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Get Back into the Swing of Life!

Quantum Therapeutix System for Resolving the quantum entanglement of


COVID has been hard on everyone but for those that are dealing with a pile of goo already it has been especially hard. I want to help you put your childhood wounds to rest once and for all with Quantum Therapeutix offering. I am making your ride as doable as possible. I am offering more time and reducing financial costs with easy monthly payments.

I want you to get to doing what you came her to do. We need you. Those tangled in childhood trauma are some of the most magical amazing people I have ever met.

Brooke Dickerson

“Cherie is so amazing. I was losing hope that my life could ever feel free and enjoyable again because I was scared all of the time and dealing with PTSD as well as dissociations for so long. I struggled with memory issues, bipolar, and addiction; it seemed to rule my life for so long but Cherie showed me how to heal myself and what the world has to offer me today. I was scared of integration, hypnosis or some version of EMDR but Cherie with her constant support, intelligent perspective, and amazing patience assisted in bring me to a place of peace and joy for my life again without those methods. I’m no longer scared. I no longer have nightmares, dominating flashbacks, or major debilitating struggles with my mental health. I have my life back and I’m so grateful for everything Cherie has shown me.

This Just IN from Brooke!

brooke testimony

This is how we get started!

The original QT Signature 90 day package PLUS monthly support for the remainder of the year!

You will be fully supported as you take everything you learned through your time in the quantum as you put it all into action in your daily life. C-PTSD – PTSD – DID let’s put it away! Not everyone whom encounters trauma are brilliant enough to take the quantum actions necessary to create the quantum entanglement in the first place.

You are not ill! You are amazing.

What do you get?
  • 2 – 1hr sessions per week for the first 90 days!
  • 1 – 1hr session minimum monthly for the next 9 months
  • Voxer support in between
  • Free admission to the QT Library of courses and resources

So you can see I want nothing more than for you to learn who you are! How amazingly gifted you are! And get you on your way to doing what you came here to do!

This is how it works!

  • You will receive an email with the essential documentation for how to get started.
  • You will have a link to my calendar so that you can easily claim the most convenient times to fit your schedule.
  • You will get the necessary information to get you set up and connected on the voxer app.
  • You will receive an invoice monthly for our agreed 300.00 for 12 months through the security of square.
  • You can set up an ACH bank transfer or leave your card information within the security of the square system for ease! I have no access to this information FYI! 🙂