Compassion is a state of being that is cultivated. It is a searching of self. Compassion is the ability, the gift, of being able to make true connection with another’s pain and suffering. Compassion drives us into action. Compassion creates change.

In this time of such division. We are being called back into the teachings and journey of Buddha. His entire existence was around gaining the ability to understand and know suffering. Understanding and knowing suffering allows for compassion and empathy.

His was an existence of opulence. His life was constructed, to be free of any forms of suffering. He lived his life as if in the “Truman Show”. Every experience he had was thought out and created by others. His world was free of disease, age, child abuse, the suffering of women, racism. No one was suffering in silence. Everything was beautiful and perfection was his expectation. 

Until the calling, urged him outside of the gates. The gates, or the boundaries, that kept out anything deemed ugly or unsatisfactory.

A foot in reality was missing. Once through the gates he began to see. While he was in his castle experiencing perfection others were suffering.

Did it make it not real to not see?

The illusion and the expectation of perfection was shattered when confronted by disease… when face to face with hate.

He never knew that.

Once his eyes were open he could not go back. Instead he chose to experience life in all of its irregularities over the orchestrated world of thought and ideas. In experiencing he learned pain. He experienced lack. In experiencing he learned Joy.

silence is violence

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I would rather you be hot or cold… lukewarm?… I will spew you from my lips… Jesus

Compassion is a bringing of our spiritual beliefs into congruence with our life choices. In the words of Gandhi… Happiness is when what we think, what we say, and what we do are in alignment.

This is integrity. Only from here can we know true compassion; compassion and love. And be able to help those suffering. Otherwise our experience creates a shadow or a lens over the experiences of others.

Minimizing or exaggerating.

Compassion is a listening outside of ourselves. Listening without formulating an I. Without making the story about us.

Compassion is a mindful place… of being completely present to another… as if it were you; compassion and empathy.

Compassion is earned by searching our souls. By understanding Why, we believe what we say we believe.

Our beliefs are the bricks that create the house we live in.

Consciously, or unconsciously, we are teaching hate to our children. Our hates, our divisions, seep into them. They bully… they throw stones at children who are different. They are afraid.

Hate equals fear. Fear puts a big old ink spot on joy… or love. Those on the receiving end of hate can suffer from depression; this is not joy, this is not love.

Love is such a contaminated word. We twist it into unlikely forms to fit our poor behavior. We hate… We hurt… We label it love.

I read recently about an experiment where a woman meditated in a pool with dolphins. When she meditated on gratitude and thanks the dolphins circled her playing and dancing( meditating on gratitude and thanks does wonders for those suffering from depression)… When she meditated on love they dispersed… Some even banged into her knocking her off balance.

Love and fear… Love and hate… they lay tangled in our stories.

One drop of light into the dark has little or no effect, while one drop of dark into the light makes it grey and murky instantly… Jesus

In our “I, me, I” world today stepping outside of our own bubble to see the hurts of another is a thought. We have to think it. It is not a natural move for us at this point. We have been in our tunnels moving at warp speed. We haven’t even been able to see the passersby.

Or we hide ourselves inside of our Castle walls and decide to not see.

While people suffer.

We are being called to stop. Stop moving. Stop doing. Stop following.

And Look around.

I don’t think we can grasp compassion without an understanding of:

The Law of Divine Oneness

Everything is connected to everything else. What we think, say, do and believe will have a corresponding effect on others and the universe around us.

You are them… they are you. All of the hate and anger you feel is hurting you.

Whatever you send out in the world… every thought… every word and every action affects you.You are the recipient. Do you want to receive compassion and empathy? Or hate and anger?


“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you…” has a little more significance if you think that every word that leaves your lips alters each molecule of all it touches… and reflects right back to you.

If we have beliefs around this entity that we call God… And we believe that we are created in His/Her image then how can we justify judgmental thoughts around anyone? How can we justify causing others to suffer in silence.

Are we choosing to believe that He only decided to recreate himself in white people? In white people that happen to have the same upbringing and same economic circumstance. Are we choosing that He decided to leave us as keepers of all of His wisdoms?

Gender and Race aside. The 21 grams that makes us human… the 21 grams that is Him/Her, chose to be female… chose to be black… chose to be gay. If we believe in an omnificent power, can we claim that a mistake? Can we choose dominion over another being that is “That”?

If we believe that God recreates Himself over and over again… Would it stand to reason that He would get a little exhausted by having my experience over and over again.

What if… Instead He is striving to have as many experiences as possible.

When we bring God down to us… judgement enters. We strive to supersede Him and build structure around what we know personally. We decide we know what is right and what is wrong.

All I’m saying is that I pray that “That” knows more and has more compassion than You and Me.

So the thing is, we are made up of the same stuff, the animals, the trees… We are all water.

For those of us that need proof…

I love the research by Masaru Emoto. His studies proved that thoughts and words affect molecules of water. He took containers of water and spoke to them or labeled them with words. He then took water from each container and froze it. Under a microscope the molecules took on different forms. Ranging from extraordinary snowflake shapes for those labeled love or thank you, to deformed and cancer-esque when labeled with violent or hateful words. Our words affect our mindset; even on a cellular level.

So in light of this divine oneness and the effects we have on water, could we make a leap as to the havoc we are creating in our environment and the world around us? Can we begin to take responsibility and ownership for the slumped shoulders of our children after a bout with our words. If we can affect water to such degree in a lifeless container, what about the water that makes up the bodies of human and animal life? We can watch our words and tone change the quality of life in our house plants. What sort of an effect are the accumulated words of the world population having on the environment? On the earth’s plant and animal life… on the earth’s water sources… or… could the accumulation of heat that lingers after the spew of unkind or violent words be affecting our atmosphere? Water is the main ingredient in all you see and know to be solid.

I find that life often reaches cartoon proportions before big changes show up.

It is time to walk in the shoes of our forefathers. Buddha in his search for compassion and Jesus’ movement into action.

Law of Action

Must be employed in order for us to manifest things on earth. We must engage in actions that supports our thoughts, dreams, emotions and words.

Jesus was an activist. Jesus was always moving. His thoughts, words, and actions were in perfect alignment. He stood next to the ones suffering… the “holy”? He stood against the church and their judgments. He stood against the rules that created exclusion. He stood by the women… He stood by the children…He would not have stood by and witnessed sexual abuse, domestic abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and not have done nothing.

He stood for People’s rights!

Not just some people.

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