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Cherie’s talks are vivacious and experiential. She will not only stretch the limits of your understanding of trauma and PTSD she will also take you on a journey into your own Super Hero Powers. We can talk about trauma and be curious and laugh and play all at the same time!
You are a super hero

You are a Super Hero

The Quantum Mechanics of Trauma

This talk is an experience Cherie flips the conversation around trauma upside down. You will be taken deep inside the quantum actions necessary to create the loops… Those frozen moements in time that we refer to as PTSD in our world today.

  • The Loops
  • The Flashbacks
  • The Night Mares
  • The Living Sideways
  • And how all of has Time all tangled up

Not everyone that experiences trauma get PTSD but the ones that do are Extrordinarily Gifted Human Beings.


mentally ill? spiritually gifted?

Mental Illness?

Or Spiritual Gifts?

In Cherie’s work with people she has encountered the battle of the acceptance of illness around ones gifts. Any experience we have veiwed through a lens of fear changes the story form brilliance to destruction. In indigionous cultures thes are the medicine men… the healers. The ones with wisdom.

This talk and QA takes us inside real case studies that illustrate the brilliance that once released activates not only their lives but all they touch.

Today I Choose

Today I Choose What is Acceptable for ME!

Today I Choose is an Activation for anyone who is reay to take back their lives and get active in getting to know What you want! What is acceptable for you? How you want to show up in the world.

Cherie will give you real actions to begin this shift into leadership. You are here for a reason so learning to play this game with some strategie and finese comes with you knowing YOU. And Today you get to choose!