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Hi, this is Cherie and we are in Part 3 of Finding Me: PTSD in a Nutshell! We talked about what life’s like today. The struggle and I gave you a glimpse of being home here in this body. Then last week we talked through the mechanics of the superhero stuff that we did while we were out of our bodies. And this week I want to talk through what it takes to undo it all. Put all of the pieces back together.

“I want to find me” is usually one of the first things people say to me. I need to find me. In an incognito yet fundamental way, they know. They don’t know where they are but they do know that they need to come home. Most people say they loop. That’s pretty common in the mainstream. Reality hop? Oh, yeah all of the time. Time travel um yeah!

For us to be able to see what and how we do this we need to take a look at this little guys timeline. Look where he is today in comparison to his destined trajectory.

He is living in numerous realities. Loops all over his timeline and from the age 5 on have been making choices out of a program that is wary and knows fear. He knows suspicion. He has to watch everybody. Trust? How can he trust you he can’t trust himself? He doesn’t know what’s real. Real is whatever reality he’s in at the moment.

And… We know if something has pulled all over it gets all bunched up. Wadded up, crowd. Tight. Parts would get swollen. And time then is all bunched up. There is very little space between 40 years ago and today. Take a piece of fabric that is all snagged and wadded up. Its distorted and catches on everything.

But releasing the snags allows the fabric to resume its original form, Right?

So how do we do that?

What you need to do is gather yourself back up, into this one time, this one reality, in this one body. Aren’t you tired?

You know you do it. You do it all of the time accidentally. So, you can take control and turn reaction into a choice. You are going to utilize what the world is calling dissociation and we are going to go back and release the loop. Now, this is not interacting with a memory. You go back there all of the time. It’s just this time we go back with a purpose.

Now, this isn’t inner child work, where you go back into the memory as your younger self. I want this to be clear. You are there as your grown-up self to get him out of there. You have the opportunity to reset a little moment in time.

You know those times when you feel deja vu. You are in a situation where you feel like you have been there before and you feel like you could or should do something different this time? That is your future self-going back to reset time for herself. Maybe what feels like a nothing choice is affecting her. That is what we are doing.

So, we are going to scoop him up and bring those molecules… the information and not just the bad stuff. Who cares about that really.

I had a client recently that uncovered a memory where she was touched by her father. Repeatedly over years. She was reeling. She was angry. She was afraid of what the information meant for today’s relationships. She wants to confront but yet she didn’t. We discussed her options. Her family lived in another state so she had time and distance to decide. After going through the process she was able to see the growth and change in her family. And in the end, she wanted nothing from them. She had no need to do anything different. She was whole and finally living her life. No needs concerning them. She is complete.

Because the amazing thing is the fun stuff comes back too. Like your love for dinosaurs or your love of pistachio ice cream…. you know the green with the little chocolate chips… or what about loving to spin around until you get dizzy and your world gets topsy-turvy. All of it. We bring it back home… here in this body. In this reality.

Now you remember what it felt like to bring what was left of your home into this body a couple of weeks ago right? That was your first integration. That wasn’t all of you. It was only a fragment… It’s just the biggest one. The one carrying the most weight.

If you missed that I want it again the video link to the Coming Home exercise. Because once you feel it the first time your gonna want more.

As says the master, Gandhi… Happiness comes when what you think what you say and what you do are in alignment. That’s integrity. That’s when she can trust herself and you.

Now I want to remind you that you are amazing. You are an amazing magician. But your magic has been running in auto piolet. Once your timeline is clean you are free to go forward and create the life you gave up dreaming about.

When we think of the Master Wizard… wholeness is like being able to fit through the eye of the needle. Just think of what it’s like to thread a ragged piece of thread. We are constantly trying to wind it back tight enough to get it through right. Everything needs to be in its original form.

You know it’s funny. On all levels, we as people deem our parts disposable. And you know on every level it doesn’t really work out too good. Our body is always trying to compensate for what we cut away physically. Psychically we limp along on the barest amount of information. Well limping along and barely functioning is not fun. On any level. No wonder we have anxiety and feel depressed.

So, if you are tired of suffering reach out. Let’s set up a call and see if my Finding Me Integration Program feels right. In 90 days’ life, will be different. We can clean up your timeline. Integrate the information and bring all of your pieces back to this time this space. You will have tools and practices to utilize to keep you here too. Very quickly life will turn from reaction to choice. 90 days… What have you got to lose? You can schedule a complimentary consultation at