How do I turn Chaos into Conscious Action? - Cherie Doyen

What role do we play in turning chaos into conscious action?

I’m excited to be here today. I am starting a new series called “Today I Choose” on my Facebook page at 3:00pm mountain time.

Now I love questions, so please if something pops in your head jot it down and drop it in the comments and I will speak to them in the order they come in! I really want to focus on our attention on moving from fear into action. Right? 

When we’re in action we feel like we have control!

That feeling of control comes from the action of making our choices. If we are operating from fear we are operating from an a need to defend.  

I noticed with my clients, once they are out of crisis and they’re trying to live in the world, there becomes a fear that every choice is wrong. That every choice that doesn’t create the exact consequence, Is a failure. 

The lack of Self trust creates a world filled with doubt.

So we have to move into action around that and starts by taking personal responsibility and pride in playing this game. Right? 

Think about this… It’s like we’ve been inserted in a massive video game, we are but one of MANY! Nothing is personal everything is moving in accordance to our choices… on every level of being.

Now the kicker is we didn’t get the instructions on how to play. We didn’t get the information on how to operate this amazing system we call our Selves right now. 

When we are interacting with what we call that, the energy out there we call God, Creator or Universe clarity is a top priority. 

I truly believe there are universal laws that just cannot be disproven. 

As above so below. 

When we interact with that we have to be clear. We have to be very clear on how we’re showing up. 

What do We do? And how do we do it?

What words are you using? What actions are you taking .

Being as consistent as possible in those choices, right? Creates a trajectory of energy.

It requires a huge level of personal responsibility, again, on all five levels of our being. 

Energetically, Physically, Emotionally, Behaviorally, and Spiritually.

We have been dealing with the effects of suffering and trauma in one aspect of our being at a time.

  • We have the doctor for this physical illness or that, right? 
  • The psychologist or therapist for this emotional disturbance or behavioral shifts. 
  • Spiritually, where at our priest or spiritual leader.
  • We are at energy healer after energy healer

Most often we wear one of these hats at a time. 

I don’t know how often I hear: I’m on my spiritual path. Or… is that spiritual? 

To turn chaos into conscious action here’s what I want to want us to drink in. Unless all five of these aspects of your being are in integrity, working in one direction it’s not real. 

The game is played here. 

pintrest image

Here is where we’re being tested.  Here is where we’re moving forward. OR standing still. The rest is just an idea. And the big question becomes is it your idea or someone else.

I call this the baby Buddhist stage. We learn how to interact with life in a different way.

One of the most beautiful things I can observe as my clients move into wholeness is action. Life starts becoming active, right? People that are struggling to have a place to live are moving into homes. They get jobs. 

Life is shifting and changing before them because their choices are different. 

How do you turn Chaos into Conscious Action?

Show up differently!

We can’t expect to show up in the same way and expect different actions in front of us. The game is always being laid out in front of us in response to our choices. Just like a movie plot.

Science says that for every moment (90 seconds) we have an array of six choices before us or tendral timelines.

So when we’re pointing our fingers and blame, we are really angry because we know we didn’t make that choice. Opportunities slipped by???

The goal in all of this? To walk forward in the world but not be of the world.

It’s us being spiritual 24 seven…

as we’re being physical, as we’re being emotional, as were operating from our intellect. And as our behaviors are showing up, right? We’re not operating in one aspect or the other. 

And what I really want you to drink in at this point is only you can change can change you. Nobody else can do it and you have no power in changing someone else.. 

You, only you, can change your environment. you can change your world… But US together in our wholeness can change that out there… The world!

Because even as we do here, you know, as above so below, we’re always looking to someone to make our choices for us, someone to follow, right. Someone that is going to tell us what to do and how to do it down to how we eat down to what we eat down to the clothes we wear down to that place of sameness that we want the same house. We want a car that looks like the expensive one. Look around every car looks the same. 

To turn chaos into conscious action we must understand… the Matrix controls through fear and the need for sameness.

The game is played here. It’s played in you being you, full out, in integrity, in all five levels of being… no matter who’s in the room. The pope, the president, the dali lama, your mom, dad, sister or brother, YOU are in integrity.

To be free of Fear? That’s the end game. Right?. 

So that you are ready to go play the game. The reason you’re here.  Be activated in your mission. 

Full out. Right. So join me on my Facebook page I’m going to be here every day. At 1:30 mountain. Speaking to questions that show up, speaking to interactions clients are having. 

We’re going to talk this stuff through. We live in an upside down world and we’re here to turn it right side up. Let’s walk out of this maze together!

I would love to talk to you. Hop on for 30 minutes of clarity!

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