images-4 Worry… a state of anxiety and uncertainty over actual or potential problems.

Florence Scovel Shinn was an amazing teacher of the power of words. She wrote in the 1920s. She believes in choosing our words very carefully. Never to say aloud anything we don’t want to see appear in our life. And by all means check your worry.

What gets more play in your life the worry talk or prayer? Do we spend more of our time consumed with our thoughts of worry or do we spend more time in our conversations with God… the Universe… the Creator… whatever the term is that feels comfortable to you for that energy that I call God.

We are creators. We are creating in our worry. We are creating chaos. We are talking to God all the time. We often even begin our outburst of worry with oh my god. Right? Oh my God… calling him in to listen to this prayer that we are formulating with our worry. We invite him in to the story of doom we are creating as the loop goes on and on. We start back at the beginning and recreate it over and over again.

Our worry stories are so carefully constructed. Each word… The picture has to be perfect. No holes… Perfect flow… as we say it again and again… to ourselves or anyone who will listen. Intimacy?

Be careful what you wish for…

worry Have you ever noticed that no one really cares to listen if you just got a promotion or bought a new house? What? In a conversation that gets a few minutes… bragging. You can feel the others pull back bored, disinterested. Yet if you are talking about something out of sync… say problems in your marriage. Hours of talk. The words are endless. Your conversation active. Intimacy… a connection. There is always advice or opinions on the other end. More negative words enter the universe sprinkling their fairy dust on your situation. We throw them out without caution, without a thought. We have in-depth conversations about others, reiterating their sad stories. Gossip… excused in the guise of worry and concern. The words are out there doing their magic, indifferent to our misguided intentions. We all love a train wreck. And so it goes… Repeated many times over. The words of our worry go from a continuous circle in our heads… only to come out of our mouths… into another’s head… more words… they add to the story. We all know how this goes, the story grows. So many unfavorable words circulate in the universe about your woes. So many people putting their attention on your worry.

When two or more are gathered…

Words carry their own energy with the ability to alter our reality. They crawl around our world like insects. Some good, some bad. Some with the magic of creation such as our honey bee, others with the energy of a tick, attaching itself to you, burrowing in to set up camp… ready to enjoy its feast… vampires. You may not even know its there, for awhile, until everything around you has a slightly grey tint.

“Some day we’ll be able to measure the power of words. I think they are things. They get on the walls. They get in your wallpaper. They get in your rugs, in your upholstery, and your clothes, and finally in to you.”  Maya Angelou

I read about an interaction between a yogi and his pupil. The pupil comes to him with concern and says… “I am worried for your health. I fear you are ill.” The yogi replies –  “No thank you.”

Instead, what if he approached the yogi with… “I am praying blessings of divine and perfect health over you…?” The yogi’s reply… “Please.”

images-5What if we gave the other side equal play? What if we spent equal time, or maybe tip the scales a little bit? Building the stories of what we want to see as we spend spreading the words of what we don’t want.

How much time do we spend in the construction of our prayer… of what we want to change in our lives? What a few minutes a day, absentmindedly, we say our thanks… turn to the direction of change… get distracted with the grocery list… the funny noise the car is making… how much that will cost… oh wait I was praying … where was I? Right? This is the attention most put on our conversations with the Universe… Yet would claim this to be our most important relationship… God.

Speak the Word… Word turned to flesh.

Speak with authority. Speak with the knowing. Speak with certainty… all doubting words removed from the equation.

Here again my love for kids movies comes in. If I were a witch… I am standing over my cauldron… stirring away. I am adding in the magical ingredients one at a time, and then comes the carefully constructed spell, words carefully chosen to fulfill a particular outcome.  Change. There is no ambiguity. All throw away words are discarded. Cut away. The words that are kept all contain forward motion. There’s no trying… no distractions…just complete focus on the outcome.

images-7Our brain being our God-given computer… Left brain our hard drive… right brain the internet. Delete… Delete… Delete.

Delete those worries and turn those words around. Turn them in a direction of a better outcome. Talk back to yourself declaring a different truth. 

Take the time to sit… in the silence and evaluate where your energy goes… are you creating from your worry and chaos? Or are you living with purpose? Using your words and thoughts to create a better reality for you and those around you.

These are my thoughts… how about yours?

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