PTSD is NOT a Life Sentence Anymore!

If you or anyone you know is in crisis. If you are struggling with thoughts of suicide, cyclical abusive relationships, unexpalained illlnesses… Anyone with eating dissorders, fibromialgia, chronic fatigue… Sleep dissorders. If you have tried everything and nothing seems to stick. Please don’t give up. Post Traumatic Stress is not a life sentence and the Matrix™ has been the answer for alot of people…

Not much to loose and so much to gain… Freedom!

Cherie is so amazing. I was losing hope that my life could ever feel free and enjoyable again because I was scared all of the time and dealing with PTSD as well as dissociations for so long. I struggled with memory issues, bipolar, and addiction; it seemed to rule my life for so long but Cherie showed me how to heal myself and what the world has to offer me today. I was scared of integration, hypnosis or some version of EMDR but Cherie with her constant support, intelligent perspective, and amazing patience assisted in bring me to a place of peace and joy for my life again without those methods. I’m no longer scared. I no longer have nightmares, dominating flashbacks, or major debilitating struggles with my mental health. I have my life back and I’m so grateful for everything Cherie has shown me.   

Brooke Dickerson

Brooke Dickerson

I know YOU! I am YOU!

I found my way out and I want desperately to share that with YOU!

The QT Matrix system is direct, humane, and efficient. In just a short time you can get on with the amazing process of living.

 One of my huge pieces was that the therapist picked a scab and sent me out into the world raw… with an open wound. So here in the Matrix you are held in compassion and left with the direction pointed forward.


You are not alone anymore. Together we walk out of this maze of distortion and into clarity.

You are a superhero. You are brilliant. You are unique and different.

Psst… Normal is nothing more than average… or below.

In what other aspect of life is average or below what we strive to attain.

So together we are going to connect you back to YOU!

One quantum jump at a time.

The Matrix has worked wonders with DID, PTSD, Bi-polar, rage and anger… Suicidal thoughts… eating disorders… auto immune dissorder.

Eliminating flashbacks and night terrors. Put an end to looping and cyclical patterns of behavior or circumstance.

So how does it work?

  • We meet twice a week for 12 weeks. These sessions will be scheduled to create a rythum for the universe to unearth what needs to go and we come together to put it away.
  • You have voxer walkie talky support which allows you to vocalize what your experiencing right then and there. This gives us the opportunity to handle life as it shows up with new strategies and perspectives.
  • You will get full access to the Trauma to Enlightenment Academy’s Library of support.
  • Along with free admittance into the Finding You Collective Mastermind. Small groups designed to bring us together in a learning nurturing environment.


Quantum Therapeutix

QT Matrix

Your Journey is Paved by The QT Matrix™

QT Matrix™ is a modality or process developed to restore and unify the loops of PTSD and Traumatic frozen moments in time. QT was birthed from my personal quest to find freedom from the backwards pull of complex PTSD. QT Matrix™ looks at the results of trauma and why some of us get stuck in a loop and can’t move forward. Behaviorally, Emotionally, Physically, Mentally, Energetically and Spiritually…When time fractures it affects all layers of our being. We all have a deep fundamental desire for someone; anyone to see us and our struggles in their totality.  As you walk out of the maze of suffering, you will be supported in all areas of your life with a solution based ideology. 

 The Matrix takes us into the quantum realms.

 What is PTSD and can we untangle ourSelves?

 PTSD is born from a person’s brilliance and innate abilities to dissociate and astral travel. We can’t astral travel unless we separate our astral body from our physical body, otherwise we are tied into this physical form and this 3d reality. The QT process utilizes what you are already doing, turning your ‘disabilities’ into your superpowers. The most amazing piece is the Fuzion Vortex that integrates the trapped and severed parts of you… bringing your molecules back into your astral body of today. In this process we are ultimately choosing one timeline, one reality…coming into integrity and Wholeness! The QT Matrix™ methodology will be the backdrop for your journey through the Academy. Freeing time of the tangles and loops, frees you to learn how to live differently.




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