A Deep Bow To Mom

This one goes out to all of you out there that are struggling to find a balance between the pull of the world and being Mom.

Mom We are the backbone of each and every human on the planet. We are the givers of life. We are the creators. We are the smiles and the imagination. We are like the fairies sprinkling life on all that we touch. We are the selfless womb for the manifestation of God here on this plane. He recreates Himself over and over again through us… Woman!

A woman has the ability to rise above her wants to bring fruition to the needs of the whole. Mom in her power can give you what you need over what you want. She is the essence with which we breathe.

Mom She has the ability to give life and to take it away.

We live in a world where we are instructed by “them” on how to give birth ~ you know, the most “appropriate” way. How much it should hurt. What positions we’re in during the process…  how and what our babies eat. We are hypnotized into believing that it’s okay to be institutionalized at the age of 6 weeks old. That we should be back at work with our minds away from our children as quickly as possible.

How different is that than being in an orphanage? Only that they go home with us a few hours to eat, do homework, take a bath, and they sleep? How much influence do we have over the minimal standards set by the government?

This is a structural flaw in our system. Our children need us. We are their first relationship. What they experience with us aligns them with their stories around relationship and what is acceptable. We are their teachers of life… and the stage is set by the age of 2… in concrete by the age of 7.

Ancient traditions hold that the Root chakra, our foundational system, develops from birth to the age of 7. They say that experiences in these years form the lens through which everything else in life is seen. This is the time where fear is born. Modern science holds these same truths with the first two years as the most crucial. Experiences during these first two years actually affect the brain in many ways. “Childhood adversity can damage the brain as surely as inhaling toxic substances or absorbing a blow to the head can. And after the age of two, much of that damage can be difficult to repair, even for children who go on to receive the nurturing they were denied in their early years.” For our little girls… sexual and physical abuse show the most damage. For our boys… neglect and lack of touch from MOM.

With this clarity, our children live the rest of their lives with what we give them in this short time. Nurturing and attention is absolutely the top priority for our children living lives free of illness and struggle.

And yet… We live in one of the few countries that give Mom and babies no time. The relationship is minimized in importance. In our culture, we have been programmed to believe that it is the norm to have total strangers inputting into our babies brains. If we are lucky, we are allowed the first 6 wks. For some, it is as soon as mom can be back on her feet physically. We live in fear… Fear of losing our jobs, fear of being labeled weak by revealing the hole in our bellies as we walk into work. Silently… we pray that someone is choosing to give our kids what we can’t.

We have to go to work.

The United States stands with Lesotho, Swaziland and Papua New Guinea as the only countries that do not mandate paternity leave. What? The crazy thing is we think we have it so good. We think it’s perfectly normal. It is what we know.

3 Months is the average throughout the world. The United States… 0.

Paid family leave combats poverty, gives children a healthy start, and lowers the wage gap between women and men by providing structural support to balance work and family. They say only 13 percent of Americans get any paternity leave at all. They go back to work as soon as they are possibly able.

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Are we tamed?

Are we tamed to a point that we must read from books on how to feed and nurture our young? How to give birth? How to interact with one another?

Are we tamed into following the “norm” of sameness that clouds our country? Our children walk in a line… move according to bells… all learn the same thing at the rate decided by “them”. We are told what to feed them… and by the way, “all natural” means well… maybe sawdust or … other “natural fillers”.

Mom struggles with the amount of information at their children’s fingertips. There was a time, not so long ago, that to purchase pornography a person had to be of a certain age and walk into a public place and ask permission to enter the secret room. Now a kid only has punch “boobs”  in google and the images show up readily. Instructions on bombs, guns, how to murder people, how to commit suicide… it’s all there.

It is an interesting time we live in. We put so little value on the role of Mom and the experiences of our youth. Collectively, we are our own worst enemies. How can we not see that we were once them?

A grassroots movement to take back our families is necessary.

Living life mindfully keeps us present to the present moments that your current situation allows. Without us, there will be no country. Our children are looking around and wondering what we are doing. They aren’t buying our game. Suicide rates among teenagers are through the roof… especially in our boys.

No matter what “THEY” say, Mom’s nurturing touch and attention is the deciding factor.

So here is a deep bow to the Mom who walks forward with purposeful awareness and the understanding of her importance and place. The world needs you. The world’s children need you. You are Appreciated and Celebrated!

We are why they are!

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