros have undergone some extensive trauma before discovering what they were truly capable. 

1. Activation

This is a deconstruction of what you think you know. Your story, your belief around what is possible, these are the confines that trap possibilities. The Activation level utilizes The QT Matrix™ to clean up your timeline from any frozen moments or loops in time. It’s purpose is to bringing all version or fragments of you, the trapped molecules of your life force back to this moment in time… reconnecting them back in the you of today.

2. Refinement

Completion of the ACTIVATION level is a prerequisite for moving into the REFINEMENT level of the Academy.

So now you are here. Feet on the ground. You are awake and activated. You are free of the tangles of the past and are learning how to interact with life in a new and different way. You are creating distance between yourSelf and emotional responses. You are becoming aware of your habit to turn time in on itself as we connect today’s experience back to old suffering. We are seeing the evidence of your progress in the  the changes in your environment. 

3. Mastery

We are in the world and not of it!

You are the conduit for all magic. That moment when science and Spirit meet. Those moments can be created and duplicated… That is truly being in the world and not of it. This is a space we will explore together, the goal is mastery of thought, word and action.

Here’s what people are saying…

“I feel like everyday the things you helped me learn and integrate take me to making the next right choice verses looping in my head; stuck in the past or overthinking choices now or for my future”
-Tim Terrell

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