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Hi, I’m Cherie, and this is part two of a 3 part series. PTSD and Me. Last week we talked about what life’s like living with the repercussions of trauma. I gave you your first taste of what it feels like to come home! Here to this body. In this segment, I want to talk about what we do in that time that we are out there.

I know for myself I was so frustrated. I was frustrated with the worlds shoulder shrug. Right? So I began my journey through alternative modalities. After my interaction with Deepak I was determined to find out why others could just let go… get over it and some of us end up with PTSD and in all of this It was surprising how much the Spiritual gifts resembled all of my “Psychosis” The labels… So I began taking classes. Lots and lots of classes.

Now I love when Spirit meets science.

So here we go… PTSD in a nutshell.

Now first, be straight with me and allow your body to respond. The first word in your head. Without question. Okay!

How many of you loop? Hop around time? How many of you lose chunks of time. How may reality hop?

As we mentioned last week. PTSD and Dissociation operate together. You can’t have what is the result… PTSD, without leaving your body. And what they are calling PTSD is what is the result of what we do while we are out there… Traversing time and space… different Realities.

Dissociation is the act of leaving your body. Now the interesting thing is there is no research around what happens when we dissociate or leave our bodies.

They reference the severing, the detachment. The result of being separated. But what happens with the missing time. Some memories are recorded from above. You might remember the beginning and the end.

What happens in the in-between?

For example, We have a child 5 years old little boy. And he witnesses his father hitting his mother. Being so brave he jumps in the middle to help her, he’s pulling and tugging on dads leg… begging him to stop… and dad turns on him. He hits him, knocks him backward. His feet come off the ground.

And Boom he’s out.

He has nowhere to put something like this. A child’s mind… their programming is not set up to process this level of fear. He may choose to watch from above. He’s waiting for the just right moment to come back in, but it just keeps getting worse, his body hurts, so he takes off.

So here’s where the fun starts… Dissociation is the act of being able to astral travel… Innately!

So, what is astral travel?

Astral travel is the ability to separate one’s soul from the physical body. The soul can hover and observe their environment, or travel across the globe or traverse spans of time. But, those practicing astral travel are extremely aware of leaving their body… it is a choice. As well as the awareness around coming back home to this body.

Now see… this is our problem. There is no awareness around leaving and no process for coming home. So you remember that little exercise I gave you last week. Practice it! This is creating awareness around the coming and going.

Dissociation is a reaction, and astral travel is a choice. Today. But it wasn’t the first time.

So here’s this new little superhero… He’s looking down on his body being beaten. He is so new. Yet so wise. What does he do now?

It’s pretty ingenious really.

Science tells us that every possibility for every moment is happening all at the same time. He decides that the smartest thing to do is to tie off the yuck… the infection. He creates a cyst on his timeline. A frozen moment in time… Or… A time loop?

What is a time loop?

A time loop is a phenomenon when some periods of time are repeated and re-experienced. The person trapped in a time loop is trying to get out. They are trying to break the cycle. Sound familiar?

The down side?

Now he’s trapped in there too… a part of him… with the yuck… to live exactly what he was trying to get away from. That version of him wants out. And at any opportunity, he, the version trapped in the loop, is going to snag him. Pull him back. So that he can remember. And let him out. He wants to come home. I also want to interject here that the version that is trapped there is real. We aren’t talking memory here. We’re talking a severing. A fragmentation. We are talking molecules, his molecules, scattered through time.

Our essence… The part of us that rises out… The part of us that can do all of this super cool stuff is real. Through a controversial experiment, it was discovered that a persons weight changes at the point of death. They say 21 grams. The number isn’t what’s important, what is that if there is weight there are molecules. So the boy trapped in the loop does contain molecules as well… Your molecules. He is real. He is trapped. And a little angry that you have forgotten about him.

Now, wait. I want to equate this to something we think we know. When we hear about ghosts or hauntings and the scenario plays out like a scene in a movie. It’s as if it is superimposed over the top of everything that is going on around it. It doesn’t interact with you and you can’t interact with it. Let me tell you spirit world does not run on auto piolet like that. But what you are witnessing is someone’s forgotten loop.

So back to our little superhero. He has tied off the loop so he can’t go back there. He is stranded in space, outside of time. What does our little guy do now?

His only choice is to hop over a few frames into a reality that is similar but a little more bearable. I call it reality hopping.

Reality hopping?

Well, science says every possibility for every moment is happening all at the same time. That is pretty mainstream. So would that mean that there are Alternate realities? I mean these possibilities have to be happening somewhere.

Parallel Universes is defined as all possibilities for every choice you make in this life playing out simultaneously in alternate realities.

So our little guy comes down to a reality with a little more bearable outcome but there is a catch… He doesn’t belong here. He feels separate. Isolated.

He knows fear. It colors everything… every choice. He knows something bad happened but he doesn’t know what. He feels haunted. Everything is slightly off.

Now that’s not all. He didn’t hop to tin buck two Right? Just over a few frames. So the likely hood for another explosion is pretty high.

Now, the reality is, this happens over and over again until it has become your normal… your default way of existing. You operate life as the puppeteer… your body nothing more than a myriad of marionettes.

Wow While the muggles are tired trying to live one life here you are juggling 8 or 10.

I know I keep saying it but there seems to be another catch. So we have this loop. We tied it off because it was infectious. Anger, shame guilt, things we don’t know. The version of him trapped there is in a whirl. What happens when molecules are in a whirl. Eventually, their gonna explode.

Has he gotten your attention yet? He’s trying.

Back to these molecules, we only have so many and his are scattered throughout time and space.

Now the result as time goes on is like a snagged piece of fabric with say12 pulls. Because of the loops, the fabric is all bunched up. There is very little space between today and 40 years ago. It’s a short hop. And once we snag something we are always snagging it.

So this struggle of being yanked here there and everywhere. The exhaustion… It’s not your fault! I want you to take a bow to yourself. You did that. That is some super amazing magic. People study for years to be able to astral travel. Time travel and reality hop! And you do it at the drop of a hat. On the wings of a thought! And that is just exactly how you go about undoing all of this. And we are going to talk about that in our last of this 3 part series on PTSD and me!

And again I’m Cherie and if this feels true to you and you want to know more please hop on my website @ hit the work with my tab and take the PTSD assessment and let’s schedule a call and go over how I can help you get on with life!

Thanks for watching!

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