The slippery slope between Watcher and Accomplice

The slippery slope between Watcher and Accomplice

How slippery is the slope between the Watcher and the Accomplice?

Thank you so much for taking your moments to join me here today.

I think that many times in our silence, we don’t understand that we are, in truth, supporting the inflicted harm.

That’s not a thought we have.

What if you were the driver of the car and your friends went in and robbed a bank and you knew it was happening?

You are an accomplice.

So if we’re in a space of allowance and excuses around people that we love’s behavior are we not an accomplice as well?

How often as a kid, I would hear:

That’s just your dad.

That’s how he is.

You know, uncle so-and-so, you better walk up a big circle around him. Right?

With the common knowingness comes a communal acceptance.

Responsibility lies on the child to stay out of reach.

Any address to the situation will be directed towards the child as a hushed warning.

If we choose to stay with someone that is consistently causing harm that is your choice… Until the moment that the behaviors begin to harm your children, your friends, your parents, your family.

And you’re allowing it, you are an accomplice. No one in the situation has a choice but you.

Just because we are victims or survivors does not give us an exempt card.

If in your silence, you in turn claim some level of ownership in the outcome.

So in our family structures, the organs that make up the collective body of humanity, we need to recognize that.

We collectively need to understand that being a watcher causes just as much harm if not more.

When one is witnessed being harmed a deeper level of Self degradation is embodies.

The slope becomes slippery between the Watcher and Accomplice!

Take the situation of the bully. We may know and witness the behaviors of the bully but instead of addressing the bully we tell the other child how to avoid the bully.

There’s no authority here.

There’s no personal respect here.

And there’s no accountability for the other parties involved.

As we step into this humongous gateway of change and dip our toes further into the age of Aquarius… the age of reason, these realizations will bring this body of the collective into balance… into justice!

If you can identify yourSelf with the characteristics of a Watcher, think about the consequences of that in the outcome… and not only to you or to the one being harmed but the door is left wide open for the harmful behavior to continue.

We are actually supporting it.

In the recognition of our part we can move into action… a place of authority and integrity… in those situations and either defuse them or remove oneSelf and those in our guardianship out of harms way.

Whatever actions that need be..

When someone is trying to distinguish the environment, understanding the levity of the watcher is really an important threshold for many of us.

In the end the biggest betrayal if that of the Watchers.

The moms that choose to stay in spite of her husband molesting the children.

Let’s be real… If you know your husband is cheating across town I find it hard to believe you don’t know its happening down the hall.

Our choice to close our eyes comes at a cost. The ultimate anger of the adult child is you.

You had a choice and you chose him instead of me.

I hear this cry over and over.

So wake up, wake up Watchers.

What does it mean to Depersonalize?

What does it mean to Depersonalize?

I’ve been asked some questions around what it means to depersonalize our experiences. 

By depersonalizing, I am not meaning that you’re not feeling things. What I am meaning is that to turn this corner we have to stop taking everything so personally.

If you are taking things personally you are steeped in emotion. The whole moment has become about you.

We can go all of the way back to Buddha. Many of the great teachers talked about detaching from our emotion and the necessity for that separation to live in any sort of right minded way. 

No need to start piling on the guilt! Society teaches us that our feelings are who we are.

It’s not true. It’s just not true. 

Unless we are very clear and present, feelings are most often skewed by yesterday, unless we’re very clear, and we are very present. 

Unless you are the operating like the Dali Lama, with your energy and awareness focused forward in the world like a child. He lives in the sweet spot… back to the wonderment of childhood.

I love that. 

But for you and I… If we’re coming forward and a huge wave of emotion hits us, It behooves us to be aware of its relevance on the moment. 

Just because you remember it dosen’t make it true. Past emotions almost instantaneously color what becomes our memory.. 

What does it mean to depersonalize?

Are we stepping forward in truth or illusion? Have we accidentally scotch taped yesterday all over our current experience and inhibiting our ability to make rational choices. 

We’re operating only from our heart.

We are left vulnerable and searching for information.

When the heart is cut off from the rest of the wisdom circuit our only avenue is to connect back to past experience.

The Wisdom Circuit connects our left brain, right brain and our third eye into the Corpus Callosum. Neoro science claims the Corpus Callosum to be the control room of our brain. The circuit connects the corpus callosum to the brain cells in our hearts. The heart connects and activates the brain cells in our gut. 

That’s the wisdom circuit. 

If we’re just operating on one piece of that, we’re going to be in a struggle. When we’re operating only from heart, we’re in a space of emotion. That’s not serving you and it’s not serving the people around you. 

What does it mean to depersonalize?

By depersonalizing, I mean, stepping back, just taking a few steps back and go, wait,… What is real and true right now… Here in this moment. 

We move past it feels like what happened back last week and see clearly what is happening right here. 

We can take the attachment we have to our feelings with a grain of salt. 

Could it be possible that E-motion could have been intended as Energy-motion detectors, E-motion, in this field of 400 billion bits of information?

What if we were meant to use these detectors as more of a notification?

Motion detectors alert us and focus our attention.

Not identifiers of who we are?

If we’re living there and operating from a space of anger, or fear…

We are in illusion. Yesterday takes over and today is wiped away.

If we are using words like always, should, would, and could we have turned backwards.

You have choices to make.

If you’re not making them, then you can’t blame anyone but you…, And I know this from experience. 

What does it mean to depersonalize?

So depersonalizing means giving yourself some space between the experience that is happening before you. This gives you the space to connect the dots and bring the emotion into balance or in justice with the moment.

You deserve that! The people around you deserve that! 

We call that being emotionally sound!

Nice is different than Kind.

Nice is different than Kind.

Here’s a really big one, especially for the ladies out there. Nice is different than kind!

Why do we say yes when we really want to say no?

Not that this isn’t a common thing for all humans, but I think it’s very ingrained in woman to be accommodating, especially to man.

I hear it over and over again, women saying, yeah, I, I had sex with him last night. I really didn’t want to. Why did you? Oh, well I knew he wanted it so bad and I didn’t want to disappoint him. I felt bad.

OR… I went out with this guy the other day. I didn’t want to say yes but I didn’t want his feelings to be hurt. Or I stayed married to this man because he said he was gonna hurt himself. If I left.

We can’t do this guys.

Do you understand that saying yes when you really want to say no, it’s truly a lie and lies are never good for anyone, right? Because you are painting a picture for this individual that is not based in truth and what you’re giving you is a lack of importance. You are putting your wants and needs behind the needs of another.


Nice is different than kind!

There’s a huge difference between being nice and being kind right. Being nice is doing something that we think we should do. Nine times out of 10 our thought words and actions are not in alignment.

We have regret around it.

We feel sacrifice around it.

Martyrdom is ours

Nice acts. They haunt us because they’re a lie. It’s like feeding somebody only the icing off of a cake and never getting into the cake.

We have to know that.

Kindness, on the other hand, most often it passes by.

We don’t even understand that we did anything extraordinary.

We just gave.

Regret is not ours.

We don’t feel sacrifice.

We don’t feel any sort of remorse or lack or martyrdom.

That’s kindness.

Nice is different than Kind!

As we move forward into wholeness and integrity, our goal is what we think, what we say and what we do come into alignment.

I know it feels uncomfortable, especially in the beginning, but coming into integrity and choosing what you want , is an exercise.

We all know you’re not making this choice to harm anyone.

This is about you and what you deserve. If you don’t respect your wants and needs how would can you expect anyone else to approach you with that honor.

I like to think of this kind of like, I feel about mom energy. We can give people what they want, or we can give people what they need. And most often what they need and what they want are two different things.

If somebody wants you and you’re not in alignment with that, how is that good for anyone? It’s not good for them. It’s not good for you. So step into that, it’s never a good choice.

It’s never a right minded choice to say yes, when we want to say no.

We are moving into a place of integrity.

We’re moving into a place of power.

With each step we are taking back choices.

It is your time to choose… Who you are, why you’re here, what is acceptable for YOU! ,

What do YOU want? What do YOU need.

You deserve that. And no, one’s going to give that to you until, you know.

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Who Am I? And Why am I here? Now?

Who Am I? And Why am I here? Now?

let’s take a look at these age old questions… Who am I? And Why am I here?… in a new and different way!.

In our lack of responsibility collectively, we have been huddling in fear under a collective slavery.

We forgot who we are!

We have been shying away from taking our place and finding permission to release our belief in what we have been told.

Who am I?

Anything I can do you can do and more…

You are a Spiritual… Magical being who has chosen to walk this earth as a human. To bring all that is possible down to this earth.

To be in the world and not of it. 

Not to rise away and float aimlessly caught in the many fears of what is claimed as Spirit.

Spirit is simple. Spirit is childlike. Fear is fear. No mater what level of existence it seeps in.

Universal law rings true. It knows no time… no space.

Our religions have made light of our charge… Anything I can do you can do and more… You can move mountains. 

Instead of Gods walking the earth we have been lulled into unconscious slavery.

For you to become what you are intended you have to first understand what is possible, what we have had glimpses of, and how this amazing spaceship of a system operates. And what you are ultimately capable of.

As above so below. 

So what ever is here is a replica of what extends out and vise versa.

We as humans have been trying to replicate what is natural through melena.

What am I?

The computer works hard to replicate the way the human system operates. And now they are getting close to replicating human likeness on many levels.

You are gifted in your humanness with the most amazing operating system. You have come here with everything you need.

We just forgot!

As above so below!

The sea of information that we call the internet is a small replica of what we call the creator… the Universe… God.

A sea of amazing information.

Could it be possible that this same sea of information houses all forms of information.

Where you put your attention, energy flows into creation as search for answers to those primal questions.

Who am I? And Why am I here?

In many texts throughout time this energy has been compared to water. What is the base component for all that is here?

Water in its amazing ambivalence can nourish and support life and it can take it away.

In reference to our purpose with the concept of the computer, I like to think of electricity it can bring light or it can catch fire to all you love. The results are in how you choose to interact with it and with what level of respect.

Back to the internet. We can be enriched by the vast amount of information or we can find out in detail the best most efficient way to commit murder or violate children.

It is all there. You are in control of what you choose to poke your nose in.

It’s the same.

If you are going to be in constant fear around demons, you will have them poking around. Your fascination of angels, you will be blessed with seeing them everywhere and feel grace and blessings with each sighting. If fairies make you smile you can make that your passion and you will find fairies.

Cords and persecution. It’s the game taking the information that has the scales tipping heavy and creating a story. Fear is present.

It is all you! And what you give your attention.

The game… The matrix can take one fearful story and make it your world in 2.2.

It requires vigilance over your mind… Depersonalize yourself from the game.

If blame, Guilt or fear… In any of their many forms are present you are being played.

Clarity is of the essence.

Just like google if you put in a sloppy question you are going to get a mess of results that have little to do with what you really want or need.

Here’s the catch. You could take one of those sloppy responses as your truth. That information could become your rules for life.

Are they true? Not necessarily.

Are you treating it as though it were true? Yes!

Are those very different things? Yes.

Why am I here?

To be in the world and not of it. To pull the light of justice and balance… of true love to the planet. To obliterate suffering.

This truth is the essence of our goal. 

You chose to come here. 

For this. To help in the shift that is imperative for our world to survive. A shift from upside down to rightmindedness. 

You came here as a spiritual being to be human in all of its glory.

We have suffered greatly living quietly in this upside-down world.

But you are here today on purpose with a purpose.

This is the moment we have been waiting for.

There is access… NOW!

These simple exercises are the first steps in understanding what you are capable of, what you are already doing and how to move from reaction into choice.

See you on the other side of the eye of the needle!

The Wisdom Circuit

The Wisdom Circuit

The Wisdom Circuit

Now that you are comfortable in your body Its time to activate the Wisdom Circuit.

The wisdom circuit gives us access to our instant knowingness.

Many of us, in response to the circumstances in our environment, we unwittingly turned it off when we were children.

In many cases, it was causing more pain knowing and being denied or seeing and not being heard than not knowing at all.

I don’t know about you but ur guts yelled out truths and we could not listen… We were in no position to challenge what was our normal… So we dismantled it. 

Are you one of the ones who spent your lives stuck in your left brain cut off from your creativity and joy, or do you operate from your hearts cut off from our knowingness and wisdom leaving us trusting when it is not wise. 

So often I here, but I love him… I see who he can become… If I just love him enough.

We have our intuition, our analytical and creative thought and our gut knowingness turned off.

It is seldom in our best interest to make choices based on information from one source.

This is why we feel we can’t trust ourselves or our decisions. 

We must find balance and justice in our approach to life and that begins with understanding and activating the wisdom circuit.

After bringing people into the corpus callosum for years neuroscience is finding it to be the control room of our brain. 

I see is it as the connector of information. 

As we settle ourselves into our control room… the corpus callosum.

The corpus callosum is the passageway between left and right brain.

For those that have experienced continual trauma the passage way becomes narrow and thick.

As we enter our bodies through the crown of our head and rest into the corpus collasum. We allow ourselves to notice where we lean. Are you left brain or right brain heavy?

You notice and find balance right in the center of that passage way.

Stretch it out. And much like a level we allow that bubble find balance or justice.

As we draw the energy that rides behind the eyes back to connect into the corpus callosum as well.

With the balance we see the circuit connect from corpus out to the left brain. From corpus out to the right brain. Information and energy is received from the third eye into the corpus callosum as well.

Creating a triangle from third eye back, to left brain, right brain, with a line down the center connecting the third eye in directly to the corpus callosum.

Interesting enough what I see resembles an ancient symbol of the triangle with the third eye at the top. It is just missing the direct connection back from the apex of the triangle… The third eye to the control room.

The next stop in connecting The Wisdom Circuit is the heart. 

Science says that we have brain cells in our hearts… Thinking cells. 

We need to activate them.

From your seat in your control room we drop down into our hearts. We watch all of those brain cells in your heart lights up as the circuit connects from corpus callosum to heart. 

As we drop down into our gut we witness all the braincells in your gut light up as the circuit connects from activated heart to gut.

When the wisdom circuit is connected we are gathering information from all layers of our being. This is where we access those knowings that rise up from our belly forming clear, concise information. No deciphering necessary.

When we are gaining access to information and it feels all complicated and confusing you know that there is intellect or ego involvement. Humans love to complicate things. It makes us feel smart.

Spirit is Simple… Spirit is Childlike.

So play with this. See it. 

Our brains love to measure so measure your change. Always measure and celebrate even the smallest changes.

Where attention goes energy follows. What we want to grow we measure.

What feels knew and different?

How is my response to the world changing in the coming days?

How does the energy in your body feel different?