images-13I had a cool interaction the other day with an old friend. I hadn’t seen her for a while. She had worked for me part time years ago when she was in college. Long since grown and married her daughter now six years old. Adorable, blonde curly hair… petite. The conversation began with the things kids say, right? The things they know. I ask if her daughter talked about God. Knowing mom I had a little previous knowledge about her feelings surrounding church and yet her openness to her child was awesome. She said that they have never been to church and her little girl has lots to say about God, about the angels… about her long since past Granny.

She sees Granny just as real as she sees me. She didn’t even know granny, she’s been gone for a while now. Have you ask her what she looks like? Mom says ~ She says she doesn’t look like the pictures… until we found some of her when she was younger. Granny didn’t want the old sick body. They get to choose.

They come here with full understanding of how things work… out there? They don’t get here unfortunately… that’s where we come in.

And here is the contract we enter into with God.

images-11I had a new client come into the salon. She was a young mom with three small children. They are having trouble with their oldest child. She has trouble mingling with others. They often find her off to the side by herself watching the others play and have fun. As the story unfolds around the guise of haircuts for the little ones mom gets more agitated.   The little girl butts heads with dad. She wakes up screaming most nights… she says there are people and monsters in her room at night. She gets absolutely hysterical. Dad wants to strong arm her into giving up the idea of seeing the others. Mom feels torn. Something inside has brought her here. Talking about it out loud makes her worried and uncomfortable. Dad wants to take her to see a shrink. I listen and when she is finished I ask ~ What if she’s not making it up? Do you believe in angels? She shakes her head yes. If you believe in angels that you can’t see why draw the line? Why not monsters? Talk to her today… Ask the questions. Ask what these monsters look like… What they want… What they do… What about them frightens her? Lets also find out if she sees other things… good things… and that’s how we left it. I get a call a couple of hours later… Mom is agitated. She begins to share what she has learned from her first born. The monsters come in and surround the bed and press in on her and she can’t breathe… like they are trying to suck her air out… oh and they are red and black… sort of like spider man but not. The most pressing for the little girl were the things that go bump int he night. She had little interest in talking about anything else. I share with mom that I had a prayer that I use when I feel afraid.

imgres-4Lets begin by having her imagine a seamless glass bubble around her bed… it goes all of the way around… under the bed over the bed. Lets then ask her to think about calling in her protectors, her guardians… animals… angels… people. Only those who will guard and protect her through the night. Now lets imagine these beings that make her feel safe place themselves around the bed armed with what ever is necessary to protect her from the monsters. God will watch over all making sure that she will sleep peacefully and have only dreams that will be healthy and wise. Love can move in and out of the bubble freely but the monsters bounce off… they have no business here. Thank you… Thank You… Thank you.

Out of a place of desperation Mom agrees to give it a try.

I get a call the following morning… a happy rested mom voice on the other end. She slept all night the mom cries into the phone. She begins telling me that dad was gone so they could talk freely. She sat on the edge of her bed and they said prayer together. Come to find out she does see good things. She called in her protectors and put her fear away and slept all night. ~ The monsters came but couldn’t get inside the bubble. They were very angry that I figured out how to do that. ~ the little girl shares through a smile. I tell mom that she can use the bubble anytime she feels afraid.

Through this exchange the little girl is validated… moves a few steps away from that crazy place and gains a little understanding of how to use what she already knows… here… on this side. Mom gets a glimpse of the magic of the other side.

Do we push these wise little beings into the realm of self doubt by discounting what they know to be true?

images-17I was giving a talk to the caregivers of one of the local group homes. During the Q&A one little girl was a common theme of disturbance. I think every adult there had something to share. She was precocious… talked a lot. Towards the end of our time the assistant director begins to share a picture of their common experiences with little … lets say Sally. Sally is often upset and worried about things that she thinks are going to happen to people. Or she gets stuck on events that she thinks are coming. I interrupt her with ~ is she right? She pulls back… stops speaking for a moment… then picks up where she left off… as if I hadn’t spoken. I let her talk some more… again I stop her with…. Wait… Is she right? Think about it for a moment. She stops… pulls back… looks down at the floor and again picks up where she left off. With the third interruption the woman looks me directly in the eye and says ~ You know now that I think about it I think she is. Her eyes wide… She is, almost always. She’s almost always right. There is fear in her voice. I respond with…

How cool is that! Don’t you wish you could do that? She’s like a little super hero.


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