The outward manifestations of physical issues in the body are often telling of our inner emotional state. Unprocessed experiences live stored in our cells, displaying outwardly, similarly to our emotional takeaway. It’s as if what we don’t deal with gets bigger and bigger, until it has us gripped in the very thing we are struggling to escape… on the outside.

In the next few weeks, we are going to dive into the things that we struggle with as women and give you some helpful tips on creating the shift you want to see. Drop in your email and grab my list of the top 12 messages your body is trying to send you.

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Too much information. I haven’t made it through what’s stacked up. It just keeps coming. One more thing and I think I’m gonna blow.

We have spent a lifetime with things coming at us with rapid speed and we are struggling, with the inability to cope.

Sound familiar?

So today let’s take a look at  the first on my top 12 list: Overwhelm.

In this fast paced world, we can all identify with overwhelm to some degree. For others it is a way of life.

Overwhelm is a double sided coin. On one hand, we have hyper-vigilance. On the other, we have disorganization and procrastination. All at the same time. Some areas of our lives we micromanage, while other areas are messy and chaotic.

The clutter side of the coin, or disorganization of the mind, is all of those loose ends. All of the things that are half done. When you think about doing them you get a feeling of dread in your body.



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Now let’s take a look at the first steps towards creating mental order.


  1. Look around your physical space.

What condition is it in at the moment? Is it in disarray or is it impeccable or somewhere in between?

Our living conditions are the outward manifestations of our mind. What we think is where we live. If our mind is full of loose ends, life will be full of loose ends. By loose ends, I mean all of the things in life that we acquiesce to. All of the decisions that feel too hard so we stay put. Or we dart from one thing to the next, moving on right before completion. These are all places we give our choices – our power – away. Either they aren’t getting made or someone else is making them. This leaves us in a place of powerlessness.

Choice equals power!

On the hyper-vigilant side we think things to death. We get that loop going in our head and we analyze each decision each word that has been spoken to us. Most importantly, each word spoken (… psst we are most often hardest on ourselves.) We line up all of the reasons why things won’t work out. We talk ourselves out of life. How many things have you said no to that could possibly have been amazing opportunities?

As you can see both leave us stuck in indecision. The lack of choice is often some of the biggest choices ever made.

What we are looking for is the in-between.

Order with ease. Breath deep!


  1. Begin to bring order to your outside world.

Get up and pick up. Begin with your immediate space and work your way out. Stick to a loose routine of walking through your space and putting things in their proper places. All those half done projects, let’s prioritize and pick a few, wind them up and mark them off. Completion feels good and leaves space open for new thoughts and new ideas. It takes a lot of energy to stay still in the current of life.

Is your space like a museum? Do you spend more time worrying about that red stain on the carpet than rolling around on the floor with your kids? Look around! What could shift, in your home, in your life, to replace the worry with ease? Say a floor you could just wipe up the spilt juice with laughter? Or the pictures that won’t hang straight? Give them a tilt on purpose! Create a nest that you and those you love can relax in!


  1. The art of meditation begins with creating a space in your house that is yours and yours alone.

Be creative and fill it with things that make you feel safe and comfortable. This is your space, so there are no rules, unless you create them. The important piece here is we are laying down energy so consistency is key. Much like sleep, we are conditioning our minds to understand that when we enter this space we plan to slow down and shift gears. Literally!

Carve out some time in the morning and evening to allow your mind to reboot. 15 to 20 minutes. Put on some music. No words is better. We want the vibration of the instruments without your mind being interested in the meanings of the words. Light some candles. We are pulling in all of the senses: candles scented with patchouli, lavender or vanilla are calming.

Meditation, like anything else, is being wrapped and packaged, rule book included. The simple truth is that you already know how to do it. It is our natural state of being.This experience can come with ease through something you are already doing. The key is intention. Think about what brings you joy. Music… Art… Nature. The indigenous peoples dance, some sit, some chant. Some say the same prayers over and over again until the words disappear and in this gap… the energy that we call God steps in. So whether you choose to sit quietly (or choose to sing your heart out), how you get there is of little importance.

We are humans. We all have thoughts and they just keep coming. Without thoughts, life stops. So let’s shift our focus away from “too many thoughts” being a bad thing to the space in between the thoughts. Our objective is to observe the thoughts versus experience them. We watch. We begin to notice that behind each thought is a period ~ Space ~ Next thought. Like the movies, we don’t necessarily see the gap between each frame, but we know it’s there. So when we take our seat to meditate, we turn our awareness to the gap. In this space, something new can happen. In the beginning, we may catch only a glimpse but with time we can wiggle in and expand into the idea of possibility.

Meditation, in its many forms, is the tool we use to access the Universe. The computer was designed to try to duplicate our brain ~ mind combination. The internet simulating that all encompassing field of endless information and possibility. Of course they succeeded on a very minute level. When we drop into this meditation space, we gain access to the “internet”. Here we can begin to put away our internal clutter and gain access to new information.


  1. Write your way out of The Loop

This practice is about bringing clarity and closure around those loose ends we spoke about earlier. The Deadly Loop. So much wasted energy. The loop inhibits our ability to focus, our ability to listen. We are unable to see anyone else or feel compassion. The Loop is a completely destructive, narcissistic place.

Life is on pause.

I like to think about this a little differently than we think of journalling. Journalling is more of a stream of consciousness versus an exercise. We let the thoughts flow without a need for congruence. Here we write with the purpose of clarity. The intention is to create a clear enough picture that a stranger, someone who never met you before, could make sense of it. This someone has no backstory, they have no preconceived notions. They enter the picture with every person carrying equal weight.

The jumbled up story is what gives us the feeling of uneasiness in our gut. Right? When we are standing in truth we have little or no emotional pull. The story is concise without being tugged of course. Any words, any sentences that can be cut will bring clarity. Less words is more here.

After you finish read it aloud. How does that feel in your mouth? If you get jumbled up in the words you still have some work to do. Write in a way that flows off of your tongue. We want your truth… We want you to put on the page what is ingrained in your body.

Keep a notebook in your purse. The Loop Book. When you feel it coming on start writing. Put that energy into action!


  1. Nature.

This fifth one is the easiest of all. Here’s the secret. The only thing out of sync in nature is you. Nature is the epitome of “order with ease”. Get yourself outside. Establish a go to place much like we did with meditation and sleep. In this loose routine, we are establishing an outcome for your mind to strive for. It quickly understands the expectation, and soon, dropping into the gap happens with ease. If possible in your circumstance, make your choice someplace with the least amount of people. Go for a walk, sit by a tree… and do nothing. In this space, you are in your purest form. Your energies are not being influenced by the other folks in your vicinity. Out here, no headphones, phone in the car, you can feel what it feels like to be you. [By all means, take your pooch if you want. I’m a firm believer in the healing energies of our pets but that’s for another time. 🙂 ]

Science is researching the power of nature and supporting what Mystics have known all along. We are that. Nature exists to support our journey. Beneficial bacterias, plant derived essential oils, and negatively charged ions are proven to play an important role.

Nature’s bacteria interacts with the bacteria in our bodies, supporting healthy digestion and nutrition absorption. The health of our gut has a major influence on not only our physical health but our mental well being as well.

The essential oils or the “exterminators”  of the plants we encounter in nature fight off harmful microorganisms in our bodies.

We are drawn to the oceans and wooded areas for a reason. Science says that the concentration of negative ions in theses places is relatively high, giving us the benefit of boosted levels of serotonin.

All that being said, what an evolved spirit to choose to come here as a tree. Their only purpose is to give, not only food but the air we breath. Rooted in one spot for hundreds of years watching… Listening! Pull yourself up a seat and soak up their wisdom!

So get into a routine and hold yourself accountable. Write yourself on the calendar. In no time, with the clutter tended to, you will have the energy to accomplish more in less time and with less effort! More time for play… that’s the goal right?!

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