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PTSD & Trauma Resolution

Products that I LOVE!

As we move through the process of release it is okay to look for support. We are fractured through all 5 layers of our being. I love when science and and nature meet with the excellence that is found in the Young Living Oils. These kits were specifically designed to give you support  to take that next step into your Authority and Knowingness and out of the trauma responses.

The Young Living oils are created with the utmost reguard to the integrity of the plant. Anyone that has worked with me knows that I am a firm believer in plant medicine and have used herbs consistantly in supporting the body as the energies are shifting. 

So please browse.

I have the kits pulled out for you but everything can be purchased individually.

I will be gathering products here that fit in support of Quantum Therapeutix and the release of PTSD.