It has been a good long time since I have been wordless. But every time I sit down to write the words slip away. It is as if the lid has been lifted from Pandora’s box. Intolerence is not just oozing out but hatred and discontent are now flowing freely. No filters necessary.

In this diverse little pocket in the middle of this Red state hordes of fearful people showed up in support of our freedoms. The freedom to be unique and who we are. Black, Brown, Yellow, Red, White, The Physically Unique, all represented… Each with their stories. Stories that are here in our “Truman Show” existence of Unity and acceptance.

Fear is what was in the air. A beautiful young Muslim woman was accosted in Walmart, rocks thrown at her car, at her children’s school (by the children), her children are getting called names; hate crimes against Muslims.

One story.  

She came escorted by a group… in fear.

I will never know that.

The beautiful Native woman spoke out about the ongoing… long forgotten persecution of her people. Our city, built on her land. Land we stole from her people. Cheap metal buildings thrown up on the sacred ground where her people were laid to rest. She brought me to my knees when her indignation rose in reference to the sacredness of her people’s dream catcher that “hangs from your rear view mirror” or the “little teepees that are in your house”. I bought one for my grandson. 🙁 While her people are herded of in far off desolate lands their beliefs and culture are turned into fashion and decor. We claim to be of distant decent and we claim compassion and outrage… And do nothing. We do nothing to stop the hate and discontent, and nothing to stop the injustice.

I will never know that…

silence is violence

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The Silence is Violence message spoken by the well-spoken African American man calls us out of our comfortable silence. The watchers as I call them. The by standers. The time for walking by with your head down is over. His message goes much deeper than skin color. It is cellular.

I will never know the rage and bullying and outward hate of these minorities. I will never know what it would be like to have a gun shoved in my face because of the color of my skin. I have never known this outward hostility that these peoples face… whose only difference from me is the color of their skin… or the route they choose to get to our God.

I will never know that.

What I do know is the watchers. The watching, the silence, is deeply ingrained. It happens in our nests… At the root of our families every day. Our children live trapped, with no feasible way out. Their persecutors are the ones that have vowed to love them.

There is always a watcher… or two or three. The ones that stand by in silence as you are beaten… The extended family… Mom. None willing to stop the violence against children.

Silence is Violence.

His call is for us to Wake Up and Speak Up! Take Action!

Collectively we have waged war to force women to give birth to unwanted children. And then we look away and condemn the life that we forgot for not being like us. We turn our backs in disgust as they approach us on the street for food or money. We fear the kids that hang out on the street corners. We think them beneath us because they have no home or education.

My question to the world… Are you going to bring that child home? Are you going to be putting a roof over his head, giving him nutrition… Send him to college? Are you going to give that human a life…? More than mere existence? Are you going to be helping children succeed? If not… Not your choice.

Birth and life are two very different things.

Life equals 100 years. Their life… on the streets… unloved… unwanted… How does this flippant choice filter into that pain and suffering he has to endure?

This I know!

This was my life… This has been my battle and the battle of well over a third of the population. And let me be clear… I would have been quite appreciative if my Mother had made a conscious choice to bring me into the world. Starting this 100-year journey knowing that you were a mistake… I, like many, was told constantly that I was not my father’s daughter, I had no place there. This gave excuses for the beatings and the fondling. I was held prisoner in my home by a man who hated women, black people, gays… Sound familiar?

Over a third of our children start their life here, and many are subjected to the same sexual abuse and domestic violence.

These children at best, grow up in institutions… They begin their day at 6 or 6:30 being handed to strangers that aren’t allowed to love and touch. We have legislated that. They lay in cribs or fall in lines. From 6 weeks old the government has control of our children. The only difference between how they live and an orphanage… They get to go home to an evening orchestrated again by the government. The night is filled with homework, bath, and bed. Right?

Or… They are funneled into the system. A system that has been broken since the first child showed up at the Humane Society. And yes… true tale. The Humane Society was in place well before we gave a thought to the welfare of our children.

They don’t get touched… They don’t get validated.

Our children are invisible… Until they aren’t!


Look around. Who is it that you are afraid of. And we can’t claim any color here because it is our children… White children.. That are walking into schools with guns… killing mass numbers of children. Committing crimes just for the thrill. It is our kids that are committing suicide at alarming rates.

It is our children throwing rocks at the Muslim children at school. It is our children that we are teaching in mass to feel fear and hate. We teach them to walk in sameness. To feel fear of anything or anyone that is not like them. Hate crimes in the United States are astounding.

We teach them judgement and call it God!

Our children emulate us. 🙁

We say we are Christian… We say we live in a country that declares … Under God… Indivisible… Justice for all.

Well… Let me say one thing. It doesn’t say Justice for White Man!

No!!! Justice for ALL!

Jesus would not be standing with the collective here.

On any of it!

Jesus would not be staying silent. Jesus would not be waiting.

I would rather hot or cold… But lukewarm? I will spit you from my lips… Jesus

He would be standing with… The Women and the children! Red… Yellow… Black or White and any combination thereof.

He would be calling out the ones with privilege. He would be calling out the pious. He would be calling out anyone who claims dominion over the masses. He would be stepping in when he saw hate winning. He would walk up to the person in the mall hitting their kid. He would call out the man who is degrading a woman.

And He would definitely call out this Christian excuse to cause harm. This excuse for hate and discontent.

God and Fear… God and Hate… Do not belong side by side ever!

I have read the Bible backwards and forwards and I can assure you He denounced the privileged and their judgement every time. He stood against His church. He stood against His country.

His whole message to the world is centered around the honor and the well-being of others. Not an elect few of others. Not handpicked people… All people. He pushed the boundaries of structure every chance He got.

Silence is not Christian. Judgement is not Christian. Hates crimes are not Christian. Sexual abuse and domestic abuse are not Christian.

Jesus taught empowered humility. Jesus taught Divine Oneness.

Love one another as you love yourself… Jesus

This I know.

The denigration of our family. The chasm in personal and moral responsibility. That is ours. Not one man owns that. He is reflecting back to us what we are… As a collective. And only we can change that.

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