End the Cycles of Childhood Trauma - Cherie Doyen

Could it be possible to 

End the Cycles of Childhood Trauma

lying on the beach?

Healing your Self does not have to be dreary work 🙂

I’m moving from the Jungle to the Beach!


Come hang out with me!

I want to invite you to join me on my journey through Mexico! I am in the jungle right now.Chicxulub: Booking booking September now!

I am inviting you to share in this unique opportunity to get away from the day to day… Especially now after being sequestered in your home.

This 3 day 4 night personal intensive. This personalized retreat is a one on one individualized journey into you… And all you need to think about is getting here. Leave the rest up to me! I will pick you up at the airport and from there every moment is about you.

You will have your own private quarters and all food and snacks will be provided.

If you feel stuck and stagnant and you know that you are here for a reason this retreat is for you!

Utilizing the ease and grace of the Quantum Therapeutix System for eliminating C-PTSD, PTSD, DID… Karma, Cycles or looping. You will find your way out of the maze that holds you back from becoming the you you know you are supposed to be.

We will not only clean up your timeline of past debris… we are focused on establishing understanding and control around your magic… We take what you’re doing unconsciously and turn it into your superpower.

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I want to talk to Cherie

Click the link below if you are interestied in knowing more about this unique opportunity to not only have this focused one on one time but to do it in some of the most magical places in Mexico!

How much is it?

This is an all inclusive immersion. You don’t have to think about a thing from the moment I pick you up at the airport until the moment I drop you off at the airport. From that moment I am yours. You will have your own private quarters and all meals are included 4 nights and 3 full days… the price of 2500.00

Payment options are always available 🙂


  • Why would I want to do this?
  • You deserve to be seen and heard
  • You will be the focus for these 4 nights and 3 days
  • Your food will be designed to support the swift molecular change
  • You will have your own private quarters for those private moments
  • You will have my undivided attention on all levels
  • You will leave empowered
  • Your timeline will be clear of loops and tangles
  • You will feel charged and energized… And on purpose
  • You will discover FREEDOM from FEAR
  • And all of this in the magical surroundings of MEXICO