I wanted to look at our idea of what true healing really means.

To be clear… No one can heal you but YOU!

So often I’m confronted by people that want to have a magic pill or a wave of a magic wand, right? 

Like the idea of the knight in shining armor riding in gallantly on their white horse to save us… If we are waiting for that we may be waiting for a long time.

And in reference to our recovery, we want one visit with a healer to change every aspect of our lives. 

Trauma happens on all five layers of our being.

Our physical-ness, our emotional being, our behaviors, energetically and spiritually, right? 

You don’t put a puzzle together by dumping it out on the table and with a thought the whole puzzle comes together miraculously. 

We healers can give you a zap… like a Band-Aid. This level of energy work will usually hold for a few days but without the rest of the being coming into alignment the change slips away and we are back at the beginning frustrated and a little more jaded.

Real – lasting change is seen out in front of you in this 3d form.

Say a video game. If you turn this way, the algorithms have the game responding to your move. If you make this choice and you turn this way, these things are forming on in front of you, right? 

It stands to reason to create drastic change in the algorithms of your life is going to require more than thinking and talking about it.

It’s going to require action. Your action. No one can do it for you.

It requires your active participation. 

The Master says… it is not I, but your belief that heals you.

No one can heal you but YOU!

I was traveling with a group through New Zealand, and we had a 10 day stay with the Whaita. As per their tradition at the close of each day we entered circle and passed a talking stick to those with words that needed spoken.

Each day the same woman spoke. Her heart was heavy with having just lost her mother. And on top of the mourning, she was processing her relationship with mom. They days went by and she was stuck. She couldn’t seem to move in any direction.

On this day the chief gracefully rose and approached her. With a nod he laid his hand on her shoulder. He began calling out numbers… 3,5 8…12. And in five minutes he cleared her entire timeline.

Now, how do I know this? I watched it. 

How do I know he was completely on target? Because we were seeing exactly the same thing. 

He was calling out the loops and the ages that they were created.

By loops I mean those frozen moments in time that keep us tangled in the past.

She lived exactly the same. 

I was so excited for her.

Immediately following Her story was exactly the same. Nothing changed for her in the 3d.

It wasn’t real for someone to say to her, you’re free now. You are healed.

Was her timeline clean? Yes. 

Energetically, her timeline was clean an yet… Her life and her telling of it was the same!

Her behaviors were the same.

Emotional processes were the same.

Adverse responses and reactivity to stimuli didn’t change. 

Physically her body was still struggling. 

And spiritually, she was struggling with a lot of why’s.

True healing happens as you pull all of that together in a moment. 

It has to be you in action, reconstructing you from the ground up in a very literal tangible way. 

Restoration comes in two distinct phases. 

No one can heal you but YOU!

Phase one: QT Matrix Timeline clean up and Reconstruction

First and foremost our focus is on cleaning up your timeline. We dismantle any loops restricting the flow of time. You unpack any debris smearing up your lens of what life looks like today. This happens simultaneously while reuniting the fragmented molecules of your your astral body. Now all of this comes with a level of understanding and acknowledgement of your distinct innate abilities. As we uncover your unique style of access and processing of information we begin work on and with the beginning stages of behavioral shifts necessary to support the wanted change. Throughout the process of dismantling your emotional responses and reactions you are giving time a new and different lens with which to be seen. The demolition of fear is a process that carries us into phase two.

You learn as much as you grow because one must witness before one can create change!

Phase 2: The Baby Buddha Stage:

We have to learn how to live differently.  I love the baby Buddhist stage because a baby doesn’t decide they can’t walk because they’ve fallen down 25 times. They just get up and they try something new and different. The goal is to approach each and every moment from a state of curiosity. 

That’s where we are folks in every aspect of existence. We’ve got to do something different.

Our planet cannot withstand humanity. The way we are right now, hate is heat. And our planet is on fire.

Reunification of the fragmented self with its many ramifications throughout time allows us the ability to walk right down the center. 

You are the magic wand that you need.