How does trauma affect our timeline? 

Now I know you, just like I did, want to put all of this trauma and suffering away for good… Right. 

You know, our world’s going to change when we come into integrity and into wholeness individually, right? That’s the only way it’s going to spread out. 

So first I want to address the question of trauma and the level of it’s affects? Is mine bad enough?

We have a tendency to minimize our experiences and compare them to somebody that had dire experiences. I know for myself, I grew up with a Grandmother who had a house full of foster children at all times, I would talk away what was happening to me. As I grew older I would talk myself into believing that nothing that happened was bad enough to have caused me to go completely sideways and in so many ways.

What’s true is your personal level of sensitivity has a lot to do with the impact. Just like how one germ affects people in different ways depending on the strength of their immune systems. 

When we start making choices out of fear versus curiosity, life is going to take a completely different trajectory, right? So I’d like for us to just truly be able to step in and say, yeah, that happened. It isn’t about blame and isn’t about what somebody should have done. It’s about how you embodied that experience and what words were embedded in your programming and that you use every day to describe your experiences, to describe yourself, to describe the people around you. That’s what’s important now. 

How does trauma affect our timeline?

That’s something we don’t really think about. We think about how it affects us, but how does it affect time?

So we’ve got this young child, say maybe five or six. Let’s be true he hasn’t had his little body for that long. And suddenly he’s faced with a sexual experience, which is way more advanced than his brain has the capabilities of dealing with such a young age.  This child has no words. He has no framework to analyze his situation. 

So what’s he going to do?

He’s going to get out!

It’s much like if I were going to reach out my hand and touch a hot burner, what am I going to do? Pull back.  It’s not just happening to his fingers. It’s happening to his body. I’ve got to get out of here. I’m in danger. So he backs out. That’s dissociation. Or an out of body experience. 

We tend to relegate the out of body experiences to the grownups, but the kids do it very easily. There are no thoughts around not being able to.

They’re just, it’s a reaction. This is awful. The core of my being is being attacked. I’m going to get away from the pain. 

When we look at how trauma might affect our timeline we have to think about what’s he going to do next?

So this little super hero kid is looking down on this infectious moment and goes, Oh my gosh, what am I going to do with that? How am I possibly going to get up tomorrow sit at the breakfast table with these human beings that I thought right were keeping me safe and protected. He is going to encapsulate it. He’s going to tie that stretch of time off in a loop, in a time loop, or a cyst, on his timeline right.

With this moment of time encapsulated and not in the flow with rest of his timeline it is removed from his memories until he’s triggered into remembering. And then? It seems to be all he can see. That doesn’t mean that that information is not buried in the psyche somewhere hauntingly. This is what the world calls traumatic amnesia. How many of us remember trauma in our 40’s and 50’s?

We also have to understand that this astral body, this energetic version of the physical body that rose out of his little body has molecules. And… if you’re encapsulating this moment, you’re also encapsulating, a version of you in there too. Right. 

When we talk fragmentation in a very literal, practical way, the astral body has fragmented and left enough life force in his body he left behind for it to continue on. Taking the bulk of the astral body on to his next destination. 

We know that we’re offered six alternate timelines, every moment, which is 90 seconds approximately. That being said in that next moment, the child hops over a few frames. He hops into reality of new choices. Not so different he can’t assimilate but lets take door number 3…

I call that reality hopping. 

Now the deal is what’s going on over here in this new timeline is similar but different. Soon the child starts feeling like they don’t fit in. That nothing’s quite what it seems, things, aren’t how he remembered him. Right. And it almost feels like, Oh, I didn’t get the script for this moment. These people aren’t hearing me or understanding me. He begins the journey into alien and separateness, out of place.

What if truly, he is?

So these are the quantum actions that are responsible for what we call today, PTSD.  This amazing skill skill responsible for trapping these moments in time brilliant. The only hiccup is that those versions of ourselves keep drawing us back… Wanting us to remember.

They have been trapped reliving your worst experiences like groundhog day.

The quantum actions that this child was able to take, the magic at his disposal… He is a little superhero. Grown ups spend years trying to learn this stuff. 

The super cool thing is that these quantum actions can be duplicated… You already know how to do it. You just need to remember how. 

These same quantum actions can be initiated on purpose and these loops can be dismantled. Which means PTSD can and does have a remedy.

You are not mentally ill. You’re not crazy. You are a superhero. It does have a remedy and life can start forward and upward instead of sideways!

So that’s how trauma can affect our timeline… from the quantum.

I know being out there is tempting but the game’s played here. We chose to be human and we have to learn to play the game here.  

Hop on a 30 minute Clarity call with me, truly, I would love to talk to you and it’s free. And let’s see what we can do for you because truly, I believe in my core that the world is going to change with each and every one of us, it’s not going to change by the government. It’s not going to change by people praying. It is going to change by us taking the action necessary to change ourSelves. 

If you’re not in integrity, if I’m not in integrity, that out there is not going to be in integrity. So please like I said take this free gift. Book that call and let’s like have a conversation. I look forward to talking to you, have a great day.