One of the traps that we have to be careful of is when we want to healing from PTSD and Trauma is getting personally attached to our labels. 

Healing PTSD and Trauma comes in phases. There’s the mechanics of the PTSD. And then there’s how do I learn to live differently? You don’t wave a magic wand at a leper and expect him to suddenly be able to navigate the outside world without some guidance.

PTSD is the culmination of the cycles running through time. There are very specific quantum actions that have created these cycles. The cysts or the time loops on your timeline keep catapulting you back and forth through time, which creates an environment where it’s impossible to be emotionally sound. 

We can’t be in integrity when we’re bouncing through time like that. Each strand of time is slightly different. The choices would be different choices. 

First we go back and we truly clean up your timeline, in this lifetime or any other lifetime where you’ve got anchors that are keeping you stuck. 

That’s the PTSD. 

Secondly, we have to learn to live differently.  We have been entrenched in an environment that more than likely has not been serving us, or we have not been serving. For example you are married to an abusive husband or your parents deny your experience and support your perpetrator.

All of that is still there. We can’t deny that.

Healing from PTSD and Trauma requires a letting go of the labels.

Do you have PTSD? NO! Do you need to make some big choices? YES!

We must take action around what our world looks like right now and what we would like to see differently.

Today you get to Choose!

Can it all happen at once? 

Yeah. With patients and a deep understanding… You can only change you. All of the other players in your game are making choices too. 

Here is where the need to depersonalize comes in. 

You can learn how to live differently but you cannot expect everyone around you to suddenly be different.

It requires vigilance over our minds to stay right-minded. Kind of like an alcoholic hanging out in his favorite bar. Success is virtually impossible.

Emmitt Fox… You can’t change your mind without changing your environment. 

Healing PTSD and Trauma, all 5 levels of being must be considered:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Behavioral
  • Spiritual

Trauma hits us on all five levels. That’s not how we’ve been thinking about ourSelves. We can’t have a hit to one strand and it not affect all of the rest. 

Everything changes.

As we enter the world clean and clear we find that certain parts of ourselves have been stunted and we have to just digest that.

So, the sooner we can remove the blame and get focused on ourselves the faster we can get out of the maze of distortion. 

Life can change and it can happen very rapidly, but that requires a level of depersonalization and determination. This comes with a deep understanding that the only thing you can change is you.  We all want a new mom and the family that’s in storybooks. 

Stand still and look around. What is yours to affect?

Wholeness comes as we find integrity and a truth that holds sound through all five levels of existance? 

So, PTSD is the effect that fear and trauma had on your timeline in direct reference to the quantum actions we took to save ourselves from danger. In our brilliance we created an out of body experience. Looking down on the cancerous moment he encapsulates it creating a cyst or a timeloop. From here he hops over a few frames into a timeline that is a little bit more acceptable.


After cleaning up your timeline we come to a realization that life around me is still the same. The same people… same job… There is no magic wand that is going to instantly change all of that.

It’s an impossible for your environment to change without your mind changing. 

Wherever you go, there you are, right. 

You can by a new house, or move across the country and if you aren’t in integrity… that means knowing who you are… what you want… knowing with clarity what is acceptable for you… You are going to be right back with the same players in new costumes. The same job in a wrapped in sparkly paper.

It takes integrity to fit through the eye of that needle and you have to know yourself inside and out to be in the world and not of it. 

We need more of you playing full out… walking right down the middle… stradling the line of truth. 

I’d love for you to hop on for a free 30 minute freedom call. 

This world is going to change with each of us taking stock of who we are and how we are impacting the world around us.

I would love to take your hand and guide you out of the distorted maze and into a life that is worth getting up for!