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About Cherie Doyen

Who Am I?

I am a relentlessly passionate advocate for those who have been subjected to physical, sexual and emotional abuse. The focus of my work is to help victims who have struggled through trauma, move out of the reactionary mode of PTSD and into the action of life. As a gifted intuitive, teacher and guide, I have grown my Signature QT Matrix™ Trauma Therapy Program to not only include dissolution of the quantum entanglement of PTSD but to support your learning to live in a whole new and different way. The QT Matrix™ approach is a tangible Wholistic approach. Physical pain, Emotional triggers, Mental structures and habitual Behavioral patterns, Spiritual tangles and fears, the Quantum actions behind Dissociation and PTSD – my trauma therapy program is the untangling of all of those pieces to create a life free of triggers and emotional land mines.

I have developed tangible tools and create personalized strategies to fit you and your specific circumstances.

PTSD is Not a life sentence anymore!

I am passionate about my clients being free of the film of the past, so they may begin the process of living in the present and planning for the future. My unique, practical approach has grown into “QT Matrix™”.   Veterans, moms, victims of Human Trafficking, people struggling with childhood trauma or those who have experienced recent trauma, have all seen the benefits of this program. In a matter of months, NOT YEARS, these people were able to turn their lives around.

Personal Story:

The mother of two daughters, grandmother of three, and former mother of two foster children, my personal healing journey through childhood trauma began in earnest after my daughters were grown. Flashbacks caused me tremendous internal torment and continuous overwhelm. I began a spiritual quest that led to unraveling the “old familiar voices” of my childhood. Reconnecting with nature and its healing wisdom, I grew stronger and gained a higher perspective about my situation. My inner quest led me to experience a variety of synchronistic interactions with shamans from the US and Ireland. They facilitated a journey into my past from the beginning of my timeline when the first act of violence happened, and helped me establish a direct connection to the Divine. Through these interactions, my deep mission began to emerge. The shaman who found me in Ireland spoke of his children and the menial value adults give them. He told me they are the ones to be most valued. We need to heal mothers so that our children can live the life of the Creator’s design.

That was the spark that ignited my life’s work.


My personal transformation led me to study a variety of subjects with renowned teachers, including meditation and mind science with Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. David Simon, Matrix energetics with Richard Bartlett and Melissa Joy, medical intuition with Dr. Mona Lisa Schultz. Medical and emotional intuition at Carolyn Myss’ Holos University. I am an entrepreneur and owned a successful business for 20 years before transitioning into my current work. I have a degree in metaphysical science, certified metaphysical practitioner and am an ordained minister, all through The University of Sedona.


Published Works:


Cherie is the author of Junebug, a quasi-autobiographical childhood tale of surviving sexual abuse and emotional trauma by accessing what was only known in science fiction. She was leaving her physical body behind and going on amazing adventures… Traveling through time and dimensions… It was always there though the suffering that happened down there.

Spirit Animals by Cherie Doyen

Cherie was inspired to write Spirit Animals by her own deep connection to the ancient healing power of animal totems and the wisdom her personal animal guides have imparted on her throughout her own life. Animal totems have been called upon through the ages to give us guidance, to encourage us to get through a difficult situation or just to teach us that we are all divinely connected. This beautifully illustrated book weaves together mystical and evolutionary aspects of our favorite animals from A to Z. Each animal listed offers young readers positive ways to interact with the world and call on their animal friends to help them with life’s challenges in a magical way.

My Work as a Change Agent

Frustrated by the reactionary family law system and how our society deals with the struggles that women and children face, I work with the victims of domestic violence. These people have been displaced by the foster care system, which consistently separates the family unit. I have witnessed children systematically placed with their sexual abusers. In 2013, I completed my training for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) training in Columbia, Missouri.

I speak out across various media platforms to promote awareness and incite positive change. My hope is that working with women to help them get out of these abusive situations, the children will be able to live their lives without fear of a predator.

In working with adults who have lived through childhood sexual and physical abuse, I am able to help prevent the cycle from repeating.

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Cherie Doyen is an impassioned advocate for domestic and sexual trauma survivors. She delivers a powerful and change-provoking message aimed at activating action towards personal growth and conscious choice making. Cherie has presented keynotes, workshops, webinars and group sessions on topics that most others are afraid to face head-on. Cherie’s compassionate heart combines with her deep experience with healing through trauma to help audience members and listeners gain the courage to change their lives.

Cherie’s Credentials

Degrees and Certifications:

My personal thirst for knowledge led me to study meditation and mind science through the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, even having the opportunity to work with Deepak Chopra, himself. My studies included- energy medicine, Theta Healing, Ayurveda, Astral Travel, The Sylva Method and Akashic Records, all supporting my innate intuitive and quantum abilities. 


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