Childhood Sexual Violation’s: Societal Measuring Stick

Childhood Sexual Violation’s: Societal Measuring Stick

Sexual violation is soul violation. It is the only crime in which one’s body gets broken into.

If someone breaks into your house and goes through all of your personal things… you would want to move to a new house, in a new neighborhood… as far away from the crime scene as possible.

When someone breaks into your body… there you are, carrying the crime scene with you wherever you go; for the rest of your life… no matter how far or how long you run.

Sexual violation is so normalized and minimized that the severity and complexity of its repercussions run the gamet of a lifetime.

Childhood sexual violation cannot be measured with an adult measuring stick. 

So, let us be clear: the risk a person takes in releasing their experiences with the family are vast. They range from annihilation and exile, to resigning oneSelf to hanging out with the perpetrator and silencing the inner screams of frustration for the rest of one’s life… 

Neither scenario works out for the innocent here. Fair? 

The adult screams: Why would they choose HIM over me? 

The forgotten child screams: I must not be important. She must know? Does she wonder where I am? Or does she know he is in my bed right now?

Let us also consider that nature has a humane opening to sexual experiences as we develop through puberty. 

According to Ayurvedic medicine, the chakras develop in seven year increments. The sacral chakra, home to the sexual organs maturing at about age 14, coincidentally corresponds perfectly with nature’s evolution through puberty.

The undeveloped child’s being, when exposed to the complexity of a sexual interaction, is completely fragmentated.

There are no words logged away in their mental computer to vocalize it.

There are no pathways to process the scream in our heads as our bodies respond to the touch. 

For example: What if you were three, entangled in a twisted triangle between your ”parents”… and YOU are the other woman.

Being the other woman as an adult is a lot to maneuver… But what if you were three or four?

For a mom in distress, the empty bed may mean a reprieve. 

However, again, we remember… The child is three.

Not understanding why you feel like an outcast. You have no way of knowing why no one can look you in the eye.

The ones that are supposed to guard and protect you are instead the robbers of your innocence.

Coming forward to save other children… The young who may not have a voice, like ourSelves,  are most often the driving motivator for sharing this information.

It may be too late for justice for oneSelf, but it is never too late to show up and choose what can be different today for another child. The innocence of a child is invaluable.

The bystander– those that look the other way to keep themSelves safe– become accomplices. Not only to this crime but to all the harm that may happen in the silence.

The novel thought is that this perpetrator has only had one victim.

Again, seldom. Once a taboo itch is scratched the acts often become bolder, more risky… just to see how much they can get by with.

The minimizing, supported by the measuring, is what elongates the recovery process for an adult victim of childhood sexual violation.

Most often the information starts rising when we are face to face with the possibility of our children, or the children of our siblings, becoming entangled in the cycle of abuse that once touched ourSelves.

How can we let these children be in the same room as the person that did that to me?

The words and actions of family members is the defining factor of how tomorrow plays out.

… Can I ever recover from all of this?

The answer is yes. We can move past the past violations. We can take action to ensure we are safe and will never have to interact with them again.

But what about you? The brothers and sisters? Mom? Dad?

What you do next is the defining factor in life moving forward, or going sideways for the victim.

You can have a redefined family or you can lose a valuable family member.

You get to choose.

To help reset the measuring stick over the severity of a victim’s experience:

Penetration is rare.

The average girth of a man’s erect penis is 4.59 inches. The average erect penis is 5.16 long. 

That would be all of the way up into the chest cavity for a 3 year old.

“Children aged three to six years have a vaginal opening that measures 0.114173 to 0.051181102 inches.

The vaginal opening diameter tends to enlarge with age and to be larger in the supine knee-chest position than in the supine frog-leg position. An opening greater than 4mm (0.15748) was distinctly rare.”

Goff CW, Burke KR, Rickenback C, Buebendorf DP. Vaginal opening measurement in prepubertal girls. Am J Dis Child. 1989 Nov;143(11):1366-8. doi: 10.1001/archpedi.1989.02150230124040. PMID: 2816868.

It is pretty clear. A simple Google search would alleviate the measuring but… this is a common misconception I meet in my practice every day.

Intercourse is NOT the benchmark for harm to child victims. 

There would be extensive, undeniable harm done to this child. This little human would quite possibly be so damaged that child-bearing would be impossible.

There would be blood.

There would be bruising.

There would be internal damage.

What is most common is inappropriate touch. Coercing the child into performing sexual acts, such as insertion of the penis into the child’s mouth or getting the child to stroke the penis.

This measuring stick is VICTIM SHAMING.

You are not God, Judge, or Jury.

The truth is: the measuring stick helps to alleviate the one who is holding it from needing to choose.

If you were in the car with your dad and he robbed a Breaktime…

  • Would it matter how much money he took?
  • Would you stay in the car?
  • If you stay in the car, are you an accomplice?

The measuring stick conversation completely diminishes the victims’ experiences and creates a judgment of weakness in regard to the consequences and chaos that these invasions caused up until now, into adulthood.

The biggest fear of all when a victim stands at the precipice of release is the reaction of family members.

The victim of the invasion is not the destroyer of the family. 

That happened a long time ago. Just because you did not see does not negate the fractures to family trust that were already splintering out.

Let’s be clear! In no way, EVER, is it the child’s fault that a grown human invades their body. In no way is it EVER ok to blame the victim for giving you the information necessary to keep your children safe. 

Interacting with children sexually is wrong… always. 

NO excuses. The next choice is yours!

True Love Rises out of Wisdom

True Love Rises out of Wisdom

Love… It’s a garbled word at best. We reach for what we see in the movies. Our mind longs for the ideas of the love within a family. 

We look to our parents as an example of what relational love should look like.

We measure the level of stability and balance in their interactions with us.

We see behind the icing of what they are presenting as love and we struggle to find what love really is when taken out of the idea column.

As we move out into the world of external relationships, we learn quickly that love means something different to everyone we interact with.

And love becomes work. We work hard at loving our kids. We work hard to love our partners.

We try to think of other people but what is true is that none of it fits inside the ideals that we carry in society and in our minds.

And we suffer in the name of love. 

What is real and true is love is balanced. 

Love is Just.

Real true love gives people what they need to grow over what they want. 

Love is truth.

In our 3d world the purest example is the love of a mother for her children. When she chooses.

Mom lives in the We. She manages a microcosmic universe with diplomacy and authority. She is there to support and encourage while teaching with most every moment. 

A mom knows the importance of Self-care. She knows what it takes to stand sharp and out of emotion.

Many of us haven’t known this depth of love. 

As we move deeper into the age of Aquarius there is a lot out on the sound waves about love and operating from the heart.

Which sounds great. Yet again every human’s definition of love is different, and our heart is just a segment of our Wisdom Circuit.

The last age was the analytical brain focused age of science and thought which again is just a segment of the Wisdom Circuit.

The Quantum Therapeutix™ process is centered around the quantum entanglements trauma has caused throughout our personal timelines. These entanglements, or time loops, or karma eventually have us at a standstill. Energy is not flowing and creating pockets of stagnation.

As my work deepened I was taken into the quantum realms and I began to witness an astonishing activation of this circuit in my clients.

And with the activation came a growing level of clarity, discernment and personal responsibility.

The foundation for a balanced love of Self.

You see love isn’t acquired it is a state of beingness and that state can only be achieved with an authority of Self.

Wisdom is different than knowledge. 

Knowledge is something you learned from another or you read someone else’s thoughts in a book.

Wisdom is a completely balanced thought that rings of truth in all levels of beingness.

We have been taught on many levels to live from one section of this circuit or another depending on the traditions you follow.

Today the “live from your heart” is ringing out with the rise of Spirituality.

I would like to offer that living in balance and operating from wisdom is LOVE!

Many of the people I work with are operating feeling separate and isolated. They feel abandoned. Could that be because they really because are. 

Their astral body abandoned ship along time ago. A reunion in necessary.

Corpus callous illustration
Corpus callous illustration

As we guide their astral body back into alignment with their physical body, we create activation in the corpus callosum. 

Nero science is claiming this powerful nerve bundle to be our control room.

I see it as the control room of all operating systems on all levels of beingness.

Energetically, Physically, Emotionally, Behaviorally, and Spiritually

Dropping down through the corpus callosum we find balance in our heads. As I guided people into drawing the energy that rides behind the eyes back into the corpus callosum I began to see that upper circuit connect. (Goodbye headaches)

The appearance of the upper circuit in my awareness triggered a similarity with the ancient symbol for the third eye. With one distinction the connection into our control room.

The information is drawn in through our eyes… all three  converging back into the corpus callosum and the left and right brain.

In the rise of heart focused training, it became clear to me that in operating strictly from the heart we are eliminating a vast amount of information. That is seldom wise.

We know that our heart and our gut both contain brain cells. I began to witness the circuit connecting down from the corpus callosum into the heart igniting all of the hearts brain cells and from the heart down into the gut completing the circuit with the activation of the guts brain cells.

The Wisdom Circuit rivals our chakra system with its vast importance and size. With our system gathering and processing information efficiently we can move out of overwhelm and Self-doubt. Self-Respect and Authority of Self is attained.

And only then do we truly have the capability to BE love and not just think about it.

Mental Illness? Your Brilliance through the lens of fear?

Mental Illness? Your Brilliance through the lens of fear?

I really want to spend some energy around mental illness and what in many other cultures is defined as your Brilliance… Spiritual giftedness… Psychic abilities… Out of Body experiences… The distinction? Fear!

Our culture focuses on the average and within that average we define a societal “NORMAL”.

Extra Ordinary and Brilliance struggle to survive in the land of normal. 

Normal is nothing but average or below. Normal weeds out all outside or on the fringes of the spectrum and defines them as abnormal.

What is the difference between abnormal and extra ordinary?

The lens we or those around us use to interpret the experience.

Fear or Possibility?

Every human on this planet is having an inward journey. We are trying to understand what and where we are and how we got here. Unknowingly we tote our history along with us. This history creates a lens… a story… a set of words that fall in around each experience. 

Unfortunately, this process allows us to conveniently color our godly experiences with the words that create monsters.

The shift is wanting success and growth in this life. That is not normal.

The shift is allowing yourSelf to release the ideas of normal and average and strive for excellence.

In what other game do we strive for average or below?

Now back to these Mental illness labels… 

What I see in my work with others is that their interpretation of an experience is the indicator.

I often have folks sharing their experiences and within that process we turn the dream into a prophetic message that indicates what they are accomplishing or fears that they are overcoming.

Like the little girl that dreamt that she was being chased by monsters and she was able to get to a car and drive away.

She was terrified… But what if the monsters were symbolic of her fears and the car symbolizes her active participation in moving away from the monsters and into safety.

In every tradition, these gifts, if honored and understood outside of fear can be life changers. 

In other cultures, these abilities are seen as the higher-level beings. The beings that others came to for guidance and wisdom. They are the shamans the medicine men… The healers and prophets. Those that brought prophetic messages to the world.

What is the difference between these folks and you? You are a sponge! An Empath! An empath is a person who has all of the spiritual gifts rolled into one. Being an empath is the highest of all gifts.

Living in survival turns every piece of information you are receiving and makes about you.

That’s truly a problem. You can’t be a channel and take every piece of information that comes through you personally, right? Prophets don’t take the information they’re receiving personally. 

Nostradamus didn’t take his vision of the falling of the twin towers and make that fit in direct response to his current reality.

Nostradamus’s prophetic message could have easily be interpreted as opposing phallic symbols and the structures around his sexuality collapsing if he were to turn the information towards himSelf when in truth the message was far broader and more direct and intended as guidance for the collective.

Spirit is Simple and Spirit is Childlike.

And if it’s not, you know, somebody’s brains involved and in their humanness a story grows.

When truth is being spoken through you, emotion is absent. There is no good information or bad information…. there’s information. 

So If you’re having a premonition or a dream sticks out that you know is important its important to open your mind to looking at that information in a new and different way.

This amazing, beautiful woman reach out to me and she was completely tangled up in the details of a dream.

This young woman has risen above so much, so much that my pride for her seeps out of every pore. 

This dream shows up coinciding with a totally new phase in her life.

She had been on full disability and was embarking on reintegrating with the world in a new and different way.

She got her dream job. Everything was lining up for a new phase of life to start.

Right before she went back to work she had a dream that shook her up pretty good.

It began with her walking into her class reunion and right in the center of everything she died by her own hand.

And in her mind she was horrified. She was like, I don’t even see these people. I have no desires of ending my life.

As we talked through it I introduced the possibility that you’re dying to the old story of who you are and how people from that old life perceived you? You are allowing that perception of illness that you and everyone else has had for you collapse… like the tower card in the tarot… And you are walking into this new healthy sustainable life. 

Could this dream be a warning to leave all of that there and not bring it with you to contaminate these new possibilities?

Nobody has to know that you identified with being sick. Nobody has to know that you have been shouldering the burden of numerous mental illness labels. 

Labels come with morphic fields dialed into a frequency of energy that resonates with the suffering of all that walk with it.

When a hit is strong enough to penetrate and explode through all levels of being …  emotionally, physically, energetically, behaviorally, and spiritually… we fracture.

Fractures can be mended and returned back to structural integrity… just like a car running into a pole.

We clearly see the distinction between the damage of running into a pole head on and fender bender in relation to the integrity of the car.

Repairing or reconstructing is an action.

When you get your car out of the shop after hitting the hole there is a memory of hitting the pole but the car is reconstructed.

The car is not coping and managing to operate.

You don’t have to either.

It can be fast and easy and it can be over… If we choose! 

I was in therapy for 30 years. I’m only asking for 90 days!

Quantum Therapeutix Is an Evolutionary PTSD and Trauma Resolution System that creates solidity and brings all five systems into integrity. Clears your timeline of loops and glitches that restrict growth and the advancement of time and energy. You will gain an understanding of your unique brilliant abilities as we rewrite the lens of perception. 

Spirit is simple. Spirit is childlike.

Truth is steadfast and free from the tides of emotion.

Truth just is.

Spirit just is.

To be Human is to be Spiritual

To be Human is to be Spiritual

Beliefs that keep US small

Something that’s really on my heart as we move more deeply into this new paradigm is the weight of religion in many ways on our growth Spiritually. 

Being human does not create separation… Seeing yourSelf as anything but a Spiritual being choosing to be human is less than what was intended!

There’s no need for it.

We were given a pretty direct roadmap!

Anything I can do you can do and more!

I came from the Bible belt. So what I know inside and out is Christianity. In my studies, my research and my travels around the world, what became very clear to me is that the man who began this movement that became labeled The Christ... is not about limitation.  There’s nothing about his teachings that are about limitations to humanity on any level.

To be Human is to be Spiritual!

This man was a rebel.

He was a rabbi… And he was pushing against everything around him. His mission was to create space for humans to know their greatness outside of the constructs of religion.

Again… He was a Rabbi.

As humans we took that blue print and squeezed and shrunk it to fit what we could comprehend. 

The same constructs that He struggled to free Us from.

We have to understand back in his time, there was so much slavery and the religious leaders were in bed with the ruling government and the people suffered and the higherups gained.

With the March of Christianity infiltrating the world it also destroyed half the population. Any beliefs outside of what these humans decided was punished.

The crux of His teachings have been hidden away and forgotten.

Anything I can do… You can do… And more!

Volumes of his teachings have been with held from us. There is said to be a large compilations of his words under glass in the basement of the Vatican. 

For our sakes or theirs?

I love magic. I love the power of the mind. That moment when science and spirit meet sends chills throughout my body.

He knew and understood all of that.

He was here to show us what we are capable of and he left a clear blue print on how to achieve our greatness. Even amidst the human stories that are in the Bible. His words stand apart. His words are action and change. They are truth and truth cannot be disproven.

Mental illness… Spiritual gifts…. Psychic abilities

Anything I can do you can do and more.

He was saying, you are, an amazing, gifted, brilliant being who can understand and create magic, create change, live the life that you want, be happy, be joyful. And instead we’ve, we’ve fallen into a state of slavery from another level.

To be Human is to be Spiritual!

Because nothing about this man’s message to the world was about limitation. Constantly, even in the words that they gave us, anything I can do, you can do, you can move mountains with your mind. Greatness is the real message. 

You can see those molecules. What does it take to create fire? What does it take to turn water into wine or, or help this man come back into his body and breathe again? 

I had a client reach out to me the other day… Cherie, I boiled water with my eyes.

Anything I can do, you can do.

The action of the do in His message… Anything I can DO you can Do… got tangled up with our human need to label Him, so we stuck Him and his teachings over in the God category.

Consequentially that claim made any sort greatness or authority over thought or matter unattainable… And in many cases, in many religions, blasphemous to even think that we could be That.

I’ve never said I am God, it is you that say I am. 

I don’t know what to say to make you stop saying it. What I am saying is anything that I am accomplishing, you can do and more.

He’s also never claims to be a healer, right? Never. 

He says, it’s your strong belief that you can be healed that creates the healing? He wasn’t waving a magic wands at anyone.

His was a call into integrity. To be a Human full out! Spirit in human form! A Spiritual human!

He pushed at the corners of belief because story and doubt undermines everything. 

God is NOT present in the stories of doubt and blame!

If fear is present God is NOT!

God, Universe, Source is Growth is all about growth.

My message here is the religion that you choose should not limit your growth. It should not keep you sick and afraid.

Religion should never be a limitation to ones evolution in our integration with the ONE that IS!

Everything this full realized being spoke to was growth. He left a roadmap to possibility, His was a call to bring your magic to this planet, right here right now. 

Tap into that. His call… Rise up and look around and understand what eon you are standing in.

Wake up. Understand what round of the game you are in and remember what you already know.

Often in my work, people will say to me, well, I don’t know. I’m a Christian. I think this would be against God. I don’t want to go against God or I don’t want Him to get mad or feel I betrayed Him.

What I want to say is why would your wholeness and growing to your full potential be against God.

That’s the game. Your personal evolution and your participation in the collective evolution are why you are here.

With any game, each round gets more detailed and more complex until we reach a level of mastery.

Why would we strive for mastery in a game with a controller in your hands… but not in the most elaborate of all games.

God recreating himself in you to become a fully realized human… How long is it going to take? 

To be Spiritual is to be human and to be human is to be spiritual.

Anything outside of that is a conscious separation.

We are in a time when it is imperative to question everything you think you know and weigh it against growth and fear.

If fear is present God is not!

if you do believe, believe full out and understand that there is nothing that should be limiting to you.

You reaching your capabilities in your life development and your evolution into being a fully realized being is the game.

Using His words… Attaining the state or vibration that allows us to be in the world and not of it can only be attained when we can fit through the eye of the needle.

 To fit through the eye of a needle… He’s very literal. No stray fears. No stories. We stand naked in truth.

To be in the world and not of it. You are not being normal. To be in the world and not of it you are not following the mass.

You are leading an army in the other direction.

You’re not ill…. You are Brilliant!

And there should be no limitations around who and what you can become. Anyone, any structure calling you to the smallness of other wise is dumbing you down.

You need to walk away,

Allow the idea of your brilliance to start seeping in. Turn your attention to things that have shown up in your life that are extra. And by extra I mean those things considered extra-ordinary. Those moments when you know who and what you are!

What if those extra ordinary experiences could be every day occurrences. 

You get to choose. Extra ordinary or normal.

No one can heal YOU but YOU!

No one can heal YOU but YOU!

I wanted to look at our idea of what true healing really means.

To be clear… No one can heal you but YOU!

So often I’m confronted by people that want to have a magic pill or a wave of a magic wand, right? 

Like the idea of the knight in shining armor riding in gallantly on their white horse to save us… If we are waiting for that we may be waiting for a long time.

And in reference to our recovery, we want one visit with a healer to change every aspect of our lives. 

Trauma happens on all five layers of our being.

Our physical-ness, our emotional being, our behaviors, energetically and spiritually, right? 

You don’t put a puzzle together by dumping it out on the table and with a thought the whole puzzle comes together miraculously. 

We healers can give you a zap… like a Band-Aid. This level of energy work will usually hold for a few days but without the rest of the being coming into alignment the change slips away and we are back at the beginning frustrated and a little more jaded.

Real – lasting change is seen out in front of you in this 3d form.

Say a video game. If you turn this way, the algorithms have the game responding to your move. If you make this choice and you turn this way, these things are forming on in front of you, right? 

It stands to reason to create drastic change in the algorithms of your life is going to require more than thinking and talking about it.

It’s going to require action. Your action. No one can do it for you.

It requires your active participation. 

The Master says… it is not I, but your belief that heals you.

No one can heal you but YOU!

I was traveling with a group through New Zealand, and we had a 10 day stay with the Whaita. As per their tradition at the close of each day we entered circle and passed a talking stick to those with words that needed spoken.

Each day the same woman spoke. Her heart was heavy with having just lost her mother. And on top of the mourning, she was processing her relationship with mom. They days went by and she was stuck. She couldn’t seem to move in any direction.

On this day the chief gracefully rose and approached her. With a nod he laid his hand on her shoulder. He began calling out numbers… 3,5 8…12. And in five minutes he cleared her entire timeline.

Now, how do I know this? I watched it. 

How do I know he was completely on target? Because we were seeing exactly the same thing. 

He was calling out the loops and the ages that they were created.

By loops I mean those frozen moments in time that keep us tangled in the past.

She lived exactly the same. 

I was so excited for her.

Immediately following Her story was exactly the same. Nothing changed for her in the 3d.

It wasn’t real for someone to say to her, you’re free now. You are healed.

Was her timeline clean? Yes. 

Energetically, her timeline was clean an yet… Her life and her telling of it was the same!

Her behaviors were the same.

Emotional processes were the same.

Adverse responses and reactivity to stimuli didn’t change. 

Physically her body was still struggling. 

And spiritually, she was struggling with a lot of why’s.

True healing happens as you pull all of that together in a moment. 

It has to be you in action, reconstructing you from the ground up in a very literal tangible way. 

Restoration comes in two distinct phases. 

No one can heal you but YOU!

Phase one: QT Matrix Timeline clean up and Reconstruction

First and foremost our focus is on cleaning up your timeline. We dismantle any loops restricting the flow of time. You unpack any debris smearing up your lens of what life looks like today. This happens simultaneously while reuniting the fragmented molecules of your your astral body. Now all of this comes with a level of understanding and acknowledgement of your distinct innate abilities. As we uncover your unique style of access and processing of information we begin work on and with the beginning stages of behavioral shifts necessary to support the wanted change. Throughout the process of dismantling your emotional responses and reactions you are giving time a new and different lens with which to be seen. The demolition of fear is a process that carries us into phase two.

You learn as much as you grow because one must witness before one can create change!

Phase 2: The Baby Buddha Stage:

We have to learn how to live differently.  I love the baby Buddhist stage because a baby doesn’t decide they can’t walk because they’ve fallen down 25 times. They just get up and they try something new and different. The goal is to approach each and every moment from a state of curiosity. 

That’s where we are folks in every aspect of existence. We’ve got to do something different.

Our planet cannot withstand humanity. The way we are right now, hate is heat. And our planet is on fire.

Reunification of the fragmented self with its many ramifications throughout time allows us the ability to walk right down the center. 

You are the magic wand that you need.

The slippery slope between Watcher and Accomplice

The slippery slope between Watcher and Accomplice

How slippery is the slope between the Watcher and the Accomplice?

Thank you so much for taking your moments to join me here today.

I think that many times in our silence, we don’t understand that we are, in truth, supporting the inflicted harm.

That’s not a thought we have.

What if you were the driver of the car and your friends went in and robbed a bank and you knew it was happening?

You are an accomplice.

So if we’re in a space of allowance and excuses around people that we love’s behavior are we not an accomplice as well?

How often as a kid, I would hear:

That’s just your dad.

That’s how he is.

You know, uncle so-and-so, you better walk up a big circle around him. Right?

With the common knowingness comes a communal acceptance.

Responsibility lies on the child to stay out of reach.

Any address to the situation will be directed towards the child as a hushed warning.

If we choose to stay with someone that is consistently causing harm that is your choice… Until the moment that the behaviors begin to harm your children, your friends, your parents, your family.

And you’re allowing it, you are an accomplice. No one in the situation has a choice but you.

Just because we are victims or survivors does not give us an exempt card.

If in your silence, you in turn claim some level of ownership in the outcome.

So in our family structures, the organs that make up the collective body of humanity, we need to recognize that.

We collectively need to understand that being a watcher causes just as much harm if not more.

When one is witnessed being harmed a deeper level of Self degradation is embodies.

The slope becomes slippery between the Watcher and Accomplice!

Take the situation of the bully. We may know and witness the behaviors of the bully but instead of addressing the bully we tell the other child how to avoid the bully.

There’s no authority here.

There’s no personal respect here.

And there’s no accountability for the other parties involved.

As we step into this humongous gateway of change and dip our toes further into the age of Aquarius… the age of reason, these realizations will bring this body of the collective into balance… into justice!

If you can identify yourSelf with the characteristics of a Watcher, think about the consequences of that in the outcome… and not only to you or to the one being harmed but the door is left wide open for the harmful behavior to continue.

We are actually supporting it.

In the recognition of our part we can move into action… a place of authority and integrity… in those situations and either defuse them or remove oneSelf and those in our guardianship out of harms way.

Whatever actions that need be..

When someone is trying to distinguish the environment, understanding the levity of the watcher is really an important threshold for many of us.

In the end the biggest betrayal if that of the Watchers.

The moms that choose to stay in spite of her husband molesting the children.

Let’s be real… If you know your husband is cheating across town I find it hard to believe you don’t know its happening down the hall.

Our choice to close our eyes comes at a cost. The ultimate anger of the adult child is you.

You had a choice and you chose him instead of me.

I hear this cry over and over.

So wake up, wake up Watchers.