Our Power Lies in Choice

One of the biggest… life-altering moments in my life was an interaction with Deepak Chopra. I was struggling with trying to release my childhood yuck and found myself at my first meditation retreat with the Chopra University. In a lecture around suffering, he dove into the idea that we choose our experiences. That the experience is defined by the way we choose to interact with it. Well, those are my words, but the idea was his. “Pain happens but suffering is a choice”. As is my nature, I have turned that phrase every way to Sunday trying to make the reality of that sink in. I understood it conceptually, but realistically… deep in my core… it meant nothing.

It took years for me to integrate the responsibility for that into my story. It took years for me to understand that the struggle… the suffering was in how I was interacting with it now. The struggle comes in wanting your picture to be identical to what others claim as truth. But he followed it up with… “How long has it been since you had been hurt?”

So here is the piece. Even if you don’t go as far back as the idea that you choose the circumstance in another space, let’s just look at here and now. Each and every day we choose to continue to interact with it.

In accordance with the Law of Relativity we will each come here with a certain set of challenges designed to forward our journey. Our challenge is to stay connected to our hearts as we solve the problem. We choose actions and intentions that uplift the whole in the circumstance. Activating the Law of Divine Oneness. What we dish out is what we get back. Right?

Understanding that we are them… they are us… What are we trying to learn? We choose to not play down in the dirt. So as you see all along this road are choices.

Circumstances grow by the fire we fuel them with.

Entrenched in our circumstance, we stand so close it is hard to see. We are bowled over by emotion and illusion claims us. We maybe grew up in a home where you weren’t allowed or taught how to make choices so we wait for others to make them for us.

Well here’s the deal. A choice equals a move in this big elaborate game of life… right? So if you aren’t making your choices, then someone else is making them for us. And as we see illustrated for us at every turn… “The Hunger Games”… Making no choice is sometimes the biggest choice you will ever make.

I know that many of us sit down out of fear of making the wrong choice, but let me share something I heard years ago. Choice making was compared to the GPS on your car. You declare your destination and you start moving. The GPS is consistently guiding you to the most direct choice. Right? But NOTHING happens as long as you are sitting still. There is nothing for them to work with.

“I would rather you be hot or cold but lukewarm I will spew you from my lips…”

Ask and you shall receive… The Law of Action. Energy is not being exchanged. So a not so direct choice with intent towards your goal is way better than no choice at all.

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