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I want to talk to all of you out there that are struggling right now. Do you feel that no matter what you do something is always creating a backdraft? You are walking against the draw of a huge vacuum! Just think about the amount of energy that would take.

You are tired. Exhausted! Your body is sick! Everything feels sticky!

So, if you feel there’s no hope. If you feel like you’ve tried everything and all you hear is pills, coping, managing. I just want to say, from experience, I lived it too… There’s more to life than functioning.

Do I have your attention yet?

So, first, if you are struggling today I want you to sit still for a moment and think back. Has there been a time when life wasn’t like this? If so great but I bet many of you are shaking your heads. Because today is the culmination of that chaos. The inability to affect your circumstance. The feeling of isolation. The inability to trust. Those feelings go back a long way. This is even true for the soldiers out there that are watching. I have yet to meet someone who made war their life that didn’t start life that way, war is home. Somehow it was an interwoven piece in their lives. Just like the woman who lives with domestic violence today. Her life was engineered to hold space for that sort of interaction. Seldom do we step into a situation like that without some sort of energetic familiarity.

First, diagnosed or undiagnosed. If this is your life you have what they are calling PTSD to some degree or another.

Now the docs don’t necessarily put the two together but PTSD and Dissociation are a process that works together. You see dissociation is the act of leaving your body and PTSD is the culmination of what you do while you’re out there… Traversing time and space.

In this first video, I want to share with you your very first step right now for moving the scattered and fragmented you into wholeness.

How many of you can see past events as if you’re watching from above? If the answer is yes. Can you see the top of your head right now?

For those of you that said yes get comfy and close your eyes. No worries this will only take a second. For those of you that can’t this is practice. It’s time to learn how to come home now:

  • Now there is no worries about what or how. You know where home is so just allow. For those of you that are seeing the backs of your eyelids follow along with us. This is a great exercise for everyone.
  • I want you to bring your awareness to the ceiling above your head. I want you to take in the view. Be aware of your space.
  • Drop down into your corpus callosum. This is the passageway from left to right brain. Envision two mushrooms connected by the stems. 🙂
  • Take note of the instance balance. It’s like the floating bubble in a level. Allow.
  • Now draw the energy that rides behind your eyes back into this same space. Allow the two to find oneness there. Back to the bubble. We want it balanced in the center!
  • Now not with a doing but an undoing, I want you to allow this energy to drop down into your chest, your abdomen.
  • Allow it to fill our legs. Your feet. You can easily find the pulse in the big toe on each foot. Your feet and hands feel warm.

Okay great. There you are! HI!

Welcome home! Wow how does that feel.

Now I know this space. I suffered. My family suffered. I was sick all the time. Nothing that anyone could say to me could change that. No pills. No, I’m sorry’s. I was angry. I was afraid. I couldn’t trust anyone. And the whole time I am trying to be a grown up and be a mom, run a business.

And I suffered.

I mean I hated it when people would say to me. “Isn’t it time to put that behind you now?” No one could point to how that could be done though, Am I right? Just get over it… or what about forgiveness.

One of the hardest hits was when Deepak said to me… Pain happens but suffering is a choice. And I was like what the f***k. I did not choose this. None of it… Right? He said no but you are choosing it today, how long has it been since you were hurt?

Oh my gosh, I was furious. I was like I know it, I hear what you are saying but I am here in front of you, choosing Today. Right? But the truth was that I would do great for a while. Until one of those d**m loop got snagged and I was yanked backward. When your triggered nothing that you know here, seems to apply. Something else seemed to take over.

There is no just getting over it. There is no forgiving and forgetting. There is no choice not to suffer. There is a constant pull backward.

These current struggles are just today’s grown-up version of what started way back when.

The snag… the loops… well I hate to disagree Deepak but that’s not a choice. That is a quantum fact. It’s A time loop… a cyst on your timeline.

So, give yourself a break. There was no other way… Until now!!!

How many of you loop? Hop around time? How many of you lose chunks of time? How may reality hop? Flashbacks? Night terrors?

This is a call to remember. To gather up all the severed fractured pieces of you and bring them back to here. To today!

Now I know this. I know this because I was you. And the doctors couldn’t help me. Unless they do it too, they can’t know. They have nothing to compare it to. So, here’s the thing. You are not sick. You are a great master that got tangled up in your magic.

The super cool thing is. You did it so now you can undo it. In this series of videos, we are going to walk through our creation… our magic step by step. Both from the level of science and spirit.

After we finish here today I invite each of you to go and take a look at yourself in the mirror. What looks different? Look closely at your eyes. Can you see the dot of light that is now present there? If not no worries.

You have been out a long time. Give yourself time to get comfortable with the idea.

In our next segment, we are going to talk about what we are actually doing while we are out there. and we are going to talk about how you can put yourself back together. With some guidance… wink!

But I want you to think about the difference of this one little exercise and let that be your springboard. This is a glimpse of how fast and simple this is… for you. I want to gift you the audio of the coming home exercise so that you can work with it. Just in case you feel fuzzy about doing it yourself. If you prefer video here you can have access that way too! Coming Home to You!

Again, I am Cherie! Thanks for watching!

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