To be Human is to be Spiritual

To be Human is to be Spiritual

Beliefs that keep US small

Something that’s really on my heart as we move more deeply into this new paradigm is the weight of religion in many ways on our growth Spiritually. 

Being human does not create separation… Seeing yourSelf as anything but a Spiritual being choosing to be human is less than what was intended!

There’s no need for it.

We were given a pretty direct roadmap!

Anything I can do you can do and more!

I came from the Bible belt. So what I know inside and out is Christianity. In my studies, my research and my travels around the world, what became very clear to me is that the man who began this movement that became labeled The Christ... is not about limitation.  There’s nothing about his teachings that are about limitations to humanity on any level.

To be Human is to be Spiritual!

This man was a rebel.

He was a rabbi… And he was pushing against everything around him. His mission was to create space for humans to know their greatness outside of the constructs of religion.

Again… He was a Rabbi.

As humans we took that blue print and squeezed and shrunk it to fit what we could comprehend. 

The same constructs that He struggled to free Us from.

We have to understand back in his time, there was so much slavery and the religious leaders were in bed with the ruling government and the people suffered and the higherups gained.

With the March of Christianity infiltrating the world it also destroyed half the population. Any beliefs outside of what these humans decided was punished.

The crux of His teachings have been hidden away and forgotten.

Anything I can do… You can do… And more!

Volumes of his teachings have been with held from us. There is said to be a large compilations of his words under glass in the basement of the Vatican. 

For our sakes or theirs?

I love magic. I love the power of the mind. That moment when science and spirit meet sends chills throughout my body.

He knew and understood all of that.

He was here to show us what we are capable of and he left a clear blue print on how to achieve our greatness. Even amidst the human stories that are in the Bible. His words stand apart. His words are action and change. They are truth and truth cannot be disproven.

Mental illness… Spiritual gifts…. Psychic abilities

Anything I can do you can do and more.

He was saying, you are, an amazing, gifted, brilliant being who can understand and create magic, create change, live the life that you want, be happy, be joyful. And instead we’ve, we’ve fallen into a state of slavery from another level.

To be Human is to be Spiritual!

Because nothing about this man’s message to the world was about limitation. Constantly, even in the words that they gave us, anything I can do, you can do, you can move mountains with your mind. Greatness is the real message. 

You can see those molecules. What does it take to create fire? What does it take to turn water into wine or, or help this man come back into his body and breathe again? 

I had a client reach out to me the other day… Cherie, I boiled water with my eyes.

Anything I can do, you can do.

The action of the do in His message… Anything I can DO you can Do… got tangled up with our human need to label Him, so we stuck Him and his teachings over in the God category.

Consequentially that claim made any sort greatness or authority over thought or matter unattainable… And in many cases, in many religions, blasphemous to even think that we could be That.

I’ve never said I am God, it is you that say I am. 

I don’t know what to say to make you stop saying it. What I am saying is anything that I am accomplishing, you can do and more.

He’s also never claims to be a healer, right? Never. 

He says, it’s your strong belief that you can be healed that creates the healing? He wasn’t waving a magic wands at anyone.

His was a call into integrity. To be a Human full out! Spirit in human form! A Spiritual human!

He pushed at the corners of belief because story and doubt undermines everything. 

God is NOT present in the stories of doubt and blame!

If fear is present God is NOT!

God, Universe, Source is Growth is all about growth.

My message here is the religion that you choose should not limit your growth. It should not keep you sick and afraid.

Religion should never be a limitation to ones evolution in our integration with the ONE that IS!

Everything this full realized being spoke to was growth. He left a roadmap to possibility, His was a call to bring your magic to this planet, right here right now. 

Tap into that. His call… Rise up and look around and understand what eon you are standing in.

Wake up. Understand what round of the game you are in and remember what you already know.

Often in my work, people will say to me, well, I don’t know. I’m a Christian. I think this would be against God. I don’t want to go against God or I don’t want Him to get mad or feel I betrayed Him.

What I want to say is why would your wholeness and growing to your full potential be against God.

That’s the game. Your personal evolution and your participation in the collective evolution are why you are here.

With any game, each round gets more detailed and more complex until we reach a level of mastery.

Why would we strive for mastery in a game with a controller in your hands… but not in the most elaborate of all games.

God recreating himself in you to become a fully realized human… How long is it going to take? 

To be Spiritual is to be human and to be human is to be spiritual.

Anything outside of that is a conscious separation.

We are in a time when it is imperative to question everything you think you know and weigh it against growth and fear.

If fear is present God is not!

if you do believe, believe full out and understand that there is nothing that should be limiting to you.

You reaching your capabilities in your life development and your evolution into being a fully realized being is the game.

Using His words… Attaining the state or vibration that allows us to be in the world and not of it can only be attained when we can fit through the eye of the needle.

 To fit through the eye of a needle… He’s very literal. No stray fears. No stories. We stand naked in truth.

To be in the world and not of it. You are not being normal. To be in the world and not of it you are not following the mass.

You are leading an army in the other direction.

You’re not ill…. You are Brilliant!

And there should be no limitations around who and what you can become. Anyone, any structure calling you to the smallness of other wise is dumbing you down.

You need to walk away,

Allow the idea of your brilliance to start seeping in. Turn your attention to things that have shown up in your life that are extra. And by extra I mean those things considered extra-ordinary. Those moments when you know who and what you are!

What if those extra ordinary experiences could be every day occurrences. 

You get to choose. Extra ordinary or normal.

What does it mean to Depersonalize?

What does it mean to Depersonalize?

I’ve been asked some questions around what it means to depersonalize our experiences. 

By depersonalizing, I am not meaning that you’re not feeling things. What I am meaning is that to turn this corner we have to stop taking everything so personally.

If you are taking things personally you are steeped in emotion. The whole moment has become about you.

We can go all of the way back to Buddha. Many of the great teachers talked about detaching from our emotion and the necessity for that separation to live in any sort of right minded way. 

No need to start piling on the guilt! Society teaches us that our feelings are who we are.

It’s not true. It’s just not true. 

Unless we are very clear and present, feelings are most often skewed by yesterday, unless we’re very clear, and we are very present. 

Unless you are the operating like the Dali Lama, with your energy and awareness focused forward in the world like a child. He lives in the sweet spot… back to the wonderment of childhood.

I love that. 

But for you and I… If we’re coming forward and a huge wave of emotion hits us, It behooves us to be aware of its relevance on the moment. 

Just because you remember it dosen’t make it true. Past emotions almost instantaneously color what becomes our memory.. 

What does it mean to depersonalize?

Are we stepping forward in truth or illusion? Have we accidentally scotch taped yesterday all over our current experience and inhibiting our ability to make rational choices. 

We’re operating only from our heart.

We are left vulnerable and searching for information.

When the heart is cut off from the rest of the wisdom circuit our only avenue is to connect back to past experience.

The Wisdom Circuit connects our left brain, right brain and our third eye into the Corpus Callosum. Neoro science claims the Corpus Callosum to be the control room of our brain. The circuit connects the corpus callosum to the brain cells in our hearts. The heart connects and activates the brain cells in our gut. 

That’s the wisdom circuit. 

If we’re just operating on one piece of that, we’re going to be in a struggle. When we’re operating only from heart, we’re in a space of emotion. That’s not serving you and it’s not serving the people around you. 

What does it mean to depersonalize?

By depersonalizing, I mean, stepping back, just taking a few steps back and go, wait,… What is real and true right now… Here in this moment. 

We move past it feels like what happened back last week and see clearly what is happening right here. 

We can take the attachment we have to our feelings with a grain of salt. 

Could it be possible that E-motion could have been intended as Energy-motion detectors, E-motion, in this field of 400 billion bits of information?

What if we were meant to use these detectors as more of a notification?

Motion detectors alert us and focus our attention.

Not identifiers of who we are?

If we’re living there and operating from a space of anger, or fear…

We are in illusion. Yesterday takes over and today is wiped away.

If we are using words like always, should, would, and could we have turned backwards.

You have choices to make.

If you’re not making them, then you can’t blame anyone but you…, And I know this from experience. 

What does it mean to depersonalize?

So depersonalizing means giving yourself some space between the experience that is happening before you. This gives you the space to connect the dots and bring the emotion into balance or in justice with the moment.

You deserve that! The people around you deserve that! 

We call that being emotionally sound!

Familial Allegiance to the Abuser is a THING!

Familial Allegiance to the Abuser is a THING!

Today I Really want to discuss something rarely talked about… Familial allegiance to the abuser.

I watch the same scenario play out again and again… the family is in complete denial of the victim’s experience. 

Now what we need to digest here is that in that denial, they hold support for the abuser. So often the abuser is still held within that family. I’ve watched families where, it is very clear… That’s my brother, I’m going to stand beside him or that’s my dad. Uncle Clarence? He didn’t do anything to me… But the best is… Well, what did you do to cause it, right? What clothes were you wearing? How could we possibly let this it will ruin a him? 

It’s completely upside down. 

And often these are children. It’s no wonder these memories are hidden away in these loops for another day.

When you know that you’re speaking your truth is going to create divide, and you’re going to be the one divided out… As if you’re the cancer and you’ve done nothing wrong. 

This is a really big deal. 

Familial allegiance to the abuser is a mountain the survivor has to climb. A hurdle that the outside world has to start recognizing. 

Unfortunately, I watch people have to walk away from family to have a shred of Self respect. 

Judgement around this choices scope then widens out into the societal judgment around the importance of family.

If you had a family member that was murdering people, would they say that? Or if you know, your family was harboring a rapist that was raping and hurting women outside of the clan. 

What would that feel like?

 I remember saying one time, Hey, how about this? How about this Thanksgiving? I stopped by the prison and I pick up a rapist and I bring him to our, our family dinner. Their response was one of disgust of course. The difference still escapes me today. 

A predator at the table is a predator at the table. 

What we need to understand is that when a child encounters, something like this, and they’ve got people fighting for them, it’s a blip on their timeline. A blip with a beginning and an end. The ones they “trust” are fighting to protect them… They move on without a hiccup.

The consequences of telling a child to keep a secret…. or when they are accused of wrong doing… or their perception is doubted… All of this creates a fester that lasts a lifetime!

So collectively we have to start standing our power. Call in clarity and bravery and put allegiance beside the right person. 

The right-minded thing is we don’t have sex with children. We don’t beat our children.

We’re here doing the best we possibly can as their guardians, until they can care for themselves and enter the world ready to do what they came here to do. 

PTSD is contagious. Wholeness is contagious. Look around. We have to fix this. 

I’m going to put a link to The Today I Choose audio series walks you through a progression of choice-making. 

Get up and move. Move your body… Dance. Get physical. These audios are happy. 

Doing the thinking required to bring clarity in around what you want or what Self-respect would look like is a must.

When we start taking back and recognizing that we’re taking back our choices, we’re taking back our power. 

This is your game and only you can play it. 

Healing PTSD and Trauma comes in Phases

Healing PTSD and Trauma comes in Phases

One of the traps that we have to be careful of is when we want to healing from PTSD and Trauma is getting personally attached to our labels. 

Healing PTSD and Trauma comes in phases. There’s the mechanics of the PTSD. And then there’s how do I learn to live differently? You don’t wave a magic wand at a leper and expect him to suddenly be able to navigate the outside world without some guidance.

PTSD is the culmination of the cycles running through time. There are very specific quantum actions that have created these cycles. The cysts or the time loops on your timeline keep catapulting you back and forth through time, which creates an environment where it’s impossible to be emotionally sound. 

We can’t be in integrity when we’re bouncing through time like that. Each strand of time is slightly different. The choices would be different choices. 

First we go back and we truly clean up your timeline, in this lifetime or any other lifetime where you’ve got anchors that are keeping you stuck. 

That’s the PTSD. 

Secondly, we have to learn to live differently.  We have been entrenched in an environment that more than likely has not been serving us, or we have not been serving. For example you are married to an abusive husband or your parents deny your experience and support your perpetrator.

All of that is still there. We can’t deny that.

Healing from PTSD and Trauma requires a letting go of the labels.

Do you have PTSD? NO! Do you need to make some big choices? YES!

We must take action around what our world looks like right now and what we would like to see differently.

Today you get to Choose!

Can it all happen at once? 

Yeah. With patients and a deep understanding… You can only change you. All of the other players in your game are making choices too. 

Here is where the need to depersonalize comes in. 

You can learn how to live differently but you cannot expect everyone around you to suddenly be different.

It requires vigilance over our minds to stay right-minded. Kind of like an alcoholic hanging out in his favorite bar. Success is virtually impossible.

Emmitt Fox… You can’t change your mind without changing your environment. 

Healing PTSD and Trauma, all 5 levels of being must be considered:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Behavioral
  • Spiritual

Trauma hits us on all five levels. That’s not how we’ve been thinking about ourSelves. We can’t have a hit to one strand and it not affect all of the rest. 

Everything changes.

As we enter the world clean and clear we find that certain parts of ourselves have been stunted and we have to just digest that.

So, the sooner we can remove the blame and get focused on ourselves the faster we can get out of the maze of distortion. 

Life can change and it can happen very rapidly, but that requires a level of depersonalization and determination. This comes with a deep understanding that the only thing you can change is you.  We all want a new mom and the family that’s in storybooks. 

Stand still and look around. What is yours to affect?

Wholeness comes as we find integrity and a truth that holds sound through all five levels of existance? 

So, PTSD is the effect that fear and trauma had on your timeline in direct reference to the quantum actions we took to save ourselves from danger. In our brilliance we created an out of body experience. Looking down on the cancerous moment he encapsulates it creating a cyst or a timeloop. From here he hops over a few frames into a timeline that is a little bit more acceptable.


After cleaning up your timeline we come to a realization that life around me is still the same. The same people… same job… There is no magic wand that is going to instantly change all of that.

It’s an impossible for your environment to change without your mind changing. 

Wherever you go, there you are, right. 

You can by a new house, or move across the country and if you aren’t in integrity… that means knowing who you are… what you want… knowing with clarity what is acceptable for you… You are going to be right back with the same players in new costumes. The same job in a wrapped in sparkly paper.

It takes integrity to fit through the eye of that needle and you have to know yourself inside and out to be in the world and not of it. 

We need more of you playing full out… walking right down the middle… stradling the line of truth. 

I’d love for you to hop on for a free 30 minute freedom call. 

This world is going to change with each of us taking stock of who we are and how we are impacting the world around us.

I would love to take your hand and guide you out of the distorted maze and into a life that is worth getting up for!

Familial Loyalty to the Abuser Perpetuates Trauma

Familial Loyalty to the Abuser Perpetuates Trauma

Familial loyalty to the abuser perpetuates trauma and is the most extreme level of Victim Shaming there is!

He‘s HURT!

Familial loyalty to the abuser is an ongoing problem for so many of the world’s people and perpetuates trauma for the victim.

The lopsidedness of loyalty and alliance. So this man threw away his son and his son’s entire family because his daughter-in-law’s father was nice to him. 


I hear this same story in many different formats on a daily basis in my practice.

As a result, people have to walk away from their mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers to be able to find peace. 

Family! Who’s side are you on?

This undeserved allegiance has to change for our world to be different.

1 in five of the worlds children are experiencing ignored abuse within their homes.

In an attempt to make someone hear me I said to my family… How about on my way into town I stop by the prison and pick up a child molester and bring them to family thanksgiving. Of course there was outrage!

What about forgiveness? He never did anything to you really? Right? He didn’t penetrate you Right? What about turning the other cheek?

Forgiveness should NEVER negate ones personal responsibility for their actions!

Nothing changed though. There was a child molester at our table every year.

He was nice to me. 

To everyone out there whose family is going through this turmoil… Ted Bundy was nice to a lot of people. 

Just because he was nice to you does not negate the fact that he murdered all of those women.

Nice is like the icing on a cake. It’s often masking the flaws in the cake.

You were duped. 

My protest of the friendly involvement of my family with the uncle that molested me was met with… He didn’t do that to me. I don’t want to loose the rest of his family. What he did to you wasn’t that bad. Right?

What is that? Either I don’t believe you or it doesn’t matter to me. 

The blind lopsided alliance perpetuates abuse!!!

Hear me!

When we are cutting the victim out of the family and retaining the abuser what message does that deliver?

Now the craziest part is for many the abuse can be wide out in the open. Why can’t you just get over it? Can’t you just move on now?

Here is what I’d like to say to this… If a woman was raped by a stranger would we be telling her to get over it? Would we be sweeping it under the rug and inviting her rapist to hang out? Is his friendship more important than the damage that he caused to someone you claim to love?

OR would we honor her? In real life it seems everyone would be terrified to have this man around our other family members?

In cases of sexual trauma wouldn’t it make sense to be worried about all of the other children that this human would come in contact with?

Not so often. In many cases the families blind spot leaves the rest of the worlds children at risk.

Often instead the focus is on the ideal of the ruination of a “good man’s name”. 

This way of thinking has got to change!

The after effects of ongoing familial loyalty to the abuser perpetuates the abuse and sometimes outweighs the actual affects of the trauma.

I see it day in and day out. 

How do you rectify the reality of your mom or your dad telling you that your experiences were completely unimportant?

Can you imagine knowing that what someone did to you carries less weight than the potential consequences  that will come to the abuser? And I’m not talking legal – I’m talking life, family exile or word getting out in the community…

The support of family supercharges recovery. To know that you have a tribe that supports you and sends the abuser into exile instead and holds you close. What a gift.

Familial support goes a long way in ones ability to move out of the patterns of suffering! 

We learn in kindergarten that behaviors have consequences.

This knowledge is in big part what shapes our growth and our ability to make wiser choices.

We know this. Yet the abuser most often experiences very little in the line of consequences. So what does he do but move on to the next victim? 

Oh, that’s just Uncle Clarence steer clear of him… with a chuckle. 

Rewarded behaviors continue. That’s human nature.

In reality, the man holding court for her abuser and giving up his son’s family is causing abuse himSelf.

This lopsided familial loyalty to the abuser traps the victim in a very twisted mind game. Self doubt begins to arise. Either she down plays what this person did to her or she stands alone against all that she knows and loves.

Not only is the woman dealing with the idea that her dad nor her father-in-law’s allegiance is with her AND on a primal level she’s realizing that neither of them REALLY find a problem with what her brother did to her. 

For this woman, all ideas of family have exploded AND she is now feeling responsible for the crumble of her husband’s family as well.

Let’s send big praise out to the son for standing by his wife… 


We need more people to cross the line into right mindedness.

Sexual Trauma and Complex PTSD

Sexual Trauma and Complex PTSD

Sexual trauma is one of the largest cancers of our society today, one of the largest contributors, and least talked about population of people suffering with PTSD.


In no other crime is one’s body invaded as in sexual violation. And yet it is one of the most minimized crimes on the planet. 

If your home were invaded… If someone was rummaging through your intimate possessions. Most of us will struggle to feel safe and comfortable and will ultimately move to a new home. 

When someone invades your body? There is no getting away. We drag that crime scene with us wherever we go.

It’s as if someone has stolen a piece of our soul or our life force.

The numbers of sexual violations of children are staggering. According to Darkness to Light, a non-profit committed to empowering adults to prevent child sexual abuse, 1 in 7 little girls and 1 in 25 little boys have been sexually violated before their 18th birthday… and as if that isn’t staggering enough only 38% tell. 

What is most common is that a woman in her adulthood wakes up one day with her world… everything they believed to be true… crashing down. Men she knew… Men she loved… Daddy… Mommy’s boyfriend… Uncle Henry… made a choice which sent her world completely sideways.

The Psyche of a child develops in 7-year increments. The first 7 giving us the default lens through which we see the world. The next 7 prepare us for puberty. The natural entrance into the world of sexual awakening and desire.

A human that has been given the opportunity to grow and develop in a natural way has a foundation of Self-worth, Self-trust, and an accurate inner compass. They have the resilience and integrity to speak and act in response to the complexity of thought that comes with the introduction of sex.

Much like the trunk of a tree being able to withstand a windstorm without splitting while a bush gets blown all over the place.

When a child is introduced to sex at the age of 3… or 5… 

  1. They have no words to describe what is happening. 
  2. They are dealing with a fracture or discrepancy between what their bodies are feeling and what their mind is knowing. 
  3. They are having to get up and quite possibly have breakfast with the same daddy that the night before is getting his jollies touching her sacredness. The body parts that more than likely she doesn’t even know the correct name for yet.
  4. She has to keep secrets.
  5. She’s forced into a triangle she doesn’t comprehend.

She’s the other woman?

  • She has guilt and shame for hurting Mom.
  • She learns to forget.

90% of childhood victims know their abuser. The younger the child the more likely the abuser is a family member.

And this isn’t just happening once… rarely is that true. What’s more likely? This is happening repeatedly over a period of years.

She lives in a war zone that isn’t recognized.

She fights the battle of the hero and receives no metal.

She lives with PTSD and is not validated.

She bares our worlds children.

Cycles are perpetuated.

Integrity… inner strength is compromised on all levels. 

Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, Behaviorally and Spiritually.

For this child fear has entered. With fear comes the need to hide, fight, control or defend.

Complex PTSD… PTSD that comes from childhood trauma are primal fractures. Much like a little seedling tree that gets stepped on, over and over again, it grows in between… split… fracture… leaning sideways.

When fear enters decay is right on its heels. Fear keeps us turned around backwards making our horrors of yesterday into our life today. Our trajectory quickly goes from the flight of a rocket ship to the sideways stepping of something or someone in the shadows.

So, if this is you! Honor yourSelf. You did that! You already fought that battle! Now today you have a choice to dive in and open the doors to life!

Love her enough to hear and recognize her… your truth and know you are amazing. 

PTSD is contagious.

Sexual abuse travels through generations. Unless we choose to stop it!

You can break this cycle so your children can live life with the strength of the grand old oak tree. Strong and solid… Voice intact. Knowing what she wants and who she wants to do it with.

It’s her body! It is your body!

Today you get to choose!

PTSD is not a life sentence! You’re not ill. You’re not crazy!

There is relief for women who are waking up to their trauma!

  1. Listen to yourself!
  2. Validate her. There is no touch too small to cause dis-ease!
  3. Explore what is acceptable for you… what you want and what you need!
  4. The guilt and shame are not yours! You did nothing wrong!
  5. Speak your truth… When your ready! 
  6. You can’t change your mind without changing your environment… So, switch some things up.
  7. Soothe and nourish your body through the water molecule with loose leaf herbs. If you can find fresh that’s my favorite. A sprig of rosemary or lavender steeped in hot water!
    • Rose hip: Soothes stomach muscles and helps with cramping.
    • Nettle: Vitamin A, C, K and magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and sodium, contains all essential amino acids, helps with inflammation.
    • Lavender: Helps improve sleep, helps skin blemishes, natural pain reliever, reduces blood pressure and heart rate, helps relieve hot flashes, anxiety and overwhelm.
    • Lemon balm: Digestion problems, helps with upset stomach, bloating, intestinal gas, vomiting and colic, great for pain relief, cramps, headaches. Aids in relief from mental disorders, including hysteria and melancholia.
    • Jasmine: Headaches, sunburns, rashes, irritability, sexual problems heat exhaustion and sunstroke, pain, anxiety, depression and uterine problems.
    • Red raspberry: Vitamins B, C, and E which are helpful for their immune properties and boosts energy High in magnesium, potassium and iron helps with skin irritations.
    • Skull cap: Anxiety and nervous tension. Insomnia and sleep disorders soothes symptoms of withdrawal from drugs and alcohol, helps with menstruation.
    • Rosemary: Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. Improves digestion, enhances memory and concentration, neurological protection, prevents brain aging.

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