With all that is going on in the world today, what with the deviance of Weinstein, women are coming out of the woodwork saying #METOO. Alyssa Milano re-sparked the #METOO movement that was started 10 years ago by Tarana Burke. Fitting… originally it started as a movement to aid underprivileged women of color affected by sexual abuse.

What is so powerful about Alyssa’s Milano’s part in all of this, is that she brought this conversation into our homes. She is speaking what so many of us have been screaming about forever. This social cancer affects not only celebrities but Us… You and me… our children. This cancer knows no gender… no age… no economic brackets.Sexual violation is a soul violation. The victim does not just get up and put their clothes back on and go about their day… There are lifelong consequences.

DO NO HARM! Your sexual experience should in NO WAY impede on another. Man, woman or child!

We are living in a world where predators are everywhere and it has collectively been deemed acceptable. I know what your insides are doing now… but it’s true. In what other crime does the VICTIM have to prove THEIR innocence?

And not only that but… We keep them safe in our prison system. Out of all of the population, the pedophiles are the ones we choose to protect? We have watched, we have experienced and now we are done!
#NOMORE is the movement I want to see!

#NOMORE is the male penis going to be the ruler of our world. #NOMORE does man own the courts that hold them accountable. And #NOMORE will the victim be shredded… revictimized over and over again by the clan that keeps the predators with the penis safe and comfortable.

This movement has opened doors for survivors across the globe. We are here in mass. So, all of those out there that shrug your shoulders as one of the lucky few to have by passed this disease. This isn’t just a bad idea. This is real this is happening. Right next door. Poke your head outside of your personal Truman show and take a stand. If it hasn’t happened to you I guarantee you that it has happened to someone you love. 6 out of 10.
And you know the glorious thing is just as many men are stepping out of the shame and saying #NOMORE as well. I was inspired by Griffin Newman, the star of Woody Allen’s upcoming release… The Tick. taking a stand.

“I spent a month debating whether to quit,” he wrote. “I deeply regret my final decision.”

“It was an educational experience for all the wrong reasons. I learned conclusively that I cannot put my career over my morals again,” “I can’t keep professionally operating from a place of fear. It’s time to show a courage in my actions mirroring my words without concession.”

Woody Allen has been rewarded and supported by the academy for years…. Award after award… Despite the appeal from his daughter. Her pain was minimized beside his collection of his works. And way down here. Here where you live, where I live, there is no high and mighty reason for the people in our world not seeing… except that the illusion is easier.

Well, I feel those days are coming to an end. And not just because of these women coming forward but because they have opened the door for us to speak out. So please join the #METOO movement and better yet… #NOMORE!

Hop on my newsletter for more at cheriedoyen.com If you are struggling with sexual trauma be it childhood or adulthood please reach out. You don’t have to suffer another day. The world needs you healthy and strong. The world needs your voice to rise in unison with #WomenRising around the world! You are needed… You are necessary and most of all you are a Hero. You survived that! And now watch out… We are showing up in mass and yelling… #NOMORE!!!

Today I am proud to be a woman! Thank you!

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