QT Matrix™ Training - Cherie Doyen

QT Matrix Practitioners Training

If you are interested unlocking something in your clients. And you want something that will stick. My passion is to Liberate and Activate as many people as possible. My dream is that it becomes a go to for healers and therapists in resolving and empowering people with PTSD and Trauma. 

Are you ready to take what you know to the next level.

QT Matrix is deep intrinsic study of trauma in all of its forms, tracking change in all five levels of being. Behaviorally, Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, and Spiritually. With QT Wholistic takes on a tangible meaning. We witness the change in every level of existence as time begins to smooth out.

This 12 week class is designed to support you personally while learning the QT Matrix™ system all at the same time. As a healer I know what its like to get triggered in a session. I understand what it feels like to feel exhausted and drained at the end of the day. You in wholeness is a benefit to all those you plan to affect. 


QT Matrix Level 2 Practicum

I'm super excited! You did that!

And now you are ready to begin your Practicum. Through this process we will stay connected and supported as you begin applying what you have learned. In doing we begin to embody the information and can let go of the need for the information all at the same time. 

Fast track for Therapist and Counselors

Are you like me and tired of the reoccurring suffering in your clients and want access to something that will actually stick. I know how much you really want to help people. I know that you are tired of feeling like you are pouring water down the drain. Nothing is changing really. Or if so very slowly. If you’re ready for something that will jumpstart your life and activate the lives of your clients QT Matrix™ is exactly what you have been looking for. Poke around!

Fast track training for therapists

Heal the Healer

This program is a fast track for therapists, counselors and coaches. We will breathe some fresh air and offer you  a new and different way to look at those folks that are suffering from PTSD and the affects of trauma on our future. This program is to get your system in the most optimum state so that working with the suffering of others has no adverse affects on you. The Qt Matrix™ system is a holistic system that sticks. We operate in all 5 levels of existence… Behaviorally, Emotionally, Mentally, Physical and Spiritually. There is nothing I want more than to have an army of healers with the tools to end suffering and spread Wholeness. The world needs YOU! 

fast track practicum

QT Matrix™ Practicum

Yay! You did that. Now you are ready to take what you know to the people. These 2 days are about putting what you learned into action. These 2 days will be compiled of a combination of learning and experiencing being in the drivers seat and the Master of your Magic!