Author Cherie Doyen’s Books

Spirit Animals is a magical field guide for little wizards in training.

Cherie was inspired to write Spirit Animals by her own deep connection to the ancient healing power of animal totems and the wisdom her personal animal guides have imparted on her throughout her own life. Animal totems have been called upon through the ages to give us guidance, to encourage us to get through a difficult situation or just to teach us that we are all divinely connected. This beautifully illustrated book weaves together mystical and evolutionary aspects of our favorite animals from A to Z. Each animal listed offers young readers positive ways to interact with the world and call on their animal friends to help them with life’s challenges in a magical way.

As a mother of two daughters and grandmother of two beautiful young children, Cherie is passionate about empowering children to be their most magical, creative selves in a world that seeks to keep them silent. Children are bombarded with overwhelming amounts of information that can be anxiety provoking and even frigthening. Spirit Animals: A Guide from A to Z allows young readers to disconnect from societal noise and reconnect with themselves and nature. It encourages wonder, positivity and self-confidence in all young children.

​Junebug is for beings of all ages who are consciously or subconsciously seeking solace from a lifetime of abuse.


Cherie’s final step in healing her own childhood trauma was to write her story. It was the most difficult yet most fulfilling thing she has done to date as it brought catharsis and clarity to her life. Junebug is Cherie’s own personal healing story told through the eyes of June, a magical young girl that finds solace from her real life torn apart by abuse in a make-believe world. Through the creatures she befriends in this world and wisdom she gains through their guidance, June regains the power to heal her wounds and become the warrior she was always meant to be. 

 Cherie’s own journey to overcome her childhood abuse and reclaim her power, continues to inspire readers of all ages who are also seeking to overcome their own trauma by remembering their strength and stepping into the wisdom of their truth. 

You Are A Superhero

The Quantum Mechanics of Trauma

Combines the wisdom of story, the power of words, with quantum physics to offer a brand-new perspective on trauma and how to turn PTSD into life!

Have you noticed that all of the new NETFLIX superheroes have PTSD? Each and every one of them gains access to their powers through extreme circumstances.

In “You Are A Superhero: The Quantum Mechanics of Trauma” , Cherie offers a Wholistic, quantum view on PTSD and dissociation with the perspective that trauma opens the doorway to accessing one’s own superpowers. Her e-book reveals how to turn emotional pain into power by shifting the way we think about PTSD and trauma. In addition, Cherie offers readers powerful tools like how to come back into your body when you dissociate, the secrets around healing your trauma for good and how to step out of suffering and into your magic.